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As the name of the house suggests, “SUKOON” concept is all about giving the homely feeling and tranquility to the one living there. It is a space that consists of designs that follow the principles of aesthetics that defines one’s persona and aura.

‘Sukoon’ Acts As A Synonym Of Contemporary Architecture | era architects and associates

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When we comprehend the designing part, it is a pack of all the modern elements of architecture which makes it eye-appealing. ‘Sukoon’ acts as a synonym of Contemporary Architecture.

The site is a corner plot with roads on northern and eastern edge. Considering the vastu principles the house is designed with east entrance, standing on a compact and blockish 205 sq.m. plot size.

The exterior incorporates proper ventilation of breeze and sunlight. The stacked concept is intensified by pocket terraces and symmetrical elevation. While the dark grey grounds the form and the whiteness adds buoyancy, the red bricks and clay jail blocks infuses vibrancy in the overall architectural expression. The existing trees around the plot played a vital role with its shadows.

The living spaces were visualized as part of the first floor of the residence which ultimately was designed to include living, guest room, puja space, dinning and kitchen. This turns the first floor space into a comfortable, warm abode. On the second floor there are two bedrooms with de-stress glass roof balconies and a screening room.

The entrance has wood tone to match the exterior and used as transition from exterior to interiors. The living dinning form a happy welcome. The veneer from paneling to ceiling adding warmth and color through its natural wooden texture and pattern.

There is a partition between living space and dining area which acts as a screen. The partition is designed with wooden geometric pattern and fluted glass

The dining area has a wooden highlighter ceiling accompanied by an open kitchen concept. A rhythm and balance is conceived through the color palette and simple line throughout the spaces.

The sheer corner of the living room holds the puja space as per the vastu, which is designed with minimal intervention of artwork. The circular lines represent the cosmos and lotus flower throws up an eternal glow in this serene.

The screening room balances the grand and relaxed moments that are theatrical. There is a sense of play, not only in space but in selection of materials and through the art work and ceiling lights, how they are placed.

This space is vibrant and exploring gradual color tones versatility within a space is essentially the language of this stunning space.

The master bedroom celebrates neutral colors and botanical illustration with arched back panel. The interior of this room spotlight an interesting play of materials and light, enlivening all corners with timeless design.

This bedroom is defined by clean lines, neutralized palette, and a stripped-down simplicity. The space is intentionally kept uncluttered to have a cozy and relax room for guest.

This space carries an interesting mix of both matured and playful elements without straying away from the muted material palette of the house. The color blue is whimsical and giving feeling of tranquility.


Designed by :  era architects and associates

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : Sukoon

Location : Kalali, Vadodara, Gujarat

Plot Area : 2200 sq.ft

Built up : 3900 sq.ft

Principal Architects : Aarti Patel & Jignesh Patel, Gayatri Patel & Brijesh Patel

Photograph Courtesy : CROSSCLICKS

Firm’s Instagram Link : era architects and associates


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