• Opulence of a Star Hotel and Bespoke Ambience of a Home, This Villa offers the Best of Both Worlds | White Shadows Design Studio

    This villa in Embassy Boulevard for a family of six had a plot area of 7700 sq. ft. The client’s requirement was an elegant looking, contemporary villa. The ambience achieved is contemporary, and at the same time, reflects a calm and positive vibe. Clutter free, with minimalist furniture, this villa offers the best of both worlds- the sophisticated opulence of a star hotel and the personal touch and bespoke ambience of a home.

    Opulence of a Star Hotel and Bespoke Ambience of a Home, This Villa offers the Best of Both Worlds | White Shadows Design Studio

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    Hand-picked, exquisite Italian furniture gives the house a rich and elegant feel. The pastel colours on the walls act as the perfect backdrop for the bright coloured elements. The finest of light fixtures were selected to provide the desired light intensity and quality while adding to the aesthetics of the spaces. Splashes of meticulously chosen intense colours act as highlights against the otherwise neutral palette and set the colour schemes for the various spaces in the villa. Potted plants and flowers placed at strategic points add to the liveliness of the spaces. 

    The curtains, carpets and bed linen have been aptly customized to match the colour scheme of each space, which has been pivotal in achieving a stimulating ambience throughout the villa. The rich coloured curtains add a pop of colour, while the customized sheers add to the exclusiveness of the ambience. The bright, colourful paintings that adorn the walls add to the liveliness of the spaces. 

    Bright orange and electric green single seater sofas contrast with the stark white sofa sets in the living & family space. The pastel green colour scheme and floral sheers lend the parents` bedroom a soothing vibe. The classical contemporary side table lamps, along with the subtle hints of gold scattered around give a sense of mature elegance to the space. 

    The younger daughter`s bedroom was designed not only considering her age, but also taking into account the scheme of the rest of the house. The floral embroidery on the sheers provides a subtle femininity to the room.

    The elder daughter`s bedroom has been designed in a very simple but elegant fashion, with nude and beige tones, chic furniture and elegant light fixtures, reflecting the elder daughter`s nature.

    The master bedroom was treated with opulence and extravagance. Customized black curtains with a golden patchwork add to the ornateness. A black and white striped chaise-lounge is a striking piece against the backdrop of black curtains. Deep-plum coloured orchids and throw-cushions add a burst of colour to the room. Overall, the villa is an extraordinary blend of homeliness and sophistication. Classy, yet warm & welcoming, this villa is a reflection of its owner’s personality.


    Designed by: White Shadows Design Studio

    Project Type : Residential Villa Interiors

    Project Name : Cedar Villa

    Location : Embassy Boulevard, Yelahanka, Bangalore

    Year Built : 2018

    Duration of project : 1 year

    Plot Area : 7700 sq.ft

    Built up : 6000 sq.ft

    Project Size: 6000 sq.ft

    Project Cost Appx : 2 CR.

    Principal Designer : Ar. Siddharth Ramesh, Ar. Anupama Siddharth

    Team Design Credits : Ejas Ahmed

    Photography Courtesy : Anand Photographer

    Products and Materials : Doors and Partitions : Farwood | Furniture- Poliform wardrobes | Flooring- Fcml | Kitchen- Valcucine | Paint- Asian paints | Artefacts- Oma UB city

    Consultants for the Project : Acoustics Consultants- Babler | Contractors- Farwood

    Basic Insights of the firm and the project :

    Q.  Please share with us challenges faced by you during the process of design ideation till execution of the project. We are sure there might be many and you would have overcome it successfully. 

    A. The main challenge we faced in this project was in obtaining most of the furniture from outside the country. The villa was already constructed beautifully, with plenty of emphasis given to natural lighting. We didn’t want to negate the effect of the ample natural light and therefore selected furniture in shades of beiges and white, to add to the lightness of the spaces. Giving the villa a warm and homely vibe, in spite of the opulent elements was another important criterion for us. We overcame this by bringing in splashes of bright and warm colours, potted plants and wooden finishes. The vibrant paintings adorning the walls contribute by adding a punch of liveliness to the spaces.

    Q. What is that one design element in the entire space which has your heart.

    A. Customizing and matching the curtains, sheers, carpets and bed linen, to the extent of matching the patterns, is something that made this project different from any other for us. The colourful paintings adorning the walls also added a special warmth to the spaces.

    Drawings :

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