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Sherwoods 23 – Community Housing Luxe Villas | Uneven

Community design projects come with their own set of requirements and conditions since it is meant to cater to a larger crowd. Sherwoods 23 is an exclusively designed community housing luxe villas for urbanites who still prefer staying in quaint surroundings. Located in one of the fast-developing areas of the city, this residential assembly has its kind design. To offer the residents a complete earthy ambiance, we took a call on using exposed brick as the prime material for the houses as well as the clubhouse. Thus, a simple palette of materials used straightforwardly elevates this community living, yet giving it a posh character.

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The layout is kept utmost practical of the 3-storey built mass. An interplay of materials and volumes is what these bungalows are designed of. The ground floor is where one gets adequate space in the outdoors before entering in. Two car parking space, a front garden, spill-over space on the side makes the front of each bungalow. Whereas the rear side consists of an outdoor kitchen, a store as well as a rear garden – a design that also fervently offers outdoor service spaces.

As one enters in, the transition space is formed by the foyer which can be separated by delicate furniture from the vast living room. Proceeding in, the dining, opening onto the outdoor deck, is connected to the kitchen. The long stretch of kitchen and dining also offers provision for a breakfast counter.

The ground floor also contains the parents’ room with an attached toilet, puja space, and a powder toilet. On the second floor is housed a common seating space between the two bedrooms. Each bedroom here has an attached toilet with a walk-in wardrobe space; along with a study table and additional seating space. The front bedroom gets a standing balcony, whereas the rare bedroom has a terrace area for allowing a private open space on this level. The grid is followed sectionally through all the floors which offer bedrooms of the same sizes.

The top floor consists of a spillover space, which can be used as a library area or can be used as an entertainment area. The master bedroom has ample space for a study table, a seating space, and storage along with an attached toilet along with a walk-in wardrobe. A large terrace planned on this level offers a high-class experience, sufficient enough for home gatherings.

The bungalows are designed with sloping roofs done in blue shingles, exposed brickwork, and French windows that make up the facades of these villas. The structural details for the sloping roof here are rather used as architectural elements; this in-turn reflects as a bold decision in the design industry. The landscape designed at the entrance permits a lush yet warm welcome to the abode.  

We received the most suitable request from the client, which was to design something where people could enjoy nature. Since we also believe in retaining existing trees, the landscape turned out to be as we imagined by designing around the existing. We were decided from the very first site visit that we must hold the existing giant mango tree in the premise. This became the guiding factor for creating an applied site layout. The clubhouse sits next to this beautiful tree and we designed landscape to enhance the overall experience. An exclusive and modern clubhouse with gym, pool, indoor play area, and garden space, is manifested for this residential association with charismatic greens.

Sherwoods 23 is nothing but a dream community to live in for all the urbanites wishing to live peacefully, not too far away from the hustles of city life.


Architects: Uneven

Client: Sachin Patel Associates

Project Name: Sherwoods23

Project Type: Community / Housing

Location: Vadodara

Site Area: 90,000 sqft

Built Up Area: 4,00,000 Sqft

Design Team: Shourya Patel & Dexter Fernandes

Year: January 2020

Cost: 15Cr.

Photo Credits: Darshan Dave

Text Credits: Shreya Shah



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