Prince Villa, An Exquisitely Beautiful Farmhouse | Vinay Interiors

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Prince Villa, An Exquisitely Beautiful Farmhouse | Vinay Interiors

The farmhouse project has been designed keeping in mind the Client’s requirements of a place away from the city din, which is cozy, warm and gives the feeling of residing in the farm as the site is surrounded by fields. Opening of the main door designed such way to connect Garden area & Living space together with Gazebo space, hence the house opens up to the garden and is welcoming.

Tiny sleeper wood Premise Entrance with small fountains gives special Welcoming effect and one can meditate or sip a coffee near the flowing water fountain.

While entering the house there is a flower bed on one side and gazebo connected with living room on the other side. Besides flower bed, there lies a lawn to give a cool breeze inside the adobe and refreshing space outside. Champa tree in the middle of flower bed acts as a cherry on the cake. Outdoor wooden furniture compliments the patio enhancing its aesthetics. The minimalistic design of square gazebo with tiles on the roof serves as a laid back relaxation spot to the members of the house. While seating in the gazebo and enjoying nature and flower bed can soothe one’s soul with enchanting nature.

Every room or window responds to the surrounding environment and resonates the user experience towards betterhood. The lush green views demarcate the value of environment for its designer as well as the user. Thoughtful extension of views from outside is blended well with interiors to reflect it inside and blend the outdoor greens with inside spaces.

Patterns and colors of flooring in the living room is reflected on a wall with enhanced aesthetic and crafted design. Similarly, furniture is complemented by a false ceiling with a similar color. Miniatures of humans climbing a wall in wall lamp enhances the appearance of the wall and it creates drama in the space. An l-shaped wooden sofa is complemented by grey cushions and tripod leg stylish pedestal fan. Warm lights are used to create extra warmth in the spaces. Hanging lamps and wall lamps acts as a piece of art in the space.

Sleeper wood walls and ceiling, floor from Golden Kotta & Kaddappah with Leather Finish, Brick wall, slate wall & Texture paint with light earthy shades are used to give Raw feel and connecting oneself with Nature.

Utilized maximum natural ambient by providing the skylights in shower areas and fenestrations everywhere to connect the inside to the outside without letting the harsh light enter inside.

Bar furniture is designed keeping in mind the usage of spaces. Shades of wood are selected to give extra warmth in the space. Specially designed furniture like storage(shaped in the bottle), bar chairs, and bar counter give space eclectic look. Designer especially took care of the lighting Elements in Bar Counter & Other areas to add up warmth to the spaces.

Hanging wooden planks gives the effect of floating false ceiling in the space creating it more enchanting and divine. The amalgamation of various materials such as varieties of wood, stones, glass, etc is seen with clear distinguished boundaries. Wall lamp placed off-center marks the importance of railing as an element in the space. In the carrom room, serene environment is created by earthy materials, colors, textures, etc. With minimalistic carrom table and mid-century wooden chair designs complemented with simple false ceiling, wooden flooring and fenestration in all sides an ambiance is created to connect users with space. Though it is closed room one gets a view of lush green all day long.

In bedroom 1, the bed is placed next to a full height window so one can enjoy nature’s view even from bed. The color theme of this room is earthy shades like Brick red, wooden brown shades, off-white, cream, etc. A clear line of wardrobe and dressing aligned with false ceiling and wall demarcates the bold decisions designers took while designing this room.T.V. unit is placed slightly in the cross so that there is no hindrance in the view from the window.

In bedroom 2, there is a segregation of the chess area in the bedroom. The flooring of the chess area is raised for clear segregation of spaces. In the raised box there is a window on one side to enjoy the view while playing and wood on four sides (including floor and ceiling). Here the light reflected from the wall lamp has the same shape and characteristics that of finely crafted furniture in this area. Prince villa is a perfect example to live an extravagant lifestyle in a farmhouse away from the city.


Design firm: Vinay Interiors
plot size: 400 Sq yards
built up : 1600 sq.ft
The client: NRI based in Chicago.
Project Photography: Ar.Prachi Khasgiwala


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