A Warm And Comfy Designer’s Workspace | Crazy Design Studio

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A Warm And Comfy Designer’s Workspace | Crazy Design Studio

A designer’s own workspace is always one of his most special projects. Apart from a curation center, it also becomes the face of the firm’s ethics and individuality that sets them apart from the rest. A welcome space, the staff working area, and the principal’s cabin (apart from the service areas) come together to give an enhanced functional output to this studio area of 395 sq. ft. The entrance façade is cladded with terracotta tiles setting forth the right earthy mood for the visitors.

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The interiors are of voguish designs with a modernized concept weaved with traditional styling. With minimal intervention, a superlative experience gets infused into the waiting area with its natural wood and warm lightings.  The traditional tailor-made furnishing elements speak for themselves by perfectly adhering to this cuboidal homey void. Bling of brightness and colour here is added by the towering wall painting breaking the monotony of this warmly lit snug space. The movables include the traditional tea-poi and a customized lounge adding a sense of comfort in here.

The waiting area diversifies itself to become the staff working space. A glass partition separates these spaces making it appear more spacious- visually and functionally. Although, a wooden highlighter band plays its dual role in partitioning as well as a dimensional character to space. It is a customized detail done by overlapping the floral patterns of the titanium finished SS plates to seamlessly fit into the wooden cut-outs. This highlighter band extends along the ceiling to craftily articulate the surfaces. Yes indeed, the perfect outcome is always worth the efforts!

There is a cozy warm space for the team members to have a comfortable work environment. It is again minimal with natural wooden furnishings and appropriate functionality for an adequate indulgence in the firm. A vibrant green fabric is added as a soft board with the fabric being reused- bringing down the cost. A great amount of attention is given to the detailing and finishing across the spaces. Wooden handles are affixed on the glass doors to stay aboard with the concept of modern and traditional.

Wooden flooring spreads across this commercial space. An opening from the waiting area entertains one to the principal designer’s cabin via a wall frame laded passage. The glass partition here permits transparency while adding a sense of openness to it. Again, with minimal bearings and warm lighting, it efficiently portrays the ethos that this domain wanted to convey.

The cynosure of attention in the main cabin is the contrasting play of vibrant orange and settled grey for the rear display unit. This display gets flushed into the wall leaving behind a neat and subtle wall. The ceiling is left plain allowing only a wooden surface and lighting fixtures to do all the talking. The signature cross-groove pattern from the staff working area gets repeated here as well for the furnishings and the ceiling.

The wooden work table here centralizes the space denoting its aristocracy with the hanging light from the ceiling. Perfect and unique wooden chairs conquer the setting emitting those comforting and restful vibes. To add to the functionality, a simple yet welcoming lounge attains its place against the wall. This co-working space has nothing but heartily created spaces for the users to truly own it. Thus, it transmits the importance of the right work environment for an enhanced output- irrespective of the spread of the space! 


Firm: Crazy Design Studio

Project Name: Own Studio

Location: Pune

Completion Year: 21 Feb 2020

Gross Built Area: 513.5 Sqft

Lead Architects: – Satish N Padekar 

project budget: 6.5 Lacs

Photo credits: Dhananjay Dhopate 

Text Credit: Megha Hirani

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheCDSinteriors

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crazydesignstudio2/

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