Five Bedroom Apartment Design That Echoes A Tropical Luxury Theme | Shape My Space

4.8/5 – (5 votes) Bearing an ambience of tropical luxury with the occupants’ personalities imbued into its core, playful colour schemes and smart space planning emanates calm and airiness, yoked with shots of artistic characteristics – all planned on a budget in this five bedroom apartment design that echoes a tropical luxury theme. Five Bedroom[Read More]

5 Tips For Turning Your Attic Into a Peaceful Bedroom

Rate this project Oftentimes, a home’s garage or basement will be renovated in order to accommodate the homeowner’s need for more living space. These areas are more comfortable than attics because of their uniform design and climate control. However, an attic offers a lot of possibilities for a one-of-a-kind additional bedroom. If you want to[Read More]

50 Lavish and Luxurious Bedroom Background Design Ideas

Rate this project Typically, a room for sleeping is called a bedroom. We say its bedroom because it is contained with primary furniture piece as a bed. But is the bed the only furniture? what are the other elements in a bedroom? You need to know the trends for the bedroom and other elements in[Read More]

4-Bedroom Apartment : A Home with Earthy and Fresh Tones | IS Atelier

4.6/5 – (13 votes) 4-Bedroom Apartment : A Home with Earthy and Fresh Tones | IS Atelier The 4-bedroom apartment is a home to a close-knit family of six. To find the calm to the cheer in such a house, we opted for earthy and fresh tones. These not only define the ambience of the[Read More]

Fitted vs. Freestanding Wardrobes for Your Bedroom

Rate this project Bedroom storage space is an essential consideration. And if you’re thinking about redesigning your bedroom, you’ve likely come across the dilemma of choosing between a freestanding cabinet and a fitted wardrobe. To make the right decision, it’s best to compare each option’s pros and cons, especially if you’d like to meet a[Read More]