An Intimate And Welcoming Living Space that Echoes Comfort | GROUND ZERO

Located in a posh locality in Surat, a luxurious residential project Aagam Paramount is taking shape. The designed residence is a show flat in that apartment building that exudes a peaceful charm. It spreads across an area of 2,427 sq. ft. The client’s brief entailed a space which appears like his own space and not[Read More]

Monochromatic Minimalism In A Brown Color Palette | FURDO

This home in Tata Promont is a true testimony of the above statement. The theme is monochromatic minimalism in a brown color palette. The subtle shades of earthy tones are beautifully carried throughout the home to create harmony and class. The ergonomic designs prioritize creating functional forms while keeping the aesthetics balanced. Monochromatic Minimalism In[Read More]

The Perforated Façade Of Lucid House : A Game Of Light And Shadows | MA+RS

The site is a typical 30’ x 50’ peri-urban parcel of land located in the south of Bangalore, Electronic city.  Trapped on three sides by plots that eventually will have neighboring houses, only the front opens out to the road allowing for the provision of light & ventilation to the house. The Perforated Façade Of[Read More]

The Contemporary Calmness – Upscale Residence with Elegance of Modern Design | Raise Atelier 

This 1250 Sq.ft contemporary apartment located in suburbs of Mumbai belongs to a family who are well travelled, shuttling life between Australia and India .The clients have extremely active lives and desired to have a soothing décor that is contemporary, timeless and restful not stimulating to the eye. The design needs to be clear and[Read More]

Firm Neutrality and Welcoming Muteness of Greys for this Workspace Design | AVVO

Amidst the hustles of Mumbai’s most crowded spaces with a lot of concrete jungle, Mr. Vanssh Jallan embarked his journey of establishing his ready mix concrete business in full force during which emerged his desire of having a workspace design working environment. For which he granted us the designers freedom to follow our vision and[Read More]

Harmonious Crossover amidst Traditional Sensibilities and Contemporary Design Persona | Foresight Associates

Located in the suburban outskirts of Vadodara in Bill Village, The Patel Residence is emblematic of this very sentiment. The abode from the onset was a harmonious crossover amidst traditional sensibilities and a contemporary design persona that comes through in the medley of the spaces housed within. “As a young studio, we were elated to[Read More]

Furniture to Furnishings: “It’s All About Home” shares insights with The Architect’s Diary

When It’s All About Home was in the talks, we were quite excited to know about the foundation and ideas of the company. It takes an immense amount of thought process and strengthened vision to have a range that covers everything about HOME. Starting from furnishings to furniture to complimentary design service for your home,[Read More]

Use of Clean Lines and Geometric Shapes form a Coherent Experience | Karya Design Studio

The project which I am sharing is 1000sq/ft 3 BHK apartment located in Bharuch, Gujarat. In this apartment we tried to create luxury with simplicity & also tried to maintain quality of class throughout the apartment. Certain specs of vibrancy are incorporated to add glimmer to the area using orange & grey’s. Overall we tried[Read More]

Composition of Spaces That Intertwine The Outdoors and Indoors : The Courtyard House | SAFE Design Studio

Composition of Spaces That Intertwine The Outdoors and Indoors : The Courtyard House | SAFE Design Studio The Aangan is an attempt to acknowledge the contemporary living needs of modern humans while responding to our responsibility towards the environment. The project is a composition of spaces that intertwine the outdoors and indoors. It is a[Read More]

Treat Your Family to a Unique Home Accent This Summer

We often take our homes for granted, but they are so much more than the place we sleep each night. They are a place of joy and sanctuary for you and your family. When the world feels increasingly chaotic, stressful, and even dark, your home should be the place you can retreat to feel a[Read More]