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Posted On March 25, 2023

Veeram Shah’s Latest Architectural Masterpiece “Enclosure”, A Courtyard House | Design Ni Dukaan

A spiritual journey is an inquiry into one’s own existence, or rather an inquiry into existence and non-existence and the relation between the two, culminating in the realization of pure existence beyond inquiry. Founder and Creative Director of Ahmedabad-based multi-disciplinary design studio Design Ni Dukaan Veeram Shah’s latest architectural masterpiece “Enclosure”, a courtyard house – […]

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Posted On March 23, 2023

Chuzhi House Is A 2BHK Residence Designed With An Open Layout And Minimalist Interior Design | Wallmakers

Chuzhi is a project that helps to understand what can be built in odd sites that are generally deemed ‘unsuitable’ for construction. Situated in a gated community called Sanctity Ferme in a picturesque location called Shoolagiri, the owner was in a fix as there were unwanted obscure plots at the periphery of the community characterized by […]

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Posted On March 22, 2023

“Ilainayam” By Studio SKAI Is An Amalgamation Of Modern Technology With Traditional Values | Studio SKAI

Amongst a dense urban area in Chennai, Ilainayam Residence lies on a corner plot of land in a residential neighborhood. Ilainayam refers to ‘Texture’ from the language Tamil. The unique characteristics of this residence focus on the play of textures. “Ilainayam” by Studio SKAI is an amalgamation of modern technology with traditional values. “Ilainayam” By Studio […]

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Posted On March 21, 2023

This Luxurious House Is An Exquisite Reflection Of A360’s Signature Style | A360 architects

Some clients, some projects, some homes are not just a part of our work, they occupy a special place in our heart. This luxurious house is an exquisite reflection of A360’s signature style with a harmonious blend of the client’s identity, aspirations and reflection of their personality. It is a house that combines luxury and […]

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  • Posted On March 20, 2023

    The Wendy House, An Earthen Farmhouse With Brick Vaults Designed By Petchimuthu Kennedy | Earthscape Studio

    The site of The Wendy House, an earthen farmhouse with brick vaults designed by Petchimuthu Kennedy  lies on a beautiful private land of 8 acres which is a dense forest with lots of coconut trees, mango trees, Nutmeg, Teak, etc. Finding a perfect place for the farmhouse became difficult since we don’t want to cut […]

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    Posted On March 16, 2023

    The Courtyard House Allows The Occupants To Enjoy The Rain, Light, And Breeze | LIJO RENY architects

    “We want to enjoy the rain, from every room of our house”, was the initial statement made by the clients in their project brief. “The Color Burst House” was the result, and it included three enormous, double-height open-to-sky courtyards where all of the main rooms could open into. The Courtyard House allows the occupants to […]

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    Posted On March 15, 2023

    A Modern Design And Tasteful, Elegant Interior Elements For This Luxurious Abode | Amsel Designs

    Amsel Designs tried to incorporate the simplicity and warmth of the home owners in this residence along with their son’s choice for a modern design and tasteful, elegant interior elements for this luxurious abode. Working for this client was like a dream for every designer, they were open to the ideas and designs with giving […]

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    Posted On March 14, 2023

    Minimal, Sleek, And Earthy Design For The Kalrav Villa In Ahmedabad, Gujarat | VPA Architects

    An abode to humans and birds alike; Kalrav House, which translates to the house of chirping birds, is nested within a thicket of previously existing and newly sapped trees. Facing the east, Kalrav (façade) opens up in the form of a ‘flying bird’. Following the position of the house, the intent is the least possible […]

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    Posted On March 13, 2023

    Agam House Is A House Of Epic Proportions And Minimal Natural Materials | Mawi Design

    Agam House is a house of epic proportions and minimal natural materials in Velachery, Chennai. This two-storey home strategically addresses Chennai’s hot weather and its dense urban context through an expressive solid facade that makes a bold statement. The project was started with the intent to create a healthy living environment that is refreshing and nurturing for […]

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    Posted On March 11, 2023

    The Cool House Is A Classic Example Of Contemporary Architecture | Samira Rathod Design Atelier

    We believe that architecture is a response to many parameters, context, site, vegetation, geography, and climate. When building in a dry and arid place like Bharuch, the heat, locally called “loo” in Guajarati was a big such parameter that the architecture had to respond to. The Cool House Is A Classic Example Of Contemporary Architecture | […]

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    Posted On March 10, 2023

    The Lakeshore House On The Beautiful Lake Osman Sagar, Hyderabad | SPASM Design Architects

    The lakeshore house on the beautiful Lake Osman Sagar, Hyderabad, India, is now occupied. This lot of pics gives a sense of the beautiful Lakeshore site. All 50 acres of it, the occasional cobra and Mongoose, were sighted during construction! Taking one back to Rikki tikki tavi… The Lakeshore House On The Beautiful Lake Osman Sagar, Hyderabad […]

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    Posted On March 09, 2023

    Minimalist House Design In The Lush Western Ghats Of North Kerala | 3dor Concepts

    ‘Live in the lap of nature’. Every human mind wishes for it. We, architects at 3dor concepts were shown a site literally in nature’s lap, in the foothills of lush Western Ghats in North Kerala. The site was also close to the popular hill station Wayanad. Based on the requirements given by our client, the […]

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    Posted On March 04, 2023

    A Blend Of Luxurious & Modern Interior Design With Lush Green Landscape Views | Ravi & Nupur Architects

    Inspired from the harmony of modern lifestyle essentials along with the impression of Colonial theme, this residence is created with a thought of a blend of luxurious & modern interior design with lush green landscape views. The layout attempts to dissolve boundaries between the indoor & outdoor spaces with effective means of transition space with […]

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    Posted On March 03, 2023

    The Residence Audaciously Uses Materials To Create A Modern – Contemporary Home | Pavitra And Associates

    Imbued with modern taste, including fluent lines, the residence audaciously uses materials to create a modern – contemporary home. Having assembled a thoughtful and colorful palette of material finishes. The brief from the client was to make a home which would be easy to maintain and yet have a WOW factor. The Residence Audaciously Uses […]

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