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The Interior of a place enhances its soul and becomes an extension of the user’s personality. Be it a Restaurant Interior you love or the comforts and warmth of a house, the interior of a place pours in the much-needed elixir evoking the emotion of awe and belongingness. Here are our 21 best designs of interior design trends 2021 in the category of Interiors. Each design speaks volumes of its uniqueness and elemental language.

Tejal Mathur Design – Trilegal

The site for the law firm Trilegal was interestingly located in the heritage Kala Ghoda precinct-also due to the proximity of the High Court. Considering that, we drew inspiration from the ambassador car lined Horniman Circle of the late seventies. An era when the area was largely pedestrian and spaciously parked cars hardly covered the beauty of the buildings in the roundabout.

Projects 3.14 – CP House

Effortless blend of the earthy material palette and contemporary aesthetics define a lifestyle of elegance and subtle luxury. An assortment of textures of stone, abstract patterns on upholstery, brushed brass finish, natural wood grains on furniture and lime plastered wall finish in the living area with delectable plants, features an abode, tastefully done. The dramatic, cavernous entry is a prelude to this residence of elegant sophistication. The essence of mindful composition is hence, a prerequisite for a soulful space. ~Yamini Vaswani

Sync Design Studio – Kanishk Mehta Store

Conscious association of elements of maximalism with contextual design needs, justifies the dark, moody and playful interiors of this retail store for Kanishk Mehta. The bling and splendor coincides with the function oriented design elements like the display units and specially crafted hangers on the center rail, suspended from the ceiling. Dabbed with pretend signature columns stages a dramatic branding strategy. Mindful composition like this makes the consumer experience a class apart, imitating the brand’s principles. ~Yamini Vaswani

Quirk Studio – The Expand Loft

The Expand Loft is characterised as open office space of 2,400 sq ft, situated in Mumbai, designed for a corporate event management company. The design brief was to create a fun and vibrant environment for its employees while facilitating a natural flow of movement, encouraging interaction, and promoting collaboration.

Studio unTAG – A Tropical Paradise

Conceptualized as an extension to an existing residential apartment in Ahmedabad, this next-door 1800 sq.ft. the spacious apartment encompasses an entertainment-cum workspace with a lavish home lounge, a home office and two guest bedrooms. 

The Concept Lab – Penthouse By The River

A 5,000 square-foot penthouse on the 11th floor of a sky-rise had a lot going for IT space, and on an enviably edited panorama of the river-side, on puffy white clouds, clear blue sky, and the green tops of verdant trees. In a house hanging in the clouds with french windows on every side space, in its absolute abundance became a defining factor. And it began with pairing down the six-bedroom to four-bedroom for this family of three.

Studio Imagine – 24K

This 4bhk apartment emphasizes the optimization of details. Subtly used colors harmonized with light and the use of wood in furniture also accentuates their presence. The apartment is enriched with bespoke elements. We will go through different rooms of the apartment starting from the foyer, after that living room with dining beside it, overlooking from pooja room and all the bedrooms. The warm and welcoming effect of the foyer is created by the veneer finished panel and foyer console having brass-finished artistic support.

MuseLAB – Collins Experience Center

Exhibiting the brand identity of the luxury modular kitchen and wardrobe in this experience center is anything but conventional. Right through the entrance, while your eyes are exploring along the curves and arches, they begin a dialogue with two different samples of the modular kitchen through a capsule-like opening leaving you with a desire to explore further. While the monochromatic, iconographic illustration of ladles directs you to the gallery space, it disguises as a backsplash for one of the kitchen ensembles. This combination and composition become a medium for a sensory experience of a prospective client. ~Yamini Vaswani

Maze Concept – Suzy Q

Sipping your favorite beverages and grooving to the DJ, surrounded by the grandeur of Roman architecture brings a spirit of camaraderie among locals and design lovers, alike. The faux-stained lime plaster arches make for a stupendous entry and an immersive experience for two-seater diners under the camouflaged chandeliers with warmly lit wall sconces. With checkered flooring and monochromatic booth seating, the rococo-legged table and upholstered chairs too, share the aesthetic consistency. With such an experiential approach, one is sure to remember this affair as anything but ordinary. ~Yamini Vaswani

Komal Sachdev Designer+Planner & INC Design Studio – The Frontier Post

“A perfectly presented Cuisine with appropriate garnishing which can tickle your taste buds just the right amount and leave you astonished with every bite is all a foodie needs. This entire experience is captured and given life through this Restaurant Interior designed and executed by Komal Sachdev Designer + Planners and Inc Design Studio. Mixing the Awadhi and Afghani design language carefully, the outcome plays with your perception of the place. Given utmost attention to each detail from the fabric of the furniture to the color of the walls, everything in this Project is appetising and to the T.” ~ Radha Hirpara (Editor)

The Crossboundaries – Keystone Skyvillas

A show-flat could possibly become an interior designer’s dream project! Elements, spaces, materials can be used in the most thrilling and attractive ways, to showcase an aspirational lifestyle, sans constraints and conditions. The Crossboundaries studio has put together an exciting new show-flat at Keystone Skyvillas in Vadodara, which truly exhibits the many ways in which the apartment can become a home. The 4BHK apartment is a 2900 sq.ft opportunity to explore and showcase different moods, materials, and memorable moments. Driven by this impetus, The Crossboundaries created glamorous and memorable spaces, in whites, greys, and warm browns, for visitors to view and relate to. 

IDC Designs – Le-Jardin

The idea was inherent luxury and elegance in design without being loud and lends a sense of uniqueness to each space. Different materials on wall surfaces and light experimentation as standalone design features were used to define each space, giving each space its own individual unique character.

Envisage – Anubhuti

Often when individuals see the contemporary homes of today, homeowners are mesmerized by the aesthetic, functional designs of the residence, and the latest trends. Yet there is an inkling that something that isn’t whole. Designers and their clientele often glance over the importance of staying grounded and being touch with one’s roots. Traditional methods, materials, and design elements are often ignored to achieve a modern look.  However, Anubhuti, a residence designed by Envisage, takes the traditional designs, elements, textures and augments them in a modern residence for a South Indian family. The brief of this residence was to design a residence for a family of Kerala Iyers, and to create a space that would be a place of fun, comfort and most of all, had the essence of South India.

Neeta Kumar – Inhabit Store

The store follows designer Neeta Kumar’s signature style of classic values woven into contemporary mores with a sprinkling of design influences from around the world to evoke a quaintly grand vibe. Carved wooden pillars, colorful carved life-sized candle stands, intricate iron screens, cane screens with arched tops, embellished walls, ornate floor lamps, all create a charming otherworldly environment.  

Hundred Designs – An Ethnic Abode

The paintings, the furniture, the artifacts, the whole mood and feel of the space were created keeping the fact that the design has to be very true to the roots of the client. The client belonged to a very traditional Rajasthani family. The”pahad art’‘ adorns the living room wall along with upcycled jharokhas. Which is the main highlight of the design.

Loop Design Studio – Tulum

Tulum is an experimental paradox in the brutalist context of Chandigarh. It is a rooftop restaurant that offers panoramic views of the city skyline. Drawing its inspiration from the Mexican getaway destination by the same name, Tulum is curated as a superfluous, green, and vernacular oasis.

Jihan Associates – Swastik 

Originally belonging to Jaipur, Rajasthan, and shifted to Vadodara long back, Yogesh Katta and  his family was habituated with living in traditional homes adorned with antique furniture. When the requirement to build a new home arose, his family was sure about one thing. They wanted change. Also the client wanted to have a building which accommodates their workplace as well  as residence. So when they approached us for this job, we gladly took the project and indulged  ourselves in the process of accomplishing the task at hand. 

Beyond Spaces Design Studio – The Canvas Home  

The project’s demeanor is rooted in its inherent penchant for tangible and expressive design; one that creates the perfect milieu for the inhabitant family. Sprawling over an area of 2,400 sq ft, this 4-BHK residence was painstakingly pieced together over a course of 2 years.

42mm Architecture – Prarthana Residence

The design journey began with the client’s brief that emphasized grandeur to be the representation of his house. He intended his residence to be an experience of augustness in its entirety. Designed as a spectacle for the spectators, Prarthana Residence is an embodiment of luxury in the French classical style. An ensemble of extravagance, this residence, is perfection in pronounced classicism. Opulent in all the multiple layers of its existence, this residence is no less than a rich collection of luxurious spaces put together where they belong. Although designed for a small family, it has large spaces that demand attention from the user, large in their scale, dimension, and experience. Every corner of the house is designed to speak for itself. Huge common spaces characterize the enormity of the scale leading to vestibules that introduce the user to large habitable spaces.

Ace Associates – Narayan Exotica

A Luxuriously designed home that enhances comfort, elegance, and functionality with custom touches. The residence incorporates rich use of color with a contemporary design style. The material palette, color schemes, textured walls and ceiling along with sensitively placed artifacts bring the spaces to life quite uniquely. 

Alter Architects – EMERALD ELITE

The artistic wall alcove is created with a foreground grooved veneer chest with a sea-green backdrop and beautiful art pieces to create whimsical outdoor illusions.

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