Attaining Equilibrium into a Luxurious Space | Kamal Kavita Interiors

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Attaining Equilibrium into a Luxurious Space | Kamal Kavita Interiors

A recently  completed interior design project by kamal kavita interiors, Jaipur amalgamates an appealing color and material palette to accomplish a sense of equilibrium into design space. The project not only portrays the touch of royalty but also accords the feel of luxury in a very contemporary backdrop. The traditional Rajasthani art gets very well weaved into the modern concept giving the project its unique face.The house has a distinctive teaming up of modern design and articulately crafted and chosen decorative elements.

The apartment opens up with a foyer area which has elements link Venetian mirror (with intricate flower details), Rich warm wall lamps with a soothing luxury appeal to the entry way . Also, the main door has hand carved motives in floral patterns which brings ancient art into a modern setting.

The living room is vast with a luxurious feel. It is much more than just aesthetically appealing. The feel of the room is enhanced using an ivory textured wallpaper along all its walls. It very well merges with the ivory floor and the white ceiling that uses a brown veneer with grooves on it. It is perfectly sized and directed to give the space its dimensional character. The windows at the far end of the room framed with arches portray a vernacular character. The gold leaf detailing adds to the luxurious feel of the space.

What adds essence to the house are the elements of decor. The rustic effect on the tv console, the selected brass wall light fixtures, and the enchanting chandelier at the corner makes the space bathe in its luxury. The cozy sofas enhance the comfort of the space. The winged sofas with a floral fabric and the plain buttoned one centralize the space. In here, the pinkish color of the sofa feathers vibrancy onto the serenity of the space.

The puja room is warm with a ‘warm white’ chandelier and distinct colored gray walls and veneered ceiling. A sense of vernacularism is achieved through the traditional floral gold leafing artwork done on the sober gray walls. The walls, in turn, bring the focus onto the articulated Corian temple that steals the show with a circular centralized pattern at the backdrop.

The home bar creates a cozy niche in itself with the blue lightings and use of dark oak veneer. There is a use of quite a unique material palette in here. The use of yellow onyx stone enhances the richness and contemporary character of the space. Gold leafing artwork again frames the shelves of the bar.

The master bedroom is where the mirrored glass and soft fabrics are bought together to create a luxurious space. The choice of dark oak veneer for the floor and window area along with the brass wall hangings add to the feel of luxury. The tv console is consciously designed with a modern tabletop and traditional legs detailed with gold leafing. The golden beading of the cupboard adds on to the intended character of the space. A red recaimer delivers a hint of vibrancy to the room.

The boy’s room has a complete modern character with an overpowering Canadian pine wood ceiling. The room is given a rustic feel with olive headboard fabric, green tv console and the leatherite side tables for the comfort of the teenage user. These materials and colors are further enhanced by the sober gray cupboards and an empty wall frame.

One would be mesmerized by the turquoise wall and cozy bed wrapped in fabric in the daughter’s bedroom. The affluent see-through wardrobe is not something all clients would dare to demand. This project effortlessly translates the brief into this space.  The Hollywood vanity created in house complements the modern character of the bedroom.

Overall, the apartment is very well balanced in terms of the color and material palette used and has successfully achieved a sense of equilibrium amongst all its elements, textures and materials to deliver the feel of luxury complementing the lifestyle of the client.

Fact File:

Firm: Kamal Kavita Interiors

Lead Interior Designer: Kavita Tolani

Area: 2400 sq ft

Project Year: 2019

Project Location: Jaipur,Rajasthan

Photography Credits: Anirudh Sharma

Text Credits: Megha Hirani

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  • It was an excellent article, liked the way how you have mentioned the names of the different designs on the wallpaper to a carpet color everything was really well described to read in the blog post, the post contained the images which made easier for me to understand the different texture of the wall to the ceiling of the living room and images given are also so nice that anyone while reading could look at the images and can relate to the blog.

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