4 Types of Extendable Dining Tables Suitable for Your Limited Home Spaces


If you have downsized your home or are finding your house space limited, you need to utilize your available space creatively and maximally. One creative way of using your limited space is incorporating extendable dining tables instead of fixed-size dining tables.

Extendable Dining Table

The extendable dining table provides an option of enlarging the table from its original size using extension leaves. When not in use, you can reduce the size of the dining table by removing or sliding back the extension leaves and occupies minimal space.

The flexibility in the size of the Extendable Dining Table enables you to create more room space for other kitchen or dining activities. When having your family diner or having guests or home parties, you can extend your tabletop to accommodate more seats and more guests.

Dining Table Leaves

Dining table leaves are part of the tabletop that extends the length of a table to create more space and accommodate more seats.

Types of Dining Table Extensions

There are different dining table extensions you can choose from depending on your tastes and your budget.

1.      Butterfly Dining Table Extensions

A butterfly dining table extension folds and twists within the table when you need only a small size dining table. The butterfly extendable dining table thus conceals the extensions eliminating the need to store the extension leaves in a different place. When you want to extend the dining table, you need to release the clips and pull out the tabletop.

Butterfly dining table extensions are robust, supportive, neat, user-friendly, and easy to use.

2.      External Storage Single Extension Leaves

Extending a dining table with single extension leaves involves pulling the table apart, placing the extension leaves in position, and fastening the extensions with clips from underneath the table. Expanding a table with externally stored single extension leaves is simple, and this type of extendable dining table is very affordable. However, you have to create space for the storage of the extension leaves when not in use.

3.      External Storage Double Extension Leaves

Double extension leaves extendable dining table extends by pulling the table and placing the extension leaves in place. After setting the extension leaves in place, you need to hold them firmly using fasteners usually located under the table.

The double extension extendable dining table provides you with three different options of table length; with two extensions, one extension, or none. The double extension leaves dining is suitable if you have a different number of frequent visitors. However, you have to store the extension leaves in another place.

4.      Lift-Up Extending Dining Table Extensions

To extend the lift-up dining table extension,s you need to release the table clasps that hold the table extensions in place. When you release the clench, the extension leaves spring out together with the levers that firmly support the extension leaves. When not in use, you need to push the table back together and clasp the extension leaves again using the fasteners.

The design keeps the extendable dining table streamlined and simple. Since the extension leaves fold within the dining table, you do not need extra space to store the extension leaves.


With the trend of downsizing becoming more common, there is a need to consider switching to extendable modern dining tables. With extendable dining tables, you will keep a high-capacity dining table in minimal space. Hence, you create more space for your guests and during parties without having to worry about the size of your dining set. When your guests are gone, you can revert to your usual small size dining table with ease.