Contemporary Dream House With Clean Lines And Long Balconies | ZZARNA SSTUDIO

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In this millennial era where everything is overrun by gadgets and is constantly running around, one needs a safe haven that brings positivity and harmony to one’s soul. The square & circle being most stable and sacred form, we designed the residence around it.

Contemporary Dream House With Clean Lines And Long Balconies | ZZARNA SSTUDIO


Everyone has their own dreams for their abode, a lifetime’s reward of hard work. This house is the client’s dream house to be built on plot area of 2,600 sq.ft, where every member had their own wishes & requirements and it was our duty to come up with a design which fulfilled their wishes.

This space stands out in the neighborhood as the contemporary dream house with clean lines and long balconies jutting out filtering the light into the residence. The Kota stone staircase leads you to the foyer on the first floor, embellished with plaster patterns along the wall.

A beautiful Ganesh murti sits right amidst the decorated wooden frame welcoming you into the residence. The first floor is an open plan space where the Living, Dining and Kitchen are connected.

The living room receives ample filtered light giving a warm wash to the entire space, the linked wooden paneling on the wall and part ceiling, full height bottle green curtains; leather sofas compliment the plush living room.

The wooden paneled glass door leading to the Pooja room has sacred symbols like Surya, Nandi, Vata (the banyan tree), Trikona, Rudraksha, etc. of Hindu mythology in abstract form engraved in it, which is further reflected in the wooden panelling besides the Mandir inducing calmness and piety, and transcending one towards the intangible oneness with their lord almighty.

The cool hued Kitchen gives a calming effect to the entire space, with back painted glass cabinets and drawers. Here the island / breakfast table with Moorish tile cladding and green bar stools gives a quirky feel, freshening one up in the morning.

The Master bedroom – With an elaborate back lit head rest depicting tree of life is the focal point of the room, the mirrored niches on either side makes the room bigger. This laser cut pattern in the wood with inlay of a grey laminate with a warm hue forms a perfect foreground for the lippan textured walls in the background. With the entire room in earthen tones, two pink arm chairs cheer up the atmosphere.

The double-shutter wooden main door has concentric circular wooden handles resembling ‘Surya’, with pyramidal wooden studs and patina finished rays making it shine.

This master bedroom is connected to an indoor swimming pool, where one can have a relaxing swim after a long day at work, or enjoy a cup of coffee by the water on a sunny day.

The parents’ room is a long rectangular space which is divided notionally into two zones, one being the lounge area where they watch their favorite TV dramas to their heart’s content. The TV is encased within a wooden frame with texture paint as a backdrop resembling a painting in itself. The other half is the bed area with natural light filtering through the long opening enhanced by the Italian finished tiles in the floor. The linear composition of laminates in grey with inset of greens forms an interesting yet subtle backdrop for the bed.


Designed by : ZZARNA SSTUDIO

Project Type : RESIDENTIAL

Project Name : THE JONGA HOUSE


Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 15 MONTHS

Plot Area : 2600 sq.ft

Project Cost : 20,000,000

Principal Architects : Dipen V Patel & Himanshi Patel


Photograph Courtesy : Sagar Bhavsar

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