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The residence with earthy interiors is carefully crafted & envisioned to give a serene deed filled with earthy contemporary spatial arrangements for a family in an area of 1150 sq. ft. Bright courtyard house is in the developing pocket of the city right on the urban fringes and a role model for developing heritage city Bhuj space. It is designed by Infinity Design Studio with the intent to establish a relationship with the elements of nature and create an experience of hide and Seek with the sun. The bright house aims at creating an economically modest build-form house. Infinity Design Studio constructed the whole house in 1700 sq. ft. built-up form which is a cost-effective project under 30 lakhs rupees. 

Classic Adaptiveness Wrapped In A Modernist Contemporary Design Outlook | Infinity Design Studio

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The Bright courtyard house captures one’s attention right from the far access. The residence morally gels in it’s natural framework with its classic features popping out to catch the eye’s gentle attention. We can say that the house stands as a unique representation of an elegant and classic adaptiveness wrapped in a modernist contemporary design outlook.

The project is developed on two levels around the beautiful courtyard which becomes a part of the living room, adjoining stairs, and a passage which is creating the drama of light and shadows within the house. The first level consists of a well-lit living space, a kitchen, a double-height Pooja room with OTS, and a Parent’s bedroom. While on the second level consists of a master bedroom and a kid’s bedroom.

The entrance ornamented with an earthy palette of materials from interior to exterior helps one connect better with nature. This palette consists of different textured flooring material which accentuates the main door design. The wooden main door design with capsule grove décor and an inbuilt handle complement the white grill pattern in it. Apart from this, the splash of white colours is used on walls to enhance the ambience of the entrance and give a dramatic touch to the natural hue’s crafted interior.

The foyer creates a sense of beautiful capsule wooden art on the wall with a wooden storage unit and planter. The elegant foyer opens into a well-proportioned living area with an arched entrance and it is elegantly furnished with modest furniture.

An amalgamation of contemporary in various styles of furniture pieces is seen from modern sitting with a centre table and a classical-style TV unit simply paired with a wooden console unit. Overall, the ambience is created to enhance the natural environment and beauty of nature with planters.

While the Internal courtyard with a largely airy knob effectively merges the living area and enjoys the feature planter. The courtyard, which turns out to be a part of the living room, connecting stairs with crescent open windows, and a passage, create the drama of light and shadows within the house.

The interior walls of spaces and walls underneath the skylight are kept white which acts as a natural canvas for the light entering through the skylight and the flora and fauna soaking in daylight gives a sense of abundance.

The courtyard becomes the central space of the house as it is well connected with all the primary living spaces of the house. The designer’s plan was organized around a central courtyard that interacted differently with the interior spaces on different levels.

A sophisticated yet simple all-white kitchen with beautiful materials, glossy cabinetry, and walls with the same white accents to shine brighter than extra ornamentation. This design creates a smooth visual transition and connectivity between the spaces. Its aesthetic is minimal, and reflective finishes for the upper cabinet. While an arched entrance and the theme of white walls with grey flooring compliments the interior space.

The staircase design is an amalgamation of modern décor with art. The open crescent window is highlighted with artefacts that accentuate the theme of the house interior. The grey stepping and wooden-metal railing add charm to the staircase area..

The pooja room is designed as an ornate backdrop in a white monolithic space with an open-to-sky theme. The designer used a linear textured floor design that acts as a carpet to the floor. With a calming dual-toned color scheme and a very minimal aesthetic, it is as calming as beautiful.

The various elements of the area amalgamate to create a room that is the essence of mindfulness. Just after that pooja area placed a ceramic wash basin with an arched-shaped mirror which beautifies the interior design. The grey top and brown furniture design complement the white wall.

The parent’s bedroom has a playfully used rectangular for a modern dual-toned bed with a beige headboard. Rectangular wall frames above the headboard and elegant side drawers complement the theme of the house décor.

The flooring makes the room distinct from the living area. While plain ceiling design and planters add charm to the bedroom. While it has a walk-in-wardrobe and bathroom interior design is to be décored as per the bedroom theme.

On the upper level, the master bedroom is well décor with simple and elegant elements which add charm to the bedroom interior décor. The bedroom carries a simplistic theme in the same dual shell of white and brown accentuated with light-toned flooring.

Designer creatively planned openings bring in views from balconies which creates a good ambiance in the bedroom. Wooden batten panel with a grey headboard of a bed and elegant ceiling design creates an eye-soothing décor with other furniture. The designer also provides a modern walk-in-wardrobe design and has an attached bathroom that follows the bedroom theme.

The entire house is intended as a flow of spaces, having modulating lights and changing vistas. The house is simple and comfortable with a minimal material palette and yet appeals to one visually. Its simplicity and relation with the greens on a condensed layout leave a sensory and relaxing environment for the user. The open-to-sky courtyard creates an efficient airflow providing a comfortable microclimate that influences all the spaces of the house. Conceptualize the project in a way that should be cost-effective as well as the role model for developing a city. Named it bright house for its natural brightness all over the day by Infinity Design Studio.


Designed by : Infinity Design Studio

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : Bright Courtyard House

Location : Bhuj, Kutch

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 15 Months

Plot Area : 1150 sq.ft

Built up : 1750 sq. ft

Project Size : 1150 sq.ft

Project Cost : 30 lakh

Principal Architect : Keyur Gor

Team Design Credits : Ar. Divesh Kerai

Photograph Courtesy : Take 2 Productions

Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Simple Paint / Construction Materials – sandstone block, Concrete, Steel / Lighting – Griq / Windows – Aluminium Windows From Local Vendors / Furniture – Furniture Zone / Flooring – Ceramic Flooring From Metro Tile / Paint – Asian Paint’s Royal In the Interior, Ultima in exterior / Artefacts –Clear Crafts / Hardware – Ebco.

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