Felicitas: A Luxurious Villa In Goa Embracing Nature | Design Studio

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Felicitas: A Luxurious Villa In Goa Embracing Nature | Design Studio

A Bird’s eye view

Walking around this beautiful hill of a site, the first thing that caught our fancy were the enchanting vistas. We wondered why, with such a beautiful view on the outside, would one even bother with a design that would draw attention away to the insides.

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There on, took root the idea of an integrated design that would seamlessly assimilate the indoors to the outdoors. The end product of this idea was a breathtaking villa that brings you closer to nature as it nestles comfortably in its natural habitat.

The Brief.

The client didn’t want the space to feel like it belonged to any particular longitude or latitude. He wanted a timeless space that transcended any notion of the where on the globe it was positioned. He wanted a nook where he could lose himself, a little world of his own to escape to rejuvenate.  Fortuitously, that was pretty much the direction we had also wanted to take after the first visit to this hillock.

The drama of it all.

The very first of our vision was to create a home that was connected through out. We didn’t want a theme based implementation and hence we decided to use a single water body to connect every area of the house. Today, the house has its very own  flowing stream of water that originates at the very top of the bar area and passes through a stainless steel art installation into a central large body with a sunken seating at the mid level. This flow then further continues down a dramatic stone staircase and terminates ultimately in a pool that flows over the infinity edge. The soft guzzling of water through out the house enhances the feel of being at the heart of nature.

The View.

To make the most of the existing view we focused out energies on building a structure with minimal visual blockades. We wanted every corner of the house to have a private uninterrupted view and space to call its own. A lot of attention was paid to ensure that the house blends into the existing terrain while not getting lost in it. The striking sloping roofs flow with the topography of the land without standing out starkly.

The Vibe.

All the walls, internally and externally, were clad with carefully selected stones, tiles and engineered wood to give the space an unparalleled feeling of earthiness. It also perfectly met our client’s first brief of the holiday home being a space for him to forget about his worries while not worrying about cleaning all day. The minimalistic interiors are studded with spurts of luxury, be it the wall finishes, the fabrics or all the amenities of a modern day boutique space.

The Elements.

Even though the villa is set almost in the middle of a jungle, this feeling of indoor and outdoor spaces melting into each other could only be brought in with the introduction of a lush landscape and tiny and interesting nooks and corners created as surprise elements specifically for the inhabitants of this villa to enjoy. Each element was carefully selected to create a home that exuded warmth.


Firm: Design Studio

Name: Felicitas 

City: Goa 

Spread over: 3.5 acres 

Principal Designer: Ameet Mirpuri

Architecture: Jithain Hathiramani

Built up area: 25,000 square feet 

Photographer: Raveen Garikipati    

Website: http://ameetmirpuri.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ameet.mirpuri

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ameetmirpuri/

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