Luxuries Of City Life With The Beauty And Simplicity Of Traditional Indian Homes | edge74studio

A luxurious bungalow that combines the luxuries of city life with the beauty and simplicity of traditional Indian homes, Edge74studio has truly delivered a master-piece in design. Named “The Modern Paradox,” this design truly does justice to the name of the project. The bungalow designed with various awe inspiring elements such as an exposed brick[Read More]

Reliving the Roman Era with the Minimal Sophistication is this Residence in Vadodara | Shraddha Architects

Nested in Vadodara city this minimal 3bhk apartment was designed for a family who desired to have their interior be sophisticated with flexible spaces. This roman interior is an amalgamation of modern style with the simplicity of classic style, using clean and striking spaces that linger in our memory. Reliving the Roman Era with the[Read More]

Balance of Discipline and Creativity Reflects in this Modern Office Design | Noir Studio

Noir Studio, a designer’s office, narrates a new perspective of design practice and a balance of discipline and creativity which reflects in this modern office design. The finesse of this design language, visual palette reflecting truthfulness, meticulous details in furniture and graphical identity of the space and practice forms an interesting lyrical workspace. ~Yamini Vaswani[Read More]

Our Top Picks Interior Design Trends 2021 | Interior

The Interior of a place enhances its soul and becomes an extension of the user’s personality. Be it a Restaurant Interior you love or the comforts and warmth of a house, the interior of a place pours in the much-needed elixir evoking the emotion of awe and belongingness. Here are our 21 best designs of[Read More]

Residence Interiors in Mumbai Stirs a Fresh Approach to Contemporary Interior Design | HS Designs

The apartment is located in the crowded hub of Mumbai. The 1050sqft-3BHK was approached to craft a home with soothing narrative which is high on functionality. Inspired by Client’s deep love for simplicity and art, a cosy home with curated artwork and potted greens with a hint of contemporary interior design was designed. Throughout the[Read More]

6 Surefire Reasons to Choose Minimalist Approach for Interior Designing

Do you feel like you always have a lot on your plate and your life is messy? Your ideas and things never get organized, no matter how much you try? This can be due to unproductivity in your life and the clustered designs you live in. The way the space around you is structured in[Read More]

Placid Hues: A Tranquil Studio Space With Minimal Interiors | UA Lab

Placid Hues: A Tranquil Studio Space With Minimal Interiors | UA Lab Inspiration for the Design Our design approach is always focused on the basic questions of scale, proportions, character, spaciousness, daylight, ventilation, and climatic comfort in the built environment. These aspects inform our conceptual positions and guide our design process. We hold equal strength[Read More]

5 Quick Tips For Minimalist Interior Design Style

The Minimalist Interior Design Style concentrates on the principle of ‘less is more.’ It is ultimately defined by a sense of functionality and ultra-clean lines. This decorating style is said to be inspired by Japanese design. Having uncomplicated forms, clean lines and simple finishes are the core characteristics of this style like explore Furniture Vogue.[Read More]

Sherwoods 23 – Community Housing Luxe Villas | Uneven

Sherwoods 23 – Community Housing Luxe Villas | Uneven Community design projects come with their own set of requirements and conditions since it is meant to cater to a larger crowd. Sherwoods 23 is an exclusively designed community housing luxe villas for urbanites who still prefer staying in quaint surroundings. Located in one of the[Read More]

Aesthetically Soothing Apartment Interiors Invoking serenity | Magic Houz

Aesthetically Soothing Apartment Interiors Invoking Serenity | Magic Houz This project for Treeland is a phenomenal experience that exhibits a sense of walking through a forest with its subtle earthy tones that are aesthetically soothing and invoke serenity. To keep in touch with nature, we decided the ideal course was to go with a neutral[Read More]