Tastefully Designed 4BHK Luxurious Apartment With Minimal Interiors And A Contemporary Vibe | AR Associates

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AR Associates designed the interiors of a  4 BHK lavish home for a young and high-spirited client,  located in the historical city of Aurangabad. The luxurious apartment with carpet area of 2600 square feet is tastefully designed with minimal interiors along with a contemporary vibe. The space planning is done effectively so as to make extra room in the apartment.

Tastefully Designed 4BHK Luxurious Apartment With Minimal Interiors And A Contemporary Vibe | AR Associates

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The entrance to the unit showcases an L-shaped natural wood paneling done in veneer. The main door exhibits grandeur in its natural wood carving. A nameplate bearing the words ‘BHAGYAM’ rests on the teak wood paneling used in the entrance. A vertical artificial lawn adds a touch of green to create a serene atmosphere.

As one enters, a linear veneer in a groove pattern finish runs along the ceiling and the front wall. It goes on to back the portrait of ‘Guru Maharaj’ in a loose wooden console. To the left of the entrance lies the main living area.

It consists of a lounger, a four-seater sofa, and a statement chair arranged in such a way as to facilitate conversation amongst family members. A divider panel between the dining and living is used to show artifacts and artificial planters.

The entire unit is a combination of veneer and deco finish. The four-seater sofa faces a linear wall with a veneer paneling done at the bottom level. A loose -console-mounted screen rests on the wall with a zinc textured white finish.

The dining area blends seamlessly with the kitchen. A breakfast table divides the dining and kitchen spaces. Quartz stone is used on the kitchen top and breakfast table. Two hanging lights illuminate the breakfast table which also doubles as a play area for the client’s young daughters.

A ‘puja ghar’ is installed in the corner space of the dining area. Made in white solid surface, with dip engraving, it is provided a solid white finish and has drawers for storage. Backlighting gives it elegance and purity. An arched cutout reveals the frame of Lord Mahaveer, also done in white solid surface with dip engraving and backlighting.

White flex stone can be seen adorning the breakfast table. A modular typology gives the kitchen a modern feel. A grooved panel wall consisting of shelves with various art pieces forms the niche for the refrigerator.

The guest bedroom fuses with the terrace sit-out. The terrace opens up to a pleasant view of planters and trees. Situated on the third-floor, the trees reach the eye level of the user.

A floor-length curtain adds character to the sit-out entrance. Floral upholstery and cushioning in the headboard exude softness in the space.

In the parent’s bedroom, the grooved teak wood paneling forms the striking feature in a veneer finish. Another interesting feature, of the parent’s bedroom, is the door leading to the walk-in wardrobe.

The door consists of a wooden frame with wooden members to provide a semi-open feel. It is done to aid ventilation from the air conditioner and sunlight into the walk-in wardrobe. A bright painting adds a pop of color to the minimal design of the space.

The design of the daughter’s bedroom radiates vibrance and energy. Muted colors are used in the headboard, panels, and sheets. It is in contrast to the cheerful painting commissioned by an artist which was done on-site.

A grooved panel with deco paint forms the sliding door to the attached toilet. The wardrobe is integrated with the study area. A dressing mirror and chair are provided adjacent to the study area by the windows. One side of the daughter’s bedroom is made with a square grid of windows.

The windows are provided in an ‘L’ shape including the corner of the room. Roller blinds are provided for shade. The basin in the attached washroom is integrated into a plain white unit. A painting rests on the wall behind the water closet.

The master bedroom, in keeping up with the theme, also has a vertical panel veneer finish. These panels along with wall-mounted bedside lamps provide symmetry to the master bedroom. Side tables and the bed are made in a loose-console concept and can be easily moved. They exhibit a deco paint finish while the headboard cushion has a fabric finish. A wooden frame with vertical members forms the door to the balcony. Upon opening the door, the balcony combines with the bedroom.

This door is crucial in providing privacy to the bedroom from the outside while also creating a larger space visually. A modern lounger sofa forms the perfect furniture to relax in the master bedroom. Vertical groove paneling with a veneer finish is also seen near the washroom entry.

The washroom is designed with a dark-tone tile in the majority of its space. One side of the washroom is made of white flex stone and it also supports a lively painting. Thick glass and a sliding door form the shower enclosure. The white stone counter presents a contrast against the black finish wash basin in the master bathroom.

The design of the apartment has thus been envisioned by AR Associates in a way to achieve minimalism in the space, where luxury is delivered in its real sense to the client. The material palette made of deco paint, natural wood veneers with groove pattern and flex stone is muted and sophisticated. Deco paint is instrumental in instilling color in the interior. The use of artistic paintings provides the splash of color to each space.


Designed by : AR Associates

Project Type : 4-BHK Apartment Interiors

Project Name : BHAGYAM


completed year : 2022

Duration of project : 1 YEAR

Project Size : 2600 sq.ft

Project Cost : 75 Lakh

Principal Architects : Arun Shirsath & Ritesh Badjate

Team Design Credits : ID Sumant Chavan, ID Pranjal Bakliwal, ID Mayur Satpute & ID Palash Jain

Products/Materials/Vendors : Lighting– Lafiti [brand] /Sanitaryware – Kohler [brand] /Windows– Domal [Brand] /Furniture– venear  [store name] /Flooring– Nexion tiles [Brand] /Kitchen– Skye décor [Store- Brand] /Paint– Asian Paints /Artefacts– Exclusive furniture studio [store name] /Wallpaper– Pallete Furnishes [store name] /Hardware– Haffle [Brand]

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