Earthy And Timeless House design | SS Design Studio

Earthy And Timeless House design | SS Design Studio Home to a designer duo, the spatial design was a radical move to transform the lifestyle and to feature materials that are earthy In nature and timeless in quality. The 2000 sqft house is a testament of “house is a machine for living” with the latest tech[Read More]

Minimalism meets vernacular | Design Experiment

Minimalism Meets Vernacular | Design Experiment After his retirement, Mr and Mrs Jayasimha Reddy wanted to settle down in the city, bringing them closer to their extended family, most of whom have settled down in Hyderabad and have established businesses. Hailing from Kurnool district, and growing up around there, the clients share an affinity towards[Read More]

‘The Central Core’ House -flyYingseeds design studios

‘The Central Core’ House –flyYingseeds design studios` The house was presented like a blank canvas which led us to follow our first idea that popped up on our very first site visit, thereby becoming the brief itself. The “Existing structure and the new inserts”, to expand the dimensions of the spaces exponentially by bringing in[Read More]