3Bhk Home In South Bombay Giving Soft Glow And Warmth | Twisha Thakker Design Studio

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3Bhk Home In South Bombay Giving Soft Glow And Warmth | Twisha Thakker Design Studio

This 1300sqft 3bhk home set in South Bombay overlooks the beautiful sea. The homeowners wanted their space to be evergreen and with a soft and warm ambiance, they are able to enjoy for a long period of time. The family is artistically inclined and hence you will see a lot of artwork in the form of canvas paintings, Tanjore paintings, and wood carving panels that are framed and sit proudly on walls around the home. Rich brocade and ikat fabrics are used as furnishings around the house.

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The entire home is enveloped in matt polished teak veneer and has natural teak wood features. Complementary to this an off white Italian marble is laid as the flooring. All the bathrooms have tiling in room-specific preference and are decorated with the client’s personal curios that they have collected over time.

As we enter the home, you see a nameplate with brass plating and wooden Patti detail along with a full-height teak veneer door that suggests the personality of the owner. Further, the foyer has gold leafing on the ceiling with cove lighting giving a subtle hue to space. The crystal chandelier also provides a soft glow to the ceiling. We also hung a 5′-0″ diameter Tanjore painting on the foyer wall so that would be the first thing you see once you enter the home. It immediately sets the mood for the entire home decor and a feel of the warm and happy people living there.

The Living room has enough seating for them to entertain their guests and enjoy the space themselves. It houses a beautiful teak veneer library near the window which allows the clients to display their curios from their travels along with some fabulous reads. We got our center table customized with the Tranceforme store located in Lower Parel and these comfy Glenn lounge chairs from Tianu in a vibrant Ikkat fabric. The dining table and chairs were also customized with Tranceforme as they were able to understand and translate the design style that we at TTDS had proposed to achieve.

The master bedroom has a chocolate brown herringbone wooden flooring from Square Foot and an interesting glass backswing. This room has a walk-in wardrobe that leads up to the master bathroom in all white. The chest of the drawer opposite the swing has a detail of handles finished in leather giving it a rich look. The same handle detail also continues in the walk-in wardrobe area.

The natural light in the room and the lovely trees around the windows provide a soft glow and freshness to the room. Moving along the house, even the passages have a calming effect on the mood and we arrive at the daughter’s bedroom.

This bedroom is shared by a mother-daughter duo so it had to incorporate both their likings. The mother is an artist herself so it was a great idea to display her own work around the house, especially in this room. There are a massive bed and headboard in this room for both of them to relax after a long day. The room has a corner window that overlooks the beautiful trees of Malabar hill. This window is detailed in a wooden frame and a fixed glass in the center.

The mother wanted a space for her to unwind, so we bought the perfect piece of furniture to enhance this corner window. It is a Reiki lounge chair from Tianu in bright pink brocade fabric that flatters the artist in her. There is a study table in this room for the granddaughter of the house. We incorporated canvas paintings in the overhead storage doors. These paintings add a personal touch as they were made by her artist mother.

The Guest bedroom houses a queen bed and a leatherette upholstered headboard. Above this sits a frame of gorgeous wooden carving clad on raw silk fabric. The design concept around the entire home is a Transitional style that leans a bit more towards Indian Design influences. It inspires the use of colors and fabric that are true to the design style. Vibrant yet subtle ikkats, brocades, and silks in cushions are used around the house. The use of natural materials makes space timeless.


Firm: Twisha Thakker Design Studio

Site Area: 1300 sqft

Year: 2019

Lead Designer: Twisha Thakker

Location: South Mumbai

Stylist: Twisha & Shuchi Thakker

Photographer: Anuja Kambli


I am Twisha Thakker, founder and principal interior designer for TTDS established in 2019 as an independent design studio. It is an end-to-end design studio offering bespoke solutions to space. Twisha strives to create spaces that are aesthetic, beautiful, functional, and appeal to the client’s liking. She believes that design is not only visual but it should make you feel happy and good as soon as you walk into space. Twisha has been in the field of interior design for 11 years working with some fabulous design firms. Besides interior design, she is a travel enthusiast & a foodie, and a pet parent to her darling cat Vincent.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/t.t.d.s._/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Twisha.TTDS

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