Vertis : A House With Diversity Yet Subtlety | Misa Architects

Vertis : A House With Diversity Yet Subtlety | Misa Architects Misa Architects Has created this unique diverse House. The entrance is complete with Indian gesture for warm and welcoming, and an interplay of landscaping and artifacts. Use of wood sets the tone of the entire house. The guest room is compatible for all age[Read More]

Textile Office Interiors |ADHWA-architecture-interiors

Textile Office Interiors |ADHWA-architecture,interiors About Project: Following the Client’s brief apart from providing the best working environment so as to enable employees to have better productivity with freedom of having an unconventional and innovative design for his office. Being in a textile business he was very determined to use maintenance free materials to ensure the[Read More]

Umami Restaurant Design, Ahmedabad | PDC Architects

Umami Restaurant Design, Ahmedabad | PDC Architects Restaurant Interior sets the stage for a customer’s dining experience. While restaurants, cafes and every other establishment in the F&B industry compete with each other using location, prices, and promotions, very little take the win from the margin of their interior design. The design follows the ideology of[Read More]

House at a Glance | Ignitus Architectural Studio

House at a Glance | Ignitus Architectural Studio Who lives here?: It’s a Show flat for Saheli Sanidhya apartment scheme by Moksha Developers Location: Paldi, Ahmedabad 380007, Gujarat Year/decade built: 2018/2019 Size: 86 m2 Number of bedrooms and bathrooms: 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms Photograph courtesy for the images : ©Photographix | Ira Gosalia VISIT[Read More]

Minimal Artist’s Residence | Rushnaiwala Architects

minimal artist’s residence | Rushnaiwala Architects Commissioned as a minimal artist’s residence, Western park was conceptualised to emulate the characteristics of Sarkhej Roza – a notable architectural tomb in the vicinity of the 2 BHK apartment. Using the ‘square’ as a primary form, the project contextualised the tomb’s defining characteristics into different spatial elements- The[Read More]

Italian Style Apartment | PDC Architects

Italian Style Apartment | PDC Architects GOLWALA’S RESIDENCE Brief The Project features a strong culmination of ideas backed by an Italian theme. The design involved intricate detailing and exploration, which were exclusively selected to make this residence evolve into a crafted space as per the client’s satisfaction. FACT FILE Architectural Firm: PDC Architects Project: Residential[Read More]

Abhyudaya-Villa in Ahmedabad | KNS Architects

Abhyudaya-Villa in Ahmedabad | KNS Architects Context: In an urban zone with other villas abutting the Site; the plot was a barren piece of land with no immediate views. Concept: The Concept was to create an ‘Urban Oasis’ within this dry & arid piece of land with internal view sheds. Description: Clean lines and angled geometry[Read More]

Screen House | The Grid Architects

 Screen House| The Grid Architects Screen House is a beautifully integrated development that houses a large family and various age groups. It comprises three discrete spaces, each one serving the needs of sub-sets of the unit, yet linked in spirit and design. The site is located facing north, with all other three sides abutting adjacent[Read More]

IVA Skin and Laser Centre Uplift the Architectural Artistry | Increation Associates

IVA Skin and Laser Centre Uplift the Architectural Artistry | Increation Associates The creation is peerlessly versed with the scorching temperature of Ahmedabad. Designing the clinic with a proper technique that it acquires maximum natural light and ventilation. The project portrays the bonafide relation between human, nature and material all together it blunts out the[Read More]

Bungalow Interior Design | DETales

bungalow interior Design | DETales MarutiNanadan Villa 2 | Ahmedabad   From Designers: SnehalChaniyara&UrviChaniyara the youthful duo was on the look-out for a designer who could understand their outlook when it came to designing & remodeling their almost 10 year old bungalow. A relative put them in touch with the young design firm DE Tales- design[Read More]