Naked House: Redefining Minimalism with Newer Perspectives | studio TAB

Every now and then, an architect meets a project that makes him/her pause and think. To question every sinew of design ethos adopted so far and to introspect what’s learnt to unravel the unlearnt. The Naked House has been one such project redefining minimalism. Naked House: Redefining Minimalism with Newer Perspectives | studio TAB Visit:[Read More]

Exceptional Retail Concept That Doubles as a Lighting Store | Choreography of Spaces

The new retail space for The White Teak Company, a lighting & home décor store, at Bangalore designed by Choreography of Spaces is an attempt look at the geometries, in solid against its own wire-frame version. Exceptional Retail Concept That Doubles as a Lighting Store | Choreography of Spaces Visit: Choreography of Spaces The idea[Read More]

Space that Exudes Simplicity, Texturally Rich Yet Minimal | House Of Ruya

This minimal space was created with the clients’ growing family in mind and making sure that the home is an extension of themselves and not just a space they occupy. Minimal materials are used in various textures to ensure we created definition, depth and interest alongside the simplicity that the space exudes. Space that Exudes[Read More]

Apartment Design That feels Modern With Touch of Antiqueness | Mirai Architects

The underlying concept of the apartment design was to create an aesthetic living space that feels modern with a slender touch of antiqueness. The dominant theme is nature, its scenic beauty exuding simplicity yet classic. To make it a nature-friendly space, solid wood and veneers were used for wood finishes. Green is the dominant color[Read More]

Exhibiting Finesse of Modern Architecture with Indian Design Elements | CozyNest Interiors

The 10,500 sq ft villa spans over 4 levels including a basement, ground and first floor and a terrace. Each area has turned out true to the client’s needs of open spaces, understated luxury, kid-friendliness, and comfort for a large extended family with modern architecture. An inviting foyer anchored by a large aquarium, beautiful accessories[Read More]

Multitude of Design Details and Décor Accents Enliven this Modern Design Apartment | U and I Designs

Multitude of textures, colors, forms, design details, décor accents enliven this compact apartment. Sensible, sensitive and systematic arrangement of influential modern design of every element in this floor space is a captivating feature. Ample sunlight emphasizes shades and shadows – the ever changing elements in ratio with the constant ones. ~Yamini Vaswani Multitude of Design[Read More]

Elegance and Modernist Luxury Home in Bangalore | Creare Decore

Since it is a guest house and a great example of luxury home we kept it as elegant and practical as possible not missing out on the luxurious feels of the space. The home comprises a formal living area, informal living area, dining area, balcony deck, office room and 4 spacious bedrooms. The rooms are[Read More]

A Modern Minimalist House with Neutral Palette and Subtle Contrasts | Travis Designs & Design Mould

Designed for a family of 3, this abode opens into the foyer with a bright-toned custom cabinet infused with rattan which brings in the modern and mid-century vibes. Our idea was to create a sense of contrast while also celebrating the beauty of rattan’s simplicity with a modern minimalist house. A Modern Minimalist House with[Read More]

Redefining Recreational Spaces with this Restaurant Design | Vybe Studio

Located in the bustling urban neighborhood of Koramangala – Bangalore, K-OS The  GameBar presents itself as a seamless culmination of brand-driven design and an engaging recreational venue and a modern restaurant design. The space is the brainchild of its four founders, a group of engineers who wanted to meld their passion for gaming and create[Read More]

Farzi Café : Classy Chic Café Design | Studio Skapa Architects

We were commissioned the task of renovating Farzi Café, located in a high end mall in the city center immediately after the first lockdown was lifted with an idea of chic café design. The only brief we received from our clients was that they are looking for something refreshing and ‘Hip’. Our challenge was to[Read More]