Employee Engagment Spaces-Booking.com | M Moser Associates

Employee Engaging Spaces-Booking.com | M Moser Associates M Moser Associates completed the design for the Booking.com offices located in Mumbai, India. M Moser has cultivated a long-standing relationship with Booking.com having worked on numerous global projects with them over the years. As the design partner for their new Mumbai office, we were eager to develop this relationship even[Read More]

How to Choose the Right Backup Generator for Your Home

A home backup generator will ensure your family has the power needed when faced with unexpected outages. There are two types of generators ideal for home use: portable generators and permanently installed home generators, or standby generators. Portable generators can power home appliances like an air conditioning unit or a fridge during blackouts. Depending on its[Read More]

How to use Wall Murals to Bring a Unique Look to Your Home

Home is a place where we spend so much of our lives, and a beautifully decorated home has many benefits beyond the aesthetic – including your state of mind and physical well being. There are many things to learn when embarking on a home renovation. One of these, of course, is the design and style[Read More]

Farmhouse Design which Connects With The Culture – ADDA Architects

Farmhouse Design which Connects with the Culture – ADDA architects The clients had an idea of transforming the farmhouse into a place where their younger generations could feel connected with the culture and recreate the feel of places that the older generation had grew up in. With use of modernistic materials we have created an[Read More]

40+awesome wood vessels

40+awesome wood vessels There are many things which matters for making a person eat, one of the matter from that is vessels you use for serving food.Wooden vessels are so appealing that one if not in mood of eating wood eat the food if served properly. This is want happens with me and so i[Read More]

70+ awesome DIY birdfeeder ideas

70+ awesome DIY birdfeeder ideas There are vivid eye pleasing source nature has to provide, sitting at my porch i was glancing birds and one of the birdfeeder my nieghbour had provided for birds to visit at their place and by which i everyday had my warm morning started up by looking at the birds,[Read More]

Arkiplan International’s New Office- Redefining Form, Fluidity & Function

Arkiplan International’s New Office- Redefining Form, Fluidity & Function Somebody wise once said that “we are what we see. We are a product of our surroundings” and its a fact universally acknowledged that our surroundings affect our mood, productivity and creativity. The designers at Arkiplan International took that literally and designed the office with an[Read More]

Climate Responsive Apartment Pali Palms | Mumbai | SEZA

Climate Responsive Apartment Pali Palms | Mumbai | Designed by SEZA Text description provided by the architects. India has a tropical climate, and Mumbai is on the coast which means we have a hot humid climate all through. The architectural built form has evolved in response to the tropical climate, lifestyle and availability of material. Where shading to[Read More]

A ‘Mahal’ in The Sky | AV 4th Dimension
chaise lounge

A ‘Mahal’ in The Sky | AV 4th Dimension The Project: AV Fourth Dimension sees design as a constantly-evolving process that should pay keen attention to the need of the end-user. This project was bagged through positive word of mouth. It was a self-developed, family-owned property, spanning two levels.AV Fourth Dimension was associated with the[Read More]

The Shadow House | Samira Rathod Design Associates

The Shadow House | Samira Rathod Design Associates From the architect. Set in the foothills of Maharashtra in Alibaug, far away from the busy city life of Mumbai. The plot was a dry barren piece of parched earth. When I first saw it, there were two lonely trees; a view of the hills in the distance and dry fields all the way to the[Read More]