Rajasthani Style Interior Emphasizing The Traditional Language | Hundred Designs

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Rajasthani Style Interior Emphasizing The Traditional Language | Hundred Designs

The paintings, the furniture, the artifacts, the whole mood and feel of the space were created keeping the fact that the design has to be very true to the roots of the client. The client belonged to a very traditional Rajasthani family. The”pahad art’‘ adorns the living room wall along with upcycled jharokhas. Which is the main highlight of the design.

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The living furniture bought out of the local store from the city and has been upcycled to match the decor other highlighting features such as the use of tiles in the ceiling, the use of fabric in the wardrobe shutters add a contemporary touch to this otherwise traditional design the decor is kept subtle by emphasizing and colour application was done to certain walls for adding warmth.

The very requirement of the client  for the children’s room was that it should have a very vibrant vibe yet having a traditional touch intact with it. Thus keeping the requirement in priority the colours were chosen as vibrant as required and the furniture of the room had a semi-traditional touch the concept of traditional indian deck seating was applied here the bed and the study beautifully compliments each-other while fulfilling its requirements the use of fabrics and jharokhas were well amalgamated which gives a sort of quirky feel to the space.

The master bedroom is one of the highlighting spaces of this apartment. It emphasizes the use of geometric spaces, colours and material. The beautiful play of wood with the colourful fabric and white textured walls defines the perfect balance of the room. The challenge here was to create a blend of tradition and contemporary. The design of the bed had niches that acted as book storage. The fabric seating overlooking the greens makes for a perfect space to sip a cup of coffee in a comfortable setup of the room. We have squeezed in the dressing and wardrobe by creating a partition that also acted as a dressing unit.

The parents room was made using upcycling the existing old furniture of the client. Which perfectly fits into the design making them completely feel at home”, reviving the feel of their ancestral home which gives a royal vibe with in a cosy space.

We have always loved to design our furniture, all the elements of the master bedroom and the main door are an example. Still striking a balance between contemporary, traditional, and creating a harmonious ambience.

The basic material palette also reflected the roots of Rajasthan: the coloured glass, the carved wood panels, the fabric all added value to space. The best part about the project was that the client approached us with a clear picture in their minds about what they wanted, hence there was a strong need to have a house with an affinity towards traditional couple with contemporary styling, the humanistic desire to be culturally connected to one’s surrounding is reflected in the harmonious design, a typology which can be identified with a specific region.


Design By: Hundred Designs

Project Name: An Ethic Abode

Project Type: 3BHK Apartment Interior

Location: Surat,Gujarat

Area: 1220 sq. ft

Year: 2018

Principal Designers: Ar.Abhishek & Mallika Dhabuwala

Art Work: Numan Rawal

Photograph By: Prachi Khasgiwala

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hundreddesigns_architects/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hundreddesigns

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