• 50 Elegant Entrance Foyer Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Interiors

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    Foyers are the most important space in a house because they act as a transition space between the private and public spheres. The right Entrance Foyer Design plays a crucial role in creating an inviting ambiance that sets the character of the residence. Foyers are culturally becoming a part of the Indian household, where they use the space to hang umbrellas or store shoes. Unlike entryways, foyers do not restrict themselves to a room. It rather flows and blends into the rest of the house. Entrance Foyer Design sees an evolution in terms of design and size and is seen as a symbol of luxury and class. Its unique interpretation speaks about the lifestyle and culture of the residents. A glimpse into Entrance Foyer Design will help one understand the years of experimentation that went into curating this diverse series.

    Residential Interiors That Reflect Indian Origins But With Modern Sensibilities | PRANA DESIGN STUDIO

    The main challenge of the project was to get everyone on the same page and get them to make design decisions. While one liked bold colours and modern designs, the other was more inclined towards calm and soothing palette and traditional Indian furniture and decor. It was a challenge to strike a balance between both.


    Designed by: PRANA DESIGN STUDIO

    Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Principal Designer: Priyanka Agarwal

    Photograph Courtesy: Umang Shah

    Traditional Indian Touches Amalgated With Western And Contemporary Designs | Foresight Associates

    With the Oikos finished texture on the wall and the ceiling, this foyer gives the design a 3D look with the tasteful abstract wall art and its pseudo shadow on the flooring. The gigantic wooden door with the Patina-finish handle and the wooden entryway table with a pristine black marble top are the perfect embellishments.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Foresight Associates

    Location: Bill-road -Vadodara

    Principal Designers: Shivali AgrawalKunal Patel & Azaz Saleh

    Photography Credit: Tejas Shah

    Contemporary Dream House With Clean Lines And Long Balconies | ZZARNA SSTUDIO

    In this millennial era where everything is overrun by gadgets and is constantly running around, one needs a safe haven that brings positivity and harmony to one’s soul. The square & circle being most stable and sacred form, we designed the residence around it.


    Designed by: ZZARNA SSTUDIO


    Principal Architects: Dipen V Patel Himanshi Patel

    Photograph Courtesy: Sagar Bhavsar

    Indian Contemporary House With A Traditional Touch | studiorachana369

    The house concept is Indian contemporary style with a traditional touch.

    Fact File :

    Designed By : studiorachana369

    Contemporary Architecture with an Essence of Traditional Indian Design | Design Studio Associates

    The entrance of this vast mansion is an apple of the eye! It is covered with a porch having track lights that radiate the area with its mild lighting. The lawn welcomes you with sprawling greenery surrounded by bushes, plants and trees that splendidly hike the aura of the mansion. A miniature water body and bridge over it on the walking track are awe-inspiring.

    Fact File

    Designed By: Design Studio Associates

    Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

    Principal Architect: Ruchir Sheth

    This Modern Bungalow Interacts With It’s Surroundings With It’s Balanced And Neutral Insertions | K.N. Associates

    The “Gateway to Ghar” is adorned with Italian stone wall cladding and brass murals that exude affluence. The Golden streaks at the door welcome and draw you in towards the holy sanctum. The foyer is made exquisite with Black Italian marble inlay in Beige Italian marble. A minimal wooden frame with glass sliding doors and see-through batons separates the foyer & living area.

    Fact File

    Designed by: K.N. ASSOCIATES

    Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

    Principal Architects: AR. NARENDRA JOSHI & AR. PRITESH PATEL

    Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah

    Tastefully Designed 4BHK Luxurious Apartment With Minimal Interiors And A Contemporary Vibe | AR Associates

    The entrance to the unit showcases an L-shaped natural wood paneling done in veneer. The main door exhibits grandeur in its natural wood carving. A nameplate bearing the words ‘BHAGYAM’ rests on the teak wood paneling used in the entrance. A vertical artificial lawn adds a touch of green to create a serene atmosphere.


    Designed by: AR Associates


    Principal Architects: Arun Shirsath & Ritesh Badjate

    3BHK Apartment Designed For A Nuclear Family In Indore | Struc-terior

    The house opens into the foyer that has a huge mirror and a ledge space for all the essentials. Entering to the drawing room, we come across two chairs and an astounding metal partition finished with rose gold pu and mirror; providing a gist of visibility to the living room.


    Designed by: Struc-terior

    Location: Grand Exotica, Sch. No.140, Indore M.P.

    Principal Designer: ID Kajal Keswani &Er. Gopal Keswani

    Photograph Courtesy: Deepak Patel

    A Bungalow Rich In Traditional Design Style Yet Accommodating A Contemporary Lifestyle Hiraya Design Studio

    The entry of the house is designed with a raised platform called “thinnai” which is referred to a porch overlooking the courtyard in a traditional Chettinad home, to receive visitors. The built-in wooden seating on the entrance verandah adds to its quaint charm as do the Chettinad wooden pillars on both sides of the seating.


    Designed by: Hiraya Design Studio

    Location: Mangalore

    Principal Architect: Apeksha Naik

    Photograph Courtesy: Noaidwin Sttudio

    Elegant Apartment Space Designed With Ample Natural Light And Ventilation | The Design Frame

    The person entering the house will also be greeted with a meditating Buddha on the wall that has been etched over glass and backlit with mellow indirect LEDs. The extended foyer space welcomes you with a beautiful console unit and a fluted glass partition as Mrs. Shah gives utmost priority to the privacy of her children, and the natural daylight. This elegant apartment space designed with ample natural light and ventilation, was also planned in a way that follows the Vastu principles.


    Designed by: The Design Frame

    Location: Shantinagar, Ahmedabad

    Principal Designer : Vandita Nainani

    Photograph CourtesyMurtaza Gandhi

    A Glamorous and Elegant Residence With a Weekend-Home Feel | Flamingo Architects & Nidhi Thacker and Associates

    This residential project Pujara House is designed as a resort-like haven in the growing city of Gandhidham. A glamorous and elegant residence with a weekend-home feel. 

    Fact File

    Designed by: Flamingo Architects & Nidhi Thacker and Associates

    Location: Gandhidham, Kutch

    Principal Architects: Ar. Faisal Khatri & Nidhi Thacker

    Photograph Courtesy: Sohail Wazir

    An Inviting and Luxurious Residence That Dignifies Its Spaces | Fernway Interiors

    The project is a 3bhk in a 1580 Sq.ft but has been planned to still feel quite spacious and luxurious. The project has been designed keeping functionality in mind, an inviting and luxurious residence that dignifies its spaces.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Fernway Interiors

    Location: Aurus, Tangra, Kolkata

    Principal Architect : Anchal Arneja

    An Organic And Urban Workspace To Work And Play | AR13

    One of the representation is there architectural studio itself which is an organic and urban workspace to work and play, congregated in an organized urban patch. The principal architects of AR13 have their different areas of interest other than architecture and interior; considering the same the space is designed as an open studio with different possible nature.

    Fact File

    Designed by: AR13

    Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

    Principal Architects: Ar. Himalay Goraniya, Ar. Hiren Patel & Ar. Shivani Chauhan

    Photograph Courtesy: Vinay Panjwani

    A Balance Of Contemporary Design And Traditional Elements Indulged In Hospitality | Edifice Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

    Niraamaya Retreat is a resort complex in Kumarakom, Kerala. It demonstrates a boutique architectural experience of opulence connecting strongly with the surrounding landscape through a balance of contemporary design and traditional elements indulged in hospitality.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Edifice Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

    Location : Kumarokam, Kerala

    Principal Architects: Ravi Sarangan

    Photograph Courtesy: Niraamaya Retreat

    A Classic Contemporary Office Space With A Touch Of Pastel Color Palette | Swastik Interiors

    For this 775 Sq.ft overseas workspace, we designed a classic contemporary office space with a touch of pastel color palette. We created natural lighting with the addition of green plants for a soothing environment in the office.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Swastik Interiors

    Location: Gandhidham, Kutch, Gujrat

    Principal Designer : Hasmukh Vaghela

    Team Design Credits : Sunil Virda & Bhargav Jadia

    Photograph Courtesy: Studio Rohan Patel

    An Empirical Residence With Timeless And Classy Design | Sonu Mistry Design

    One of the premium projects with all the amenities for a family of five, this is a 1200 sq.ft residence in Lodha, Thane. Abiding by the requirements of the client, we created an empirical residence with timeless and classy design.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Sonu Mistry Design

    Location: Thane

    Principal Designer: Sonu Mistry

    Photograph Courtesy: Sonu Mistry Design

    An Inviting, Approachable And Lively Home | Misa Architects

    An urban house on a big, busy street generally creates the picture of a high, impermeable, and seemingly invisible fortress within. But does it have to be so dead, uninviting, and distant in its approach and appearance? With a quite tight design brief, we decided to break this, and use it to do the opposite – make an inviting, approachable, and lively home.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Misa Architects

    Location: Ankleshwar

    Principal Architects: Tarun Patel & Vipul Jiyani

    Photograph Courtesy: Inclined Studio

    A Modern Home With Functionality At It’s Core | Red Brick Studio

    Another key requirement was to have open and semi-open spaces nestled in a natural setting for their family time. During our interactions with the family we noticed their deep appreciation for their native home town in Rajasthan, especially its architecture, art, craft and its overall royal heritage.


    Designed by: Red Brick Studio

    Location: Aundh, Pune

    Principal Architects: Ar. Anil PoduvalAr. Ankur Kothari

    Photograph Courtesy: Hemant Patil

    A Cozy And Elegant Neo-Classical Interior Design | Sculpt Design Studio

    The alluring interiors of this project belong to the Neo-classical theme of interior design, which is a combination of Greek and Roman styles. It’s really about complete harmony, balancing, and arrangement in this sort of design. Apart from its power, this new home interior has its own flair and never goes out of style. So, if you wish to decorate your home in a rather traditional style, this is just the stepping stone!


    Designed by:Sculpt Design Studio



    Photograph Courtesy: TAKENIN STUDIO

    Classic Adaptiveness Wrapped In A Modernist Contemporary Design Outlook | Infinity Design Studio

    The foyer creates a sense of beautiful capsule wooden art on the wall with a wooden storage unit and planter. The elegant foyer opens into a well-proportioned living area with an arched entrance and it is elegantly furnished with modest furniture.


    Designed byInfinity Design Studio

    Location: Bhuj, Kutch

    Principal Architect : Keyur Gor

    Team Design Credits: Ar. Divesh Kerai

    Photograph Courtesy: Take 2 Productions

    ‘Sukoon’ Acts As A Synonym Of Contemporary Architecture | era architects and associates

    The entrance has wood tone to match the exterior and used as transition from exterior to interiors. The living dinning form a happy welcome. The veneer from paneling to ceiling adding warmth and color through its natural wooden texture and pattern.


    Designed by:  era architects and associates

    Location: Kalali, Vadodara, Gujarat

    Principal Architects: Aarti Patel & Jignesh PatelGayatri Patel & Brijesh Patel

    Photograph Courtesy: CROSSCLICKS

    Designing An Aesthetically Appealing Contemporary Home | D&A ARCHITECTS

    A section of the space depicted that rawness in the environment with all the elements around it.  The wall of exposed brickwork leads the person inside the living area where one could experience the fresh, open space with vibrant tones of particular elements.


    Designed by: D&A ARCHITECTS

    Location: Spring Retreat, Vasna Bhayli, Vadodara Gujarat

    Principal Architect : Ar .Dhrumil Ganda & Ar. Arundhati Bhati

    Photograph Courtesy: D&A ARCHITECTS

    This Corporate Office Creates A Complimentary Tone Of Warmth | Ankur Pandey & Associates

    We conceptualized an idea and it became a reality. We designed an office for a corporate giant- Pawan group— For this project we conceptualized a colour palette that is perfect for a corporate office space. This corporate office creates a complimentary tone of warmth which compliments the overall space, while helping to balance the overall interiors.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Ar. Ankur Pandey & Associates

    Location: Indore

    Principal Architect : Ar. Ankur Pandey

    Photograph Courtesy: Imagix architecture photography

    A Comfortable And Functional Home That Imparts A Sense Of Lux Elegance | Studio Zoha

    This manifested in our choices of materials and colors, resulting in a striking mix of genres to create spaces that are lively and interesting. The understated but elegant foyer sets the mood for the rest of the home.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Studio Zoha

    Location: Bangalore

    Principal Designer : Sneha J. Kuriyan

    Photograph Courtesy: Vandana D Kumar

    This Vernacular Home Embraces Nurturing And Forgiving Spaces For Varying Emotions | Ishtika

    This vernacular home embraces nurturing and forgiving spaces for varying emotions and conflicts; to unite as Akam of the family.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Ishtika

    Location : Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

    Principal Architect: Jinoj Mathidharan

    Photography Credits : Prahlad Gopakumar

    The Innovative Design Concept And Meticulous Attention To Detail Of This Residence Stands Out | Sthapatya a Design Studio

    The Screen House is a stunning architectural bungalow, spanning 7000 square feet built on a 4500 square feet area, located in Gandhidham India. Designed by Sthapatya Studio, the innovative design concept and meticulous attention to detail of this residence stands out.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Sthapatya a Design Studio

    Location: Gandhidham, Gujarat

    Principal Architect: Pankaj R Pandya

    Team Design Credits: Deep P Pandya & Dhruv P Pandya

    Photograph Courtesy: Impetus Picture

    Architecture That Emphasizes Clean Lines, Minimalist Aesthetics With The Use Of Modern Materials And Technology | MDC Architects(Mandala Design Consortia)

    The architecture elevation is formed by simple material palette of texture surfaces, bold exposed brickwork, long weather shade, metal screen & glass windows. The house is designed with a style of architecture that emphasizes clean lines, minimalist aesthetics with the use of modern materials and technology. It is characterized by an open floor plan, large windows, and a connection to the outdoors.

    Fact File

    Designed by: MDC Architects(Mandala Design Consortia)

    Location : Manjalpur, Vadodara

    Principal Architect : Ar. Mihir Ashara

    Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah

    Earthy Home With Indian Decor And Golden Hues | Vivid Decor

    We designed a simple 3 BHK earthy home with Indian decor and golden hues, a perfect for a family of five. When you go in, the living room and dining room seem to blend into one large room. The highlight of this space is the glamorous touch of dull gold and bronze glass used throughout.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Vivid Decor

    Location: Ahmedabad

    Principal Designer : Vidhi Karan Teraiya

    Text Credits : Rajvee Sharma

    Photograph Courtesy : Pratikruti09

    A Colorful Yet Fully Functional Workspace With Ample Storage Space For Books | Fernway Interiors

    Wanted a colorful yet fully functional workspace with ample storage space for books for the clients’ collection of law books that needed to be stored. We kept this brief as our concept for designing.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Fernway Interiors

    Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

    Principal Architect : Anchal Arneja

    Lighting Designer: Shaswat Kedia

    Photograph Courtesy: VSStudios

    An Exquisite Fusion Of Modern And Traditional Elements, Exuding A Sense Of Elegance And Drama | Upside Artist Design Studio

    This residential interior project is an exquisite fusion of modern and traditional elements, exuding a sense of elegance and drama. As you step inside, you’re greeted by the Gayatri mantra on the wall, “invoking a sense of calm and spirituality,” says the designer. The entrance sets the tone for the rest of the home, blending the traditional with the contemporary.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Upside Artist Design Studio

    Location: Bavdhan , Pune

    Principal Architect: Chinky Budhraja & Ankit Gupta

    Photograph Courtesy: Aroh Thombre

    The Weekend Home Was Conceptualized To Provide An Experience Of Living In The Palms Of Mother Earth | RAIN Studio of Design

    Karai, the weekend home was conceptualized to provide an experience of living in the palms of mother earth. Built hands-on this residence located in the serene vicinity of coastal Kuvathur, about eighty kilometers from Chennai, was conceived as a simple experiment with techniques that felt native yet contemporary to the region. 

    Fact File

    Designed by: RAIN Studio of Design

    Principal Architects: Sriram Adhitya & Vamsi Krishna

    Photograph Courtesy: Yash R Jain, Ekansh Goel

    City Pride School In Ravet Stands Out With It’s Design Of Open Courtyards And Brick Exteriors | Studio Arcon

    Constructed as per CBSE norms, the institute is a playbox of light punctures, colours, and experimental informal spaces. Cohesively designed, the interiors and exteriors prioritise function, strategically balanced with form. The project story unfolds as a tricky challenge to design a brick breakthrough, standing true to its purpose.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Studio Arcon

    Location: Ravet, Pune, Maharashtra

    Principal Architects: Jinesh Dhumavat & Shekhar Nahar

    Photograph Courtesy: Ruhma Ukaye

    A Muted, Neutral Palette With A Pared-Down Visual Aesthetic Flows Through This Wabi-Sabi House | Aakashi Mehta Designs

    The design draws inspiration from the Japanese concept of “Wabi-Sabi”. A muted, neutral palette with a pared-down visual aesthetic flows through this Wabi-Sabi house. The home comprises a bright open-plan living, kitchen and dining space, and three bedrooms.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Aakashi Mehta Designs

    Location: IIM road, Ahmedabad

    Principal Architect: Aakashi mehta

    Photograph Courtesy: Murtaza Gandhi

    The Courtyard House By Modo Designs Exudes Subtle Luxury In The Urbanized City Of Ahmedabad | Modo Designs

    The Courtyard House by Modo Designs exudes subtle luxury in the urbanized city of Ahmedabad. The site is a vast 45,000 Sq.ft. land in a plotting scheme on the outskirts of the city, where the brief was to design a 4-bedroom house with a living, study, and entertainment area. Also, the owner wanted an open house, hence, the conceptual layout started consisting of courtyards and semi-open verandah spaces.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Modo Designs

    Location: Racharda, Outskirts of Ahmedabad

    Principal Architect: Arpan Shah

    Photograph Courtesy: Vinay Panjwani

    ‘Yamuna Palace’ Is An Ode To The Diversity Of Indian Culture, Art, Religion, And Heritage | Shreesh Design Studio LLP

    The entrance is divided into parking and a semi-partial garden through flooring patterns. The flooring arrangement is in a diagonal layout, keeping soft cape to a minimum. The perforated compound wall portrays an equal amount of transparency and security to the residents.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Shreesh Design Studio LLP

    Location: Jetpur, Gujarat

    Principal Designers : Dishit Parsana & Haresh Parsana

    Photograph Courtesy: Nilesh Joshi

    Open, Airy and Warm Home With An Amalgam Of Contemporary And Indian-Folksy Aesthetics | Simplécede

    A deep creative thinking led to the proposal of Arches across all these openings to accentuate this courtyard impression. We proposed. The clientA Workspace For An Architecture Firm Blended With Studio-Oriented Environment And A Homely Feeling | AANGAN Architects agreed wholeheartedly. And Rest of the design after which has been an enhancement of the arches and integration of the brief.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Simplécede

    Location: Salarpuria Sattva Greenage, Bangalore

    Principal Architect: Vishal SurekaNeha Sureka

    Photograph Courtesy: Parth Swaminath

    A Workspace For An Architecture Firm Blended With Studio-Oriented Environment And A Homely Feeling | AANGAN Architects

    KAARYASHALA, A Workspace For An Architecture Firm Blended With Studio-Oriented Environment And A Homely Feeling. The vision behind the design and making of the new workspace was to bring the ideology of sustainable design practice and the two-decade-long journey in the form of a physical manifestation. It was envisioned to have a soulful process from the selection of site and context, space organization, construction material and methodology, and artwork.

    Fact File

    Designed by: AANGAN Architects

    Location: Surat, Gujarat

    Principal Architects: Vishal Shah & Vishal Desai

    Photograph Courtesy: Pratikruti09

    The AALIND House Incorporates The Classic Indian Modern Aesthetics Replete With Modern Amenities | Imagine Design Studio

    Located in the growing fabric of Indore City, “AALIND” houses an office and residence for a nuclear family. This luxurious house is a well-crafted impression of client’s identity and personality. It is a house that combines splendor and comfort. 

    Fact File

    Designed by: Imagine Design Studio

    Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

    Principal Architect : Ar. Ankit Mittal

    Principal Designer: Rushali Jain

    Photograph Courtesy: Ruuhchitra

    Contemporary Tropical Beach House On The Posh East Coast Road In Chennai | inventarchitects

    This contemporary tropical beach house on the posh East Coast Road in Chennai was designed by inventarchitects. The project’s vision was to bring about a visual connection to water at different levels. Double-layered walls create fenestrations creating self-shading on to the façade allowing maximum indirect light inside.

    Fact File

    Designed by: inventarchitects

    Location: Ecr, Chennai

    Principal Architects: Ar. Vivek Kumar & Ar. Nanda devi

    Photograph Courtesy: R Radhakrishnan

    A Timeless Design For The Scandinavian-Inspired Residence | Aishwarya Interiors

    A lot of exploration with boisterous textures, accentuating artworks, and installations is what lies at the core of the spaces in this 2400-square feet residence. Meanwhile, the whites and greys take the backdrop and undertone.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Aishwarya Interiors

    Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

    Principal Designer: Laxmi Deshmukh

    Photograph Courtesy: Mr. Sanjith Seetharam

    “The Wing’s” Design Is Premised On The South-West Monsoon Winds Of Coimbatore | Masonry Of Architects

    As the name rightly indicates the project “The Wing” design is premised on the South-West monsoon winds of Coimbatore. The plot is south facing that comprises of an green area on the northern side and plot on eastern side, a house on west and the road is at south.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Masonry Of Architects

    Location: Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

    Principal Architects: Ar. Sabarish Thirumurthy & Ar. Tamilselvan Kannan

    Photograph Courtesy: Robin Shibu rs

    This Aesthetic Courtyard House With Lush Landscape Design Offers A Calm Aura To The Users | CUBISM Architects

    The route from the foyer directly leads to the passage which flows to the kitchen, dining, and family living spaces with the formal living space to the left and glazing on the side walls to give a glimpse of the open-to-sky green courtyard to the right.

    Fact File

    Designed by: CUBISM Architects

    Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

    Photography Courtesy: Inclined Studio

    Principal Architects: Prasanna & Roopashree Parvatikar

    An Amalgamation Of The Traditional And Contemporary With Upcycling Vernacular Materials | Monsoon Collective

    Set against the lush backdrop of Kerala’s greenery, On the Brooks stands out with its linear form and rustic brick facade. The single-story house for three located in Kochi is an amalgamation of the traditional and contemporary with upcycling vernacular materials. The design intent deals with the creation of meaningful experiences within the home.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Monsoon Collective

    Location: Angamaly, Kerala

    Photograph Courtesy: K. Midhul

    Principal Architects: Manoj Madhu, Rafi Shakeer, Dona Jenn George, Anupama B, Afrosa Kamal

    This Office Interior Is Designed With A Mix Of Colours, Textures And Emotions | H & S Muley Associates

    This Office Interior is designed with a mix of colours, textures and emotions of client and the designers. This project is designed for Charted Accountant Mr. & Mrs. Deshpande. The workspace designed in 700 Sq.Ft. most developed commercial area in Savedi , Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

    Fact File

    Designed by: H & S Muley Associates

    Location: Savedi Naka, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

    Principal Designers: Harshad Muley Shweta Waalke Muley

    Photograph Courtesy: Manish Suryawanshi

    The Garden Restaurant, “Ahmedabad meets Bellasen”, Is Urbanized With A Raw And Earthy Feel | Kunal Shah Architects

    This particular property has had an imprint on the city dwellers. It has had a range of restaurants, management, and build spaces. This created a challenge for the designers as the new arena had to make its imprints and that had to be manifolds better.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Kunal Shah Architects

    Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Principal Architect: Ar. Kunal Shah

    The Out School Is Designed To Explore A new Design Vocabulary For Pre-Primary Schools | Studio Infinity

    The Out School is designed to explore a new design vocabulary for pre-primary schools. The aesthetics, spatial planning, and architectural detailing are a direct response to the constraints that revolved around this project.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Studio Infinity

    Location: Salisbury Park, Pune

    Principal Architects: Ar. Tushar Kothawade & Chiranjivi Lunkad

    Photograph Courtesy: Phxindia & Yogesh Mahamuni Photography

    Minimalist, Modern And Luxurious Duplex House Design | Team Shabnam

    This 12,000 sq ft minimalist, modern and luxurious duplex house design has been planned with 5 bedrooms, 3 den areas and one mandir along with 2 kitchens, 2 formal seating area and 2 dining area. The floor of the splash house is done up in grey marble with black marble inlay. The overall look and feel of the house is minimalist with straight lines. The dark shades of veneer define the richness and class. Entire wall and ceiling of the duplex are done up in taupe color shades. Every area of the house is well lit up and airy with big windows.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Team Shabnam

    Location: 2 Janki Shah Road, Hastings, Kolkata

    Principal Designer: Shabnam Alam

    Photograph Courtesy: Studio_Sp_Photography

    Smart and Sustainable Private Office For A Civil Contractor firm At Gandhinagar | Paradigm Design and Projects

    The project entailed the interior fit-out of a small yet smart and sustainable private office for a Civil Contractor firm at Gandhinagar. Spaces to be designed were waiting and reception, workstations, and a Chairman cabin. Rich material palettes with simple color schemes and designs in straight lines were the predominant themes to create elegant interior spaces.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Paradigm Design and Projects

    Location: Gandhinagar

    Principal Architects: Ar. Nitin Gurnani & Ar. Jay Suthar

    Faza Home Designed With A Minimalist Style Exuding Luxury And Elegance | Zherow Architects

    Designed by Zherow Architects, Faza Home is located in the town of Vadakara, Kerala. With a site area of 17 Cents and a built-up area of 3150 sq.ft, the 4-bedroom residence- Faza Home designed with a minimalist style exuding luxury and elegance. The brief given by the client was to design a home that was open and facilitated natural ventilation into all areas.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Zherow Architects

    Location : Vadakara, Kerala

    Designers: Muhammad Ajmal .KAjmal Abdulla .Pv & Ashhar. Nk

    Photograph Courtesy: Akhil Thamjidh Komachi

    UNIsn Preventive Health Center Is Designed To Offer A Unique And Peaceful Experience To Patients | Horizon Architects & Interior Designers

    UNIsn is an innovative idea brought to life by a dynamic duo of doctors, Dr. Samir Gami and Dr. Nishil Shah, based in Surat. The concept aims to provide a comprehensive and convenient solution for preventive health care for the upper class and NRI population. Planned in 3000 sq.ft, the UNIsn preventive health center is designed to offer a unique and peaceful experience to patients, while also adding interesting and imaginative touches to make the space stand out from typical clinics.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Horizon Architects & Interior Designers

    Location: Surat, Gujarat, India

    Principal Designer : Pujan Saraiya

    Photograph Courtesy: Keyur Bhingradiya

    An Urbane Minimalist Apartment Sketched And Conveyed In A Warm Environment | Pavan Infratech

    An urbane minimalist apartment sketched and conveyed in a warm environment, located in Surat, Gujarat, surely has redefined the frequency between the minimalism and modern blend of the spaces. Deeply rooted to ethics, a fresh approach on the design selection reflects the character of the spaces in the simplest and minimalist format. An airy and open apartment

    Fact File

    Designed by: Pavan Infratech

    Location: VIP Road, Surat, Gujarat

    Principal Architects: Ar. Niki Panchani & ID. Nishi Shah

    Photograph Courtesy: Ishi Sitwala

    A Zesty Salon Design with an Ultra-Modern Sophistication | The Framework Interiors

    A Zesty Salon Design with an Ultra-Modern Sophistication with 8-feet restricted interventions in the ceiling design, adding to the challenges further. Being on the second floor, the exterior façade ought to be eye-catchy and a little extra. An outpouring of maroon and the highlighting texts did the job perfectly alongside the yellow lights for the night. On the other hand, the interiors are modest and superlative.

    Fact File

    Designed by: The Framework Interiors

    Location: Wakad, Pune, Maharashtra

    Principal Designer: Srinidhi Nagpure

    Photograph Courtesy: Shasshank Bhaleraao

    Office Interior Design For Ramoliya Realty With Distinct Curves And Organic Design | SV Design

    Office interior design is the practice of designing workplaces that are conducive to maximizing not only productivity but also the health, safety, well-being, and performance of employees. It is about creating spaces that are functional and that provide a setting for success; places in which people are happy to work. With the philosophy to create a functional and healthy workspace, we planned the office interior design for Ramoliya Realty with distinct curves and organic design.

    Fact File

    Designed by: SV Design

    Location: Nikol, Ahmedabad

    Principal Architect : Ar. Suraj Gajera

    Photograph Courtesy: Akash Mistry

    The Architect’s Home Echoes A Play Of Light And Shadows With Strong Structural Elements And Soft Materials | ALEEYA. design studio

    The careful placement of all window openings invites the warm Karachi sun to strike through the house directly hitting structural elements and the soft materials within.

    Designed by: ALEEYA. design studio

    Principal Architect : Ar. Aleeya Khan

    Photograph Courtesy: Matt Harrington & ALEEYA. design studio

    An Aesthetically Pleasing, Breathable and Easy-To-Maintain Cozy Home | The DesignBOX

    The Door of the house leads into an entryway with a wavy and staggered teakwood ceiling. The schematics of the ceiling can completely transform the house. This sculptural wooden ceiling has unconventional and arresting details making the wooden waves look elegant.

    Fact File

    Designed by: The DesignBOX

    Location: Mumbai

    Principal Architects: Ar. Shilpa Kabra & Ar. Rajat Kabra

    Photograph Courtesy: Manthan Yadav

    The Affiliations Of Simplicity And Grandeur Successfully Fused Into This Luxury Apartment | Salt Studio

    The entrance exudes simplicity with a touch of elegance. Even the nameplate is designed to retain the old charm. The space opens into a grand living area upon entering, where a dramatic effect is created by emphasizing wooden sofas surrounded by various decors and a darkly textured rug on the floor.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Salt Studio

    Location: Antilla Hills Apartment, Morbi, Gujarat

    Principal Architect: Henish Kakadia

    Photograph Courtesy: Prachi Khasgiwala

    Entrance Foyer Design is a carefree space that makes visitors comfortable and feel a part of the home. It is not just a transition space and has various functions. Similar transition spaces have once been a part of our traditional homes under different regional names, yet they perform the same functions. Architects and interior designers are experimenting with entrance foyer design ideas to reflect their cultures in their interiors. There are no entrance foyer design ideas on this list that are better than the others. The curation is arbitrary and is an assortment of various perspectives from different contexts. Do you feel foyers are appropriate for Indian culture?

    A Modern Art Deco Interior Design Instance | Design Deconstruct

    Pamposh Penthouse expresses its love for eclectic living in this modern art deco interior design in New Delhi. A Modern Art Deco Interior Design Instance | Design Deconstruct Our vision based on the client brief was of a party pad. Something different from what we usually do. Involving a lot of art deco elements and […]

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    Vastu for Kitchen: A Guide to Creating Positive Energy in Kitchens

    In an Indian household, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and Vastu for Kitchen is one of the most important factors to consider. Cooking elaborate recipes can take a significant amount of time in the kitchen to prepare a delectable meal. As a result, applying Vastu principles to the kitchen is critical to […]

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    This Modern Apartment Interiors Invites a Vibrant Ambiance with an Elegant Living | Cosynest Interior

    The main door and the safety door are finished in light tones and walnut veneer, which are further adorned with a grey customized metal grill to stand different from the boring CNC cut pattern for safety jali. The safety door seamlessly merges with exterior paneling décor with deeping pattern of lotus and Shree Kantha. This […]

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    A Home Where Modernity Meets the Timeless Allure of Mid-Century Design | Studio Priyanka Rajguru

    As you enter the apartment, a veil of privacy gently welcomes you, drawing you into a realm where every corner holds secrets waiting to be unraveled. Step into a home where modernity meets the timeless allure of mid-century design. Editor’s Note: Melange home expresses many sides of its communicative moods. There are varied textures and […]

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    This Meticulously Designed Gurgaon 4BHK Home is a Testament to Luxury and Elegance | The Space Affair

    When we first met our discerning client, their desire for a truly exceptional residence was evident, and we were determined to exceed their expectations. This Meticulously Designed Gurgaon 4BHK Home is a Testament to Luxury and Elegance | The Space Affair Visit: The Space Affair In this meticulously designed Gurgaon 4BHK home is a testament […]

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    20 Stylish Sofa Colour Combination To Elevate Your Space in 2024

    The right Sofa Colour Combination makes the space more spacious and welcoming. There is a wide range of light and dark sofa colour options in the market, which can be quite daunting. However, understanding the impact of light on colours and textures can simplify the task while deciding the Sofa Colour Combination For Your Living […]

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    TADstories with Ar. Mrugini Pandya | Robust Studio

    Ar. Mrugini Pandya, founder of Robust Studio shares her compelling design journey that began from her deep interest towards design. Robust Studio is based in Vadodara, Gujarat, led by Ar. Mrugini Pandya. Since childhood, she had a bug for design and soon enough it flourished in her professional practice. After finishing her studies in design, […]

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    An Apartment in Jaipur with an Interactive Spatial Layout having Classic Aesthetics that is Far from Mundane | Phrasing Spaces

    Editor’s Note: Quaint, adorable and pretty traits showcase this apartment with a mix of contemporary and ethnic highlight. Smeared across in shades that are subtle in nature, there is an out of the box pairing of materials and selections. The minimal fluting puts light on everything that makes this residence a soothing haven. ~ Nishal […]

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    15 Hot Interior Design Trends 2024: Never Going Out Of Style

    Interior Design Trends 2024 will give valuable insights for creating spaces that truly resonate with your unique personality and lifestyle. As we step into 2024 in 3 months, the interior design world will be abuzz with fresh ideas and innovative concepts. Similar to this year, Interior Design Trends 2024 will witness a convergence of timeless […]

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    Open, Airy and Warm Home With An Amalgam Of Contemporary And Indian-Folksy Aesthetics | Simplécede

    Home is just but a reflection of the people residing in it. And here in this house, every nook and space is a resonance of A young couple with an unbridled modern outlook, and informal, easy-going warmth. Their brief was to have an Open, Airy and Warm home with an amalgam of contemporary and Indian-folksy […]

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  • Surat Diamond Bourse; the largest office in the world

    A Minimal and Eclectic Home Paired with a Warm and Earthy Palette | The Auburn Studio