• 3BHK Apartment Designed For A Nuclear Family In Indore | Struc-terior

    This 2000 sq.ft 3bhk apartment designed for a nuclear family in Indore, where the entrance is kept simple having a footwear storage and space for welcoming plants. It has 2 doors for the entry, one main entrance for the family and guests and another one as the service entrance, which has been given a seamless look in paint so that only the main entrance is highlighted.

    3BHK Apartment Designed For A Nuclear Family In Indore | Struc-terior

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    The house opens into the foyer that has a huge mirror and a ledge space for all the essentials. Entering to the drawing room, we come across two chairs and an astounding metal partition finished with rose gold pu and mirror; providing a gist of visibility to the living room.

    Contradictory to the whole house where neutrals have been used, the sofa in the living room has a blue color with a detail of rose gold metal strips in hand-rest. A hint of grooves and vertical lines run throughout the entire apartment in various forms to achieve a sense of height and a seamless look.

    Soft neutral tones of living room builds a sense of serenity. To attain the atrocities of simple design, ceiling has a minimalness of veneer to finish the look. The fluted wall paneling touching the sofa, delicately turns the space around.

    A dual toned kitchen was designed having darker tone, opposing to the play of colors in the common area. We further glammed it using grooves on certain drawers having veneer.

    Beside the kitchen is the dining area, wherein the dining table resides in the center with chandelier setup in ceiling. Two crockery units have been made which also serve as partition from living/drawing room.

    The master bedroom has a green headboard with wooden strips in between, which renders a striking personality to the otherwise neutral toned room. Pretty additions were the handles concealed in shutters.

    The son’s room has brick texture behind the bed, along with metal framed mirror on the either sides. Lighting up the room in its ambient glory are the magnificent magnetic track lights. Wardrobe is kept simple with profile shutters & back painted glass.

    The daughter’s room is an enchanting mix of pinks, whites & beige. The headboard is gorgeously designed using metal stand & fabric. The neutral toned closet stands tall & elegant with the concealed handles giving the look of pu, though made in laminate. Besides the closet are dressing unit and seating on either sides.


    Designed by : Struc-terior

    Project Type : Apartment Interiors

    Project Name : Apartment in Grand Exotica

    Location : Grand Exotica, Sch. No.140, Indore M.P.

    Year Built : 2021

    Duration of project : 6 months

    Project Size : 2000 sq.ft

    Project Cost : 35-40 lakhs

    Principal Designer : ID Kajal Keswani & Er. Gopal Keswani

    Photograph Courtesy : Deepak Patel

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – royal touche laminate / Lighting – s2b2 lighting, hybec lighting / Doors and Partitions – Doors finished in veener & mirror, partition made up in MS and finished in rose gold pu & mirror / Artefacts – stella-d-orra.

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Struc-terior


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