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    When our clients, Shama and Aditya approached us to design the interiors of their Villa at Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Bangalore, they had a dream – a dream for a home that would be a culmination of the hopes and aspirations they held through their many years of working abroad away from their family and loved ones. Now that they were back in India, established in their respective careers, they felt the need to finally have a warm and comfortable family abode. The overall design brief was to not only create a comfortable and functional home that imparts a sense of lux elegance.

    A Comfortable And Functional Home That Imparts A Sense Of Lux Elegance | Studio Zoha

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    This manifested in our choices of materials and colours, resulting in a striking mix of genres to create spaces that are lively and interesting. The understated but elegant foyer sets the mood for the rest of the home.

    A slim gold framed mirror set on an organic printed wallpapered wall, a dull gold and crystal decorative pendant light and the brass lamp hung within a carved niche into the wall creates a serene, welcoming ambience leading to the living dining space that forms the core of the home.

    One of the primary features was the wood panelled wall that spans the length of the living and dining space connecting them and making the whole space come together as one while creating a luxurious feel. The ribbed tile cladding that forms the backdrop of the TV wall balances the extensive use of wood.

    From the staircase we integrated an organic laser screen into the wooden panelling that forms the perfect backdrop and a cosy nook for the high-backed reading chair. The rest of the loose furniture in the living dining is a blend of old and new pieces.

    We made extensive civil changes to dramatically open the kitchen and further connect with the living space to give it an even larger feel.

    The colour palette was a fresh take on a modern kitchen with an earthy green backsplash tile on the focal wall combined with warm neutral and light timber tones for the cabinetry. The wood on the cabinetry wraps onto the ceiling making the whole space come together creating a cosy and inviting ambience.

    The living and dining room patios were similarly modified with the footprint extended out into the lawns with a glass covered metal and bamboo roof.

    This approach continues to the family room on the first floor with diwan style custom made seater to create a lounge space.

    The colour palette comprised of shades of blush pink and grey, and silver and cream combined with a lace printed backdrop tiles to create a dreamy ambience and an overall relaxed feel.

    Right through the design process, it was a very conscious goal to create an experience that they could love, that held their stories and reflected who they truly are.

    With this project we aimed to achieve a balance of the old and the new, where every space holds together not just contemporary elements but also pieces of nostalgia to provide them a sense of belonging while starting anew.

    For any individual a home holds timeless memories along with a strong emotional bond created by many artifacts that are collected over time. Shama and Aditya had collected furniture and art over the years and had a strong desire to incorporate a lot of their existing furniture pieces.

    These pieces tended to be more Victorian style that made it challenging to fit into a more modern home that they now desired.  Valuing their sentiments, we went about the design of this home trying to find a balance between the old and new – to create a home that was personal and told their story. 

    As the well-known designer Nate Berkus very aptly has said, “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.”  

    Fact File

    Designed by : Studio Zoha

    Project Type : Residential Interior Design

    Project Name : “The Lakeside Villa”

    Location : Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Whitefield, Bangalore

    Year Built : January 2021

    Duration of the project : 12 months

    Built-up Area : 3130 Sq.ft

    Principal Designer : Sneha J. Kuriyan

    Design Credits : Ar. Divya Sebastian

    Photograph Courtesy : Vandana D Kumar

    Firm’s Website Link : Studio Zoha

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Studio Zoha

    Firm’s Facebook Link : Studio Zoha

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