Earthy and Warm Colors Clubbed with White to Accentuate Varied Elements in this Apartment Interiors | VastuSiddhi Architects

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The project is a 3 BHK residence on the tenth floor of a high-rise in Mumbai. A spacious and well ventilated apartment designed for the family of four. The client desired a warm and welcoming home with an Indian dash. The living room was the focal  point, kitchen functional and bedrooms as per children choice. During the interaction we realized  that the children had themes in their mind for their rooms. The son wanted a classic look while the  daughter wanted a bohemian look and the parents sought simple and elegant bedroom. Selection of material was critical, so was clean execution of interior works. While designing the  apartment we made sure that the large windows are encapsulated in the design to enhance the  look, at the same time we took advantage of the high ceiling height and used satvario Marble  flooring to add grandeur to the interiors.

Earthy and Warm Colors Clubbed with White to Accentuate Varied Elements in this Apartment Interiors | VastuSiddhi Architects

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Mood Board: Earthy and warm colors clubbed with white to accentuate varied elements and make  the apartment look fresh and spacious. We decided to use geometric forms/design across all rooms  to bring about visual connection.

Main Door : Main door along with safety door is veneer finished with Brass fixtures offer it a royal Indian look. A large leaf shaped Jali and its veins in antique finish makes a statement and adds opulence. Shoe storage unit and sitting laterally placed in the corridor is multifunctional. Artefacts and planters in  conjunction adds life and energy as we enter the home. 

Living Room :  Living room is the space where the family wanted to spend time together to unwind. It would also  receive guest and visitors. The spacious living room was designed to host multiple activities at any given point in time. We  planned Indian seating arrangement parallel to large window which overlooks the mountain in  distance. Adjacent to the seating is the mandir in traditional carving design finished of acrylic solid  surface placed over a glass top storage Unit. A classical designed three seater sofa and two-seater. 

Jhula offers multiple seating options in the living room. The blend of all three types of seating is  achieved by clever use of colour and finish. The Classical styled Chandelier and wall lights  complements the seating area. The TV paneling is shaped in veneer and Black mirror, which continues  onto the main door as well. Dinning wall has a white 3D panel with and overhang of veneer ceiling  where the mood lights are incorporated. A subtle floral pattern wallpaper on the long wall envelopes  the living room interiors. The colour palette is dominated by Brown and white while grey and yellows  used for upholstery adds vibrancy.

Kitchen:  The most functional and busy area of the house is the kitchen. The kitchen space is limited compared  to the storage requirements. Modular high-end cabinets are able to help solve the problem. Moroccan  design dado is welcoming and brings a visual break to the modular look.

Daughter’s Bedroom : This was a bedroom for a free soul – the Bohemian bedroom. The room is styled using various design  forms like warli, geometry and wood pattern. The walls were painted in white imitating a fresh canvas.  Whereas, wood patterned wall along the large window compliments the low seating. Instead of using distressed furniture we chose laminates to achieve the vibe. Art is displayed in form of Warli print on  the ceiling. Geometric niches were created to house artifacts. Corners are aptly used to place planters. Mirrors with storage on either side of Bed holds all the cosmetic accessories. 

Son’s Bedroom:  A classic browns and brass Trim dominate this room. A cozy queen size bed with headboard extended  up to the ceiling is the focal point of the room. The furniture has brass trim inlays framing the walnut  brown laminate. A low seating by the window and a large fancy ceiling fan cannot be missed. Back  painted Glass is deliberated to break the monotony. Paneling adjacent to bed hides a storage created  due to Column In the room. 

Parents’ Bedroom :  The most simple and minimalistic room of the house was the parents’ bedroom. We used pastel color along with extensive use of back painted glass to make the room look spacious. The simple room has  a strong design element in its headboard which is in wood and glass. A simple Leaf shaped pattern is  repeated in headboard and is continued on the back-painted glass shutters of the wardrobe. We have  kept some open space to accommodate loose furniture as and when required.

Corridor Ceiling : The ceiling is designed in solid acrylic Jali with light above. This light enhances the Jali and imparts  diffuse light in the corridor.


Designed by : VastuSiddhi Architects

Project Type : Apartment Interiors

Project Name : 3BHK Residence

Location : Mumbai

Year Built : 2021

Project Size : 1150 sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 75 lac

Principal Architect : Ar. Mangesh Dalvi

Team Design Credits : Isha & Divya

Photograph Courtesy : Mukesh Gajjar

Products and Materials : Finishes : PU finish Veneer , Laminates : Royale Touche, Back Painted Glass , Acrylic Solid Surface : Hi Macs  , 3D MDF board | Wallcovering / Cladding : Emulsion Paint , Non-woven Wallpaper, Back painted Glass, Veneer & laminate paneling, Fibre cement Plank : Shera Plank | Construction Materials : Plywood , BTC wood | Lighting : Elegance lights | Sanitaryware : RAK | Furniture : Wood Mall | Flooring : RAK ceramics & Statuario marble | Kitchen : Saviesa Home | Paint : Asian Paints | Artefacts : Satguru’s Art & Craft ( Khar) | Hardware : Hettich |

Basic Insights of the project :

Material Palette : Statuario marble (living room floor) , PU finished Veneer (Living room Décor) , Back Painted Glass (Parents room paneling & Wardrobe), Moroccan Tiles (Kitchen Dado tiles), High Gloss Acrylic Laminates (Kitchen).

Color Palette for each area : Shades of Brown common throughout the Residence. Yellow & Grey in Living room , Orange in Sons bed, Blue in Daughters Bed and Ochre yellow in Parents Bed.

Q. What is that one design element in the entire space, which has your heart

A. The Main door of the Apartment with Leaf shaped Antique Jali, Living room Jhulla (swing) ,Ceiling Design in acrylic Solid surface & Wallpaper in space between Bedrooms

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  • As a homeowner who loves classical-looking homes, combining simple white walls with classical wood definitely sounds like a great idea. The simplicity of this design works really well with our humble lifestyle, so I can see it being a great choice for us. As soon as I find a painting service in the area, I’ll ask them to help us out with this paint job.

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