Deloitte Office – Banglore | RC Architecture

Deloitte Office – Banglore | RC Architecture RC Architecture completed the office design for global accounting company, Deloitte office, located in Bangalore, India.The Deloitte office is situated in one of Bangalore’s premium building, having sweeping views of the city. As this is a consulting office with many verticals, the workspace is designed around their specific requirement, while keeping ample[Read More]

Roman and Modern Concept Apartment Interiors | Rudhraksh Designer

Roman and Modern Concept Apartment Interiors | Rudhraksh Designer “This Surat Apartment is designed with a mixture of Roman and Modern concept along with different bright colours which creates a pleasant climate around for the Burst of Art.” During the first step at this place, our eyes take in everything- the statue of Buddha bring[Read More]

Beautifully Crafted House | Inklets Studio

Beautifully Crafted House | Inklets Studio The brief of the project was a retreat home with few programmatically requirements of 2 bedrooms along with a study room for two growing kids. The client wanted an elegant, sophisticated and simple interiors. The spatial flow takes into consideration the family’s requirement of segregating public and private space.[Read More]

3BHK Traditional Styled Abode | Mitesh Antala And Janaki Hakani

  3BHK Traditional Styled Abode | Mitesh Antala And Janaki Hakani Brief This project features a strong culmination of ideas and the client’s field of interest and works into the concept of design. The client a couturier of Bridal attire has a high sense of style and a love for fabrics, prints and work details.[Read More]

Deck Cleaning: The Best Pressure Washer for Deck

The pressure washer can effectively clean decks as it can clean even the smallest spaces between each wood board. Are you wondering why your decks aren’t as good looking as before? Or are you still stuck on using the conventional method of deck cleaning? That might be a real problem. When cleaning your decks, chemical[Read More]

Get inspired and give a go to the best Interior Design trends of 2019

The year 2019 arrived with a bang and the artists and designers world over are looking forward to the central interior design trends that are going to rule the year. Here are some ideas for the home décor lovers to take inspiration from. Let us explore what trends are big in home interior design in2019 as[Read More]

Legend Ply Veneers Exhibition Space | ACETECH Designed By  Spaces Architects@ka

Legend Ply Veneers Exhibition Space | ACETECH Designed By  Spaces Architects@ka ACETECH is a series of Asia’s largest architecture, building materials, design and decor exhibitions, recognised as India’s premier portfolio of events for bringing major international and domestic players from the building and interiors industry. Concept Creating and sculpting space for Legend Ply Veneers builds[Read More]

Panel Perfect – A Look at 5 Common Panels in the Industry

Go on to any construction or building site, and you will see the use of access panels as a complimentary install to walls, flooring or ceilings. Their versatility, matched with functionality makes them a choice that contractors can rely on but more importantly a choice product that allows clients to maintain all their needs and[Read More]