Abhyudaya-Villa in Ahmedabad | KNS Architects

Abhyudaya-Villa in Ahmedabad | KNS Architects Context: In an urban zone with other villas abutting the Site; the plot was a barren piece of land with no immediate views. Concept: The Concept was to create an ‘Urban Oasis’ within this dry & arid piece of land with internal view sheds. Description: Clean lines and angled geometry[Read More]

Panchgani Villa | HS Desiigns

Panchgani Villa | HS Desiigns HS Desiigns work is focused on being design and content driven. The client, was an old acquaintance and the project was commissioned owing to the firm’s positive word of mouth publicity. The Brief: The client was clear about his requirements and didn’t change his mind about anything throughout the process.[Read More]

Succinct And Simple Bungalow Design Of Vadodara | Studio Yamini

Succinct And Simple Bungalow Design Of Vadodara | Studio Yamini The project involved creating a home for a family of three, on a corner plot within a society of private villas in Vadodara. Being a corner plot, resulted in a little extra space that had to be used differently. The brief was succinct and simple:[Read More]

Concrete Abode | Evolve Interiors and Exteriors Solutions

Concrete Abode | Evolve Interiors and Exteriors Solutions   Beginning from the entrance of the Villa, the G+2 structure is designed using a Concrete Finish. Nestled amongst the hills and the valleys, the concrete facade is a distinctive stand out amidst the allied villaments. What once was known to be an Industrial use material has[Read More]

Villas are Rooted to a Central-Courtyard or the ‘Living Pavilion’ | Ankit Prabhudessai

Villas are Rooted to a Central-Courtyard or the ‘Living Pavilion’ | Ankit Prabhudessai Text description provided by the architects. We envisaged creating architecture that breathes and one that embodies the same characteristics as that of a tree in nature to architecture through this group housing project. Goa has had a deep global influence of more than[Read More]

सारांश– Nitin Varsha House | URBSCAPES

Saraansh – Nitin Varsha House | URBSCAPES House is a summary of one’s beliefs and values. So is Nitin Varsha House. Situated in the eastern part of Ahmedabad, the house sits on a square plot with two shared walls, allowing views to the corner opening. With road on two sides, the house open ups to[Read More]

PARADISO, A Suburban Paradise | TAO Architecture

PARADISO, A Suburban Paradise | TAO Architecture A 2-acre plot in a mushrooming residential suburb of Pune posed a unique challenge for its owners; that of ensuring for their home, visual privacy from the towering high rise apartments in the neighbourhood.     Built for a joint family spanning three generations, Paradiso not only successfully protects[Read More]

H-Cube House | Studio Lagom
Cube House Livingroom

H-Cube House | Studio Lagom The H-Cube House in Surat strikes a contemporary and modern note in a nondescript urban milieu. Bagged with the help of positive word of mouth, this assignment came almost immediately on the heels of a larger villa project that was more than 10 times the scale of the present project.[Read More]

Hoysala Village resort | MALNAD PALACE | JJ Associates
Hoysala Village resort | MALNAD PALACE

Hoysala Village resort | MALNAD PALACE | JJ Associates MALNAD PALACE: First look at this place gives one a surprising and curious idea of what would be experienced inside, whereas the interior space throws you a different experience altogether. Architecture & Style A vernacular style of architecture with the use of locally available materials exposed[Read More]

Contemporary-Modern Home | SDeG

From the architect. Contemporary-Modern Home | SDeG is located uphill in a quiet residential neighbourhood in Visakhapatnam. The owners wanted a home with clearly delineated private spaces for the family, and a separate block to host guests and events. Contemporary-Modern Home building is therefore conceived as two programmed volumes held together by a bridge-corridor, landscaped courts, and[Read More]