A Masterpiece of Complementary and Contrasting Royal Hues : Prarthana Residence | 42MM Architecture

Visit : 42MM Architecture The design journey began with the client’s brief that emphasized grandeur to be the representation of his house. He intended his residence to an experience of augustness in its entirety. Designed as a spectacle for the spectators, Prarthana Residence is an embodiment of luxury in the French classical style. An ensemble[Read More]

Casa Bianca – A Residence Which Emphasizes a Harmonious Coexistence | The Grid Architects

Casa Bianca, literally, the white house, is tranquil home set in urban Ahmedabad. The home holistically integrates light, air, greenery, materials and views, through an architectural vocabulary that emanates serenity and harmony. The house is on a corner plot and sits alongside the internal road of a gated community, overlooking the landscape. The land was surrounded[Read More]

Exposed Brick and RCC creating Compositional Structure of the Residence & a Multilevel Altitude | The Interior Workshop

Specialising in exquisite taste, unparalleled service and unmatched quality, we at the interior WORKSHOP lend our collaborative expertise and passion to design each project with utmost dedication and uniqueness, turning any space into a powerful expression of the client’s personality. Our firm believes in delivering a reliable and comfortableexperience combining enthusiasm and innovation. We try[Read More]

Duplex Home Design bringing Together Elements of Nature, Minimalism and Spaciousness | FSND

Spanning an area of 4000sq.ft, this duplex home’s design brings together elements of nature, minimalism and spaciousness. A 5bhk duplex home was divided between a closely knit family of 2 sons, master bedroom, parent’s room and a guest bedroom. A complete vastu compliant house with only linear elements in different forms, colours, materials. The lower floor[Read More]

300 Woods Worth Villa: Amidst Picturesque Landscape, A Naturist Abode | GDA Workspace

Surrounded by the Sahyadri Ranges with its picturesque landscape has a naturist abode that blends with the environment. The 300 Woods Worth Villa by Architect Gaurav Deore & Interior Designer Pritam Deore from GDA Workspace visions to collaborate with nature by embracing it just the way it is. 300 Woods Worth Villa: Spaces That Evoke[Read More]

A Neutral Colour Palette and Playful Interiors Inviting Warmth : Residence 95 | J+AM STOREY

Like every other project, Residence 95 has a soft spot in our heart. From demolishing the existing building to selecting the right decor…our journey began from the scratch! Design meets the client’s need! In a plot area of 1500 sq.ft, stilt + 4 storeys were built, including the duplex on the upper floors along with[Read More]

Green Architecture as the Main Concept in the Flick House | DELUTION

Starting from the memory of the client’s past in the birthplace of the owner in Central Java, clients wanted us to design a house that seems humble and warm. Clients and Architects agreed to use brick as the main material of the Flick House, because it seemed to have a humble and warm philosophy. According[Read More]

Paradise House A Private Residence Design | Vast Design

Paradise house,is private residence for a family of four,located in Surat.The main perception is to bring liveliness according to the area assorted to place. Paradise House A Private Residence Design | Vast Design Visit : Vast Design For creating a lively space ,living room walls are painted with light colors with artifacts on it,the furniture[Read More]

Minimalistic and Climate Responsive Residence Imparting Calmness | The Design Alley

The Lattice House, is a Mixed use development (commercial + residential) located on a busy commercial street in the town. The site is located on one of the busiest streets in an upmarket area of the city; it is a densely populated commercial area with the central bus stand, temples, banks and hospitals in the[Read More]

An Achromatic bungalow Interiors Called battleship grey love | Deuja Designs

The client was very particular to keep the theme living & kitchen area in Achromatic majorly. Thus we attained a simple design. An Achromatic bungalow Interiors Called battleship grey love | Deuja Designs Visit : Deuja Designs When the couple approached us, we realized the structure was already done, with floor slabs and columns finished.[Read More]