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Contemporary Villa Interiors Exude Luxury | NZ Associates

The villa standout with its interiors while being Vastu compliant. The contemporary interiors exude luxury while still showcasing comfort in each corner.

The villa is present as a part of row houses situated in a huge residential township. Since all the villas in the township needed to have a similar façade, we couldn’t play much with the Architectural design. But with full creative liberty from our clients, we made it a point to make the villa standout with its interiors, while being Vastu compliant. The contemporary interiors exude luxury while still showcasing comfort in each corner. A combination of metal, marble, and leather in solid colors has been used throughout the house to give it a simple yet tasteful vibe.

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The Entrance:-

On entering the villa, the first impression that you get is of grandeur and space. Right across the main entrance door are the floating stairs, running from the ground to the second floor. The builder had originally provided an RCC staircase, without any opening for windows. The team at NZ associates decided to redo the staircase entirely, making it a C-shaped staircase with floating steps for better visual connectivity. The wall behind the staircase was also cut out to make colossal windows spanning across the two floors. This allowed sunlight into the house, thus naturally lighting up the entire common area.

Owing to the hot weather in Nagpur, we had to install ducts on to this wall to keep the temperature of the common area controlled. Focusing on the detailing, we suggested to marble paint the duct vents so as to merge with the marble walls on which it was mounted.

The Living Room:

This area was designed in a color scheme of blue, brown and taupe. One of the walls was finished with walnut veneer with brass fillings to give the room an earthy touch. A huge bookshelf was built as per the client’s requirement, with cutouts to place artifacts. The sliding glass door on one side allowed partial visibility to the main door while maintaining the privacy of the living room. The other wall had glass windows overlooking and giving access to the front gardens.

The Den Bedroom:

The Mandir:

The ground floor also has the Puja room, with sliding folding doors that have fabric sandwiched between the glasses. The back has been designed with gold leafing detail and onyx on a back-lit marble.

Master Bedroom:

This room has been done in shades of olive green, rust, and grey keeping in mind the aesthetics of the house. The rust ottoman helps break the monotony in the room. The bed back in leather and wood paneling has been designed and placed in a way to give a floating effect.

Daughter’s Room:  

We tried to incorporate a different concept in this room. The floating bed, with marble side panels, is placed in the center of the room and is supported only on glass. The wardrobes have been designed as the bed back panel, and the handles have been concealed in the bed back itself. This gives the room a sense of larger and cleaner spaces.

Son’s Bedroom:

A blue leather husk bed with grey interiors to keep the room vibrant yet classy. The bed back was intricately designed with leather finish Statuario marble, cut and aligned so as to keep the grains intact. The veneer with brass fillings was placed at an angle of 45 degrees to accentuate the room’s aesthetics.

Guest Bedroom:

Fact File:

Firm: NZ Associates

Location: Godrej Anandam, Nagpur, India

Firm: NZ Associates

Principal Designers: Naval Zamwar, Yash Jhawar, Parth Jhawar

Design Team: Shivani Yadav, Prachi Khandelwal

Project Size: 4750 sqft

Project Completion: Oct’ 2019

Photographer: PHX India

Text Credit: Abhilasha Jha

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Nz associates


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