• UNIsn Preventive Health Center Is Designed To Offer A Unique And Peaceful Experience To Patients | Horizon Architects & Interior Designers

    UNIsn is an innovative idea brought to life by a dynamic duo of doctors, Dr. Samir Gami and Dr. Nishil Shah, based in Surat. The concept aims to provide a comprehensive and convenient solution for preventive health care for the upper class and NRI population. Planned in 3000 sq.ft, the UNIsn preventive health center is designed to offer a unique and peaceful experience to patients, while also adding interesting and imaginative touches to make the space stand out from typical clinics.

    UNIsn Preventive Health Center Is Designed To Offer A Unique And Peaceful Experience To Patients | Horizon Architects & Interior Designers

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    The aqua theme helps to create a calm atmosphere, which is important in a hospital setting where patients are often anxious.

    The walls are painted gray with blue highlights and accented with MDF molding, which adds a pop of color to the space. A blue fabric with a similar shade has been picked for the couch to complement the aqua design concept of the space.

    The open cell ceiling adds to the aesthetic and conceals any unsightly fans and fixtures, while the full-height glass facade lets in plenty of natural light, making the space bright and inviting.

    Space, is the main feature and helps guide patients towards the OPDs. The cabins are all located along the sides of the passage, making navigation easy and straightforward.

    The golden PVD logo affixed to the metal partition positioned just behind the reception desk distinguishes the secondary waiting area from the main reception area.

    The PGVT 8′ X 4′ tiles used for flooring also contribute to the minimalist design, creating a seamless and uncluttered look.

    A cafe is available in the waiting area for refreshments, and plants are placed throughout the space to add life and help reduce stress.

    Interiors of the cabins are kept neutral and minimalistic, with minimal furniture and balanced lighting, ensuring a calming and serene atmosphere.

    To make the space more interesting, the cabins are named after different planets, adding a fun and imaginative touch.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Horizon Architects & Interior Designers

    Project Type : Preventive Health Checkup Center

    Project Name : UniSN Health Checkups & Diagnostics

    Location : Surat, Gujarat, India

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of the project : 6 Months

    Project Size : 4300 Sq.ft

    Principal Designer : Pujan Saraiya

    Team Design Credits : Rinku Panchal

    Photograph Courtesy : Keyur Bhingradiya

    Products/Materials/Vendors : Wall covering / Cladding – Euro Pratik, Roto Lam, Burga Laminate / Lighting – Aadinath Lights / Doors and Partitions – Customized Door + Ica Colour Pu Finished / Sanitaryware -Jaquar / Windows – Corinzo Aluminium Systerm Windows / Furniture – Incise Furniture Flooring – Lioli Ceramics / Paint –Jotun / Artifacts – Final Touch / Hardware – Enox.

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