Opulent and Well Curated Sense of Space Making in this Vaastu Adhered Twin House | Jalihal Associates

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Located in a premium residential area in Belgaum , Karnataka ,The house belongs to two brothers with their parents living with them . The spatial planning had to adhere to very strict vastu principles around which the whole layout was set up . the design brief given by the client suggests a single looking structure split into two homes for two brothers yet connected by bridges at the entrances and in between , to allow a sense of a joint family home yet give each unit its own individuality. The brief also suggested the house carried an opulent and well curated sense of space making . Each house reflects the persona of the user and offers a diverse experience moving from one home to the other . The property is framed in between two large canopies of rain trees flanking the building.

Opulent and Well Curated Sense of Space Making in this Vaastu Adhered Twin House | Jalihal Associates

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The two houses have a combined area of 10,000 odd square feet with a large stilt parking/multipurpose area surrounded by landscaping .   The entrance is approached through patches of landscape on either sides .Each house is a duplex of 4 bedrooms , private lounges in each home with an extended terrace area . The stilt becomes a car park area and houses the servant’s quarters . While each house has a separate entry , a bridge connects the two homes providing ease of access to a single lift catering the two homes. The connecting bridge also becomes a transition space between the two homes.

Both homes, though similarly configured , have a spatial arrangement that reflects the users lifestyle. One unit has an open living and dining arrangement with a more private kitchen, a family lounge that extends to a more private lounge which further extends out to an outdoor terrace lounge area , for the more social personality . the other unit has a segregated living and dining with an open kitchen layout , a family seating seamlessly blends with an informal lounging area that opens out to a terrace sit out. Height of the floors which is maintained at 12 feet adds the sense of grandeur to the spaces.

As a structure , the first thing that catches your eye are the two rain trees framing the property . The deduced layout plan showed bulk and it had to be lightened in its mass and nestled between the trees to try and blend in . All the surrounding structures dominated the lush green streetscape with their overwhelming mass . Our intention was to fragment the mass  it with an earthy palette and make it appear lighter and afloat . A palette of wood stained fibre cement planks , White mint stone slabs and edge profiles accented in steel do define a sharper and sleeker outline , mould the facade.

A large concrete slab clad in wood finished Fibre Cement planks floats as a large parasol running from one house to the other and holding them visually as one single structure . Being a house full of children and elderly , the intertwining bridges enliven the ambience keeping the common areas busy. An interplay of wood and stone defines pause areas and cosy seating corners creating a sense of privacy . Pergolas add the solid-void , light and shadow element to the building volume.

The common areas flaunt a sprawling veinous carrara marble  in one unit and a book matched Vietnamese white marble floor in the other , with wooden finishes in teak inlayed with finer woodwork and metal details boasting of a fine craftsmanship . Use of  bold , contrasting fabrics on the accent furniture adds the touch of vibrance to the otherwise neutral palette . The master bedrooms display a warm and detail rich vocabulary , chevron patterned wooden floor laid in between bays of carrara marble accentuating the bed area , a console table sitting against a chevron patterned wall paneling finished in a matte PU beige tone and the same chevron pattern running across the room on the bed back and the wardrobe shutters . Contrasting upholstery add the topping to the subtle tones.

The Master suite of the other unit echoes a much subtle vibe with a wood inlayed marble floor , a fragment , more cubist geometry seen on the veneered and PU finished wall panelling . Hints of Shiny metal elements in forms of console table legs , end table supports and decor elements encapsulate the essence of a mid- century styled home decor . Each of the children’s bedrooms speak about the persona of its user.

One composed in white oak with a Dash Dot concrete tile blending with solid oak floor and reflect a bohemian vibe with its upholsteries, rugs and throws in striking monochrome geometries ; another one with splashes of pastel tones , a customised cherry blossom wallpaper adorning the backdrop , lightly designed furniture details and a distressed white parquet flooring . The boy’s room is designed with a more grungy palette of distressed wooden floor , wood finishes with an enhanced wood grain composed playfully into wall panels and a micro concrete finished wall to go with the theme . Bright red furniture adds the required color to the space.

The overall interiors , though varying with every room , stay synchronized with the essence of the whole house . Some areas feature introduction of offbeat elements in stone or wood , keeping them in harmony.  The spaces do have a tropical charm which is achieved by a carefully chosen material palette . Tangible surface enhance one’s experience of the house ,  and the large openings looking out to some age old greens sprawling across the skyline become a default canvas for a person experiencing the spaces.


Designed by : Jalihal Associates

Project Type: Residential

Project Name : Twin House

Location : Belgaum, Karnataka

Year Built : 2020

Duration of project : 1 year 8 months

Built up Area 12,000 sq.ft

Principal Architect : Juned Jalihal

Team Design Credits :  Pratidnya Patil ( Project Architect), Suraj Ganachari ( Visualisation)

Photograph Courtesy : Shamanth Patil Photography

Products and Materials : Finishes : Colortek india , ICA pidilite , Jotun | Wallcovering / Cladding : Wallpaperscissor , The Stone Casa , Nexion , CMC Marbles | Construction Materials : RCC Frame Structure , Burnt Brick Masonary | Lighting : Hybec | Sanitaryware : Hansgrohe | Windows : My Windows | Furniture : Trezure furniture , Mauble Furniture  | Flooring: CMC marbles, Nexion , Trysquare Wooden Flooring | Kitchen : Hafele  | Paint: Jotun | Artefacts : Address home, Cane boutique, The Purple Turtles | Hardware : Hafele , CNR , Albatur 

Consultants for the Project : Structure Engineers : Dileep Kulkarni and Associates , Belgaum | MEP & HVAC Consultants: Aircon , Belgaum | Acoustics Consultants : Crystal Harp Technologies Mumbai | Contractors, Project Managers : AR constructions

Firm’s Instagram Link : Jalihal Associates

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Email Id (For any inquiry) : [email protected]


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