10 Most Beautiful Modern Houses Showcasing Picture-Perfect Façades

Following the modern architecture trends, residential architecture is growing dynamically in terms of planning along with aesthetics, where designers are approaching functionality of a house in new ways, that results in unique spaces. Besides planning, the classic materials such as bricks and texture plasters are making a comeback in various exploratory ways. Here are the ten most striking and inspiring modern houses where architects are bravely taking façade design to new heights.

  1. Gadi House by PMA MADHUSHALA
  3. Twin houses by JALIHAL ASSOCIATES
  4. The brick connection by TRAANSPACE
  5. Casa Bianca by GRID ARCHITECTS
  6. The House of Courts by DADA AND PARTNERS
  7. Mithi mishit nu mati ghar by SFERABLU ARCHITECTS + NAMAN SHAH ARCHITECTS
  8. Inside Out House by MODO DESIGNS
  9. Framed House by CREST ARCHITECTS
  10. Cuckoo’s Nest by BETWEEN SPACES

1. Gadi House by PMA MADHUSHALA

This intriguing façade is a result of two brothers’ dream to create a statement amongst modern houses that honors the family and carries forward their ancestral values. Inspired by the traditional structures, the house is independent in the interior and secured by the thick peripheral exteriors. Similar to the older castle concepts, the designers put a modern spin on the outer walls, resulting in a spatial façade.

Fact File:

Designed by : PMA Madhushala

Project Type : Residence

Project Name : Gadi House

Location : Talegaon Dabhade, Puna

Year built : 2020

Size : 10,764 sq.ft

Principal Architect : Prasanna Morey 

Team Design Credits : Naresh Shivakoti ,Darshan ,Divya Jyoti,

Photography Courtesy: Hemant Patil

Products and Materials :  HettichSaint-GobainTata SteelDuravitQueo

Consultants for the Project :  Builder : Chetan Khandge | Stonework : Dnyaneshwar Dhotre and team | Brickwork : Shakeel and team | Ips Flooring : Bhagwandas and team | Structural Consultant : Subduction Zone Consultants


Plaster is one of the most commonly used material in the construction field. Any building is not complete without plaster. Forming new application of this material, in Casa Aum, the plaster is used as an aesthetic element which caters to the building strength as well. Giving a Moroccan look, this Ahmedabad house is a great example of traditional material experimented in a new way.

Fact File:

Designed by : Mistry Architects

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : Casa AUM, residence for Sujan & Aastik

Location : Ahmedabad

Year Built : 2020

Duration of project : 18 months

Project Size :  3700 sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 1.8 Cr

Principal Architect : Ar. Sharukh Mistry

Team Design Credits : Ar. Deepa.S.Wani , Anand , Anagha.L

Photography Courtesy : Umang Shah Photography

Consultants for the Project : MEP Consultants – Meca Engineering | Structure Engineers – Cruthi 

3. Twin houses by JALIHAL ASSOCIATES

Located in a premium area of Belgaum, this house design is a strict Vastu oriented form. The brief was to design twin bungalows for two brothers representing completely different personalities yet can connect and look as one. Following the basis of Vastu, the façade of the house displays a play of vertical and horizontal geometry along with open to sky pockets. Wooden being the fascist element of the current modern houses, adds warmth and lightness to the façade.  

Fact File

Designed by : Jalihal Associates

Project Type: Residential

Project Name : Twin House

Location : Belgaum, Karnataka

Year Built : 2020

Duration of project : 1 year 8 months

Built up Area 12,000 sq.ft

Principal Architect : Juned Jalihal

Team Design Credits :  Pratidnya Patil ( Project Architect), Suraj Ganachari ( Visualisation)

Photograph Courtesy : Shamanth Patil Photography

Products and Materials : Finishes : Colortek india , ICA pidilite , Jotun | Wallcovering / Cladding : Wallpaperscissor , The Stone Casa , Nexion , CMC Marbles | Construction Materials : RCC Frame Structure , Burnt Brick Masonary | Lighting : Hybec | Sanitaryware : Hansgrohe | Windows : My Windows | Furniture : Trezure furniture , Mauble Furniture  | Flooring: CMC marbles, Nexion , Trysquare Wooden Flooring | Kitchen : Hafele  | Paint: Jotun | Artefacts : Address home, Cane boutiqueThe Purple Turtles | Hardware : Hafele CNR Albatur 

Consultants for the Project : Structure Engineers : Dileep Kulkarni and Associates , Belgaum | MEP & HVAC Consultants: Aircon , Belgaum | Acoustics Consultants : Crystal Harp Technologies Mumbai | Contractors, Project Managers : AR constructions

4. The brick connection by TRAANSPACE

This house is a classic exposed brick and concrete house integrating simple geometry and minimal aesthetics. The couple was clear with the thoughts of having a simple looking house that can express its natural beauty. When one passes through the house, the large circular entrance in the façade engages the viewer instantly, yet keeping the rest of the elevation interesting enough to merge with it.

Fact File :

Designed By : TRAANSPACE

Project Type : Residence

Project Name : The Brick House

Location : Vadodara

Year Built : 2021

Area : 6500 sq.ft.

Design Team : Urvi Shah, Supriya Karkare, Sanjana, Nupur

Lead Architect : Urvi Shah

Structural Consultants : SVN Consultants

Electrical Consultants : Oreintal Electricals

Site Executor : Anil Marathe

Plumbing Consultants : Krupalu Consultants

Photography By : Umang Shah

Source : ArchDaily

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5. Casa Bianca by GRID ARCHITECTS

This modern beautiful house situated in Ahmedabad, integrates light, air, earthy material palette and tranquility in its design core. The façade illustrates a balanced look with the choice of colors and materials and the large box structures, in which, full height glass windows generate a transparency feel to the overall concrete chunks.  

Fact File :

Designed By : The Grid Architects

Project Type : Residence

Project Name : Casa Bianca

Location : Ahmedabad, India

Year : 2021

Area : 6983 ft²

Principal Architects : Snehal Suthar, Bhadri Suthar

Photographs : Photographix

Source : ArchDaily

6. House Of Courts by DADA AND PARTNERS

Exposed brick buildings are existing since long time though, it has taken a new spin in trending façade designs for residences. Acknowledging the various possibilities with bricks, Designers have started adapting it to a new level. The House of Courts by Dada and Partners also represents traditional material brick façade used in an uncommon way.

Fact File:

Designed by : DADA & Partners

Project Type : Residence

Project Name : House of Courts

Location : Gurugram

Year built: 2020

Size : sq feet : 6000 ft²

Junior Architects : Saurabh Syal, Debdeep Dam

Principal Architect : Mukul Arora

Interior Design : Lopez Design Studio, DADA & Partners

Photography Courtesy : Lightzone India

Products and Materials :

Manufacturers Toto, thyssenkrupp, ALCOI, Dorma, Sollfege | Furniture Design : Lopez Design Studio | Home Automation System : Sollfege Aluminum Work : ALCOI Building Systems | Steel Fabrication : Usmaan Steel works

Structure : P Arora & Associates Pvt Ltd | Building Contractor : Sugan Lal Contractors | Energy and Sustainable Consultants : PSI energy | Solar Energy Consultant : Bhambri enterprise.

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One might have heard about rammed earth construction in modern houses, though it is not seen commonly in architecture practice. Even so, rammed earth is getting its popularity now because of the extreme changes in the environment. This house boldly explores rammed earth construction as its core in the design. In fact, the beautiful lines and colors emerging from rammed earth is not just eye-catching but also giving a natural twist to a boring concrete wall.

Fact File:

Design Firm: SferaBlu Architects + Naman Shah Architects

Project Name: Meethi-Mishti nu Mati Ghar

Project Type: Residential

Completion Year: 2020

Area: 440

Lead Architect: Naman Shah

Architectural Design: Tarjini Parikh, Binal Shah, Jasmit Bagga

Interior Design: Rahul Patil

Project Interns: Shreya Biscuitwala, Lavina Alagh, Niyati

Project Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Photography: Umang Shah

8. Inside Out House by MODO DESIGNS

The clients wanted a classic modern house where all the bedrooms and private spaces are overlooking the vast backyard garden. Resulting in a house development with an interesting back façade with large floor to ceiling openings. Here, the material palette is straight forward wood, exposed concrete and glass where the warm wood element balances the stale concrete look while having the sun light play through glass, louvers and screens.

Fact File:

Designed by: Modo Designs

Project: Inside Out House

Project Type: Residential

Year of completion: 2020

Area: 1170

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Lead Architect: Arpan Shah

Photography: Ishita Sitwala – The Fishy Project, Anar Gunjaria

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9. Framed House by CREST ARCHITECTS

Pure minimalism is what this clearly expresses. Despite of the minimal exterior, the house is designed keeping light and ventilation in mind. The facades are result of manipulating light and air for the functionality of the interior spaces. The architecture language is kept simple with the use of concrete finish and white plastered walls reflecting the clients’ lifestyle.

Fact File:

Designed by: Crest Architecture

Project: Framed House

Project Type: Residential

Year of completion: 2020

Area: 2300 sq.ft.

Location: Bangalore, India

Design Team: Vikas and Vishwas

Client: Mr. Chenappa

Photography: Shamanth Patil J

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10. Cuckoo’s Nest by BETWEEN SPACES

Cuckoo’s nest is a modern house design inspired by traditional South Indian temple complex. The house is in layered formation having tall fence as a barrier from the busy streets. Despite being modern, the brick fence and a pitched roof gives a traditional feel to the façade. The fusion of various materials such as; marble, granite, plaster, exposed concrete and brick are well balanced to create an eye catching exterior for the public.

Fact File:

Designed by: Between Spaces

Project: Cuckoo’s Nest

Project Type: Residential

Year of Completion: 2020

Site Area: 313.5

Built-up Area: 565

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Design Team: Shveta Mohan, Pramod Jaiswal & Divya E

Photography: Shamanth J Patil

Weather you choose to go for minimalism or ornamentation, it is evident that the adaptation of aesthetic appeal in residential architecture is a consideration. In current scenario, as the saying goes, “old is gold”, reworking traditional techniques along with exploring new materials is the key to design your next house.

Which façade would you like to have for your house?

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