• Architecture That Emphasizes Clean Lines, Minimalist Aesthetics With The Use Of Modern Materials And Technology | MDC Architects (Mandala Design Consortia)

    The Rajman House by @mdcarchitects rests in a modest plot size of 3500 Sq.ft. The residence of three bedroom, common spaces & multipurpose hall fits in the build form. The architecture elevation is formed by simple material palette of texture surfaces, bold exposed brickwork, long weather shade, metal screen & glass windows. The house is designed with a style of architecture that emphasizes clean lines, minimalist aesthetics with the use of modern materials and technology. It is characterized by an open floor plan, large windows, and a connection to the outdoors.

    “The evergreen symphony of exposed bricks and the color white is presented here in all its glory. The elevation has an interesting play of framed levels with projected or recessed surfaces with visual transparency at the forefront.”- Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor)

    Architecture That Emphasizes Clean Lines, Minimalist Aesthetics With The Use Of Modern Materials And Technology | MDC Architects(Mandala Design Consortia)

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    Rajman house is a perfect example of modern architecture with logical massing play with elements of weather shades & exposed brickwork. Mr.Bipinbhai Shah & Mrs.Nayanaben Shah, Indian couple who lived majorly their life in Dubai, after the retirement they wish to shift to India in their native Vadodara.

    As per their brief & lifestyle we decided to lift the two bedrooms on the 1st floor so we can get major tample space in ground floor as foyer, puja, living space, dining & open kitchen. Major individual bedroom’s orientation is north-south to get the major defused lights from windows & for better cross ventilation too. As a major feature of façade, double height terrace with metal screen roof on the main road. Metal screen would form a interesting light play & shadow during the evening. Second floor we have multipurpose room with north side terrace to spill over for any major family events.

    In addition to its practical benefits, exposed brickwork also offers aesthetic advantages. The natural, earthy tones of brick can add warmth and texture to a space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The rough texture and irregular shapes of the bricks can also add visual interest and contrast to a room, making it feel more dynamic and interesting.

    Interior of house flaunt a natural color scheme keeping the minimal color palate. Metal & wood screen placed strategic location to demarcation of area of ground floor like foyertemple & Staircase-Puja.

    Interior act as interplay balancing the warmth & solidity of the wooden elements. Living-dining area opens up towards the front lawn area for better lighting & visibility from the road.

    Open plan kitchen with breakfast counter overlook towards the dining area.

    The master bedroom on the first floor carries the simple theme of the home, with its floral print wallpaper, neutral grey color and natural wooden furniture. The floor-ceiling high window opens to the greenery and allows abundant natural light to flow into the space.

    The well-planned interior accommodates a large bed with side tables, a study table and a cozy armchair to enjoy the view of nature.

    Family space has large size windows further create an illusion of a bigger space in a relatively smaller area. Flexible furniture pieces occupy the vast family lounge on this floor, which allows for casual family gatherings and enjoying their time together.

    Overall, residence design is a style of architecture that emphasizes clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and the use of modern materials and technology. It offers a unique and striking look, while also prioritizing functionality and the connection to the natural surroundings.

    Fact File

    Designed by : MDC Architects(Mandala Design Consortia)

    Project Type : Residential Architecture & Interior Design

    Project Name : ”Rajman” Residence

    Location : Manjalpur, Vadodara

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of the project : 2 Years

    Plot Area : 3,300 Sq.ft

    Built-up Area : 2,620 Sq.ft

    Principal Architect : Ar. Mihir Ashara

    Photograph Courtesy : Tejas Shah

    Structure Engineers : Sujal Shah

    Products/Materials/Vendors : Finishes – Shreemay Associates / Wall covering / Cladding – Shreemay Associates / Construction Materials – Ma Bricks,Utrateck cement / Lighting – Litomatic / Doors and Partitions – Shreemay Associates / Sanitary ware – Jaguar & Grohe / Windows – Domal window Furniture – Shreemay Associates / Flooring – Jain marble Barod / Kitchen – Asian Paint Sleek Kitchen / Paint – Asian Paints / Artefacts – At home, theartment & pepperfry / Wallpaper – Concept design decor at Baroda / Hardware – haffle / Furnishing – V9 Home Decor.

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