Fashion Boutique Crafted Out Of Recycled Materials | Manoj Patel Design Studio

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Fashion Boutique Crafted Out Of Recycled Materials | Manoj Patel Design Studio

Creating novel outcomes from the existing forms promotes, reusing of traditional and scrap materials transforms the monotonous boutique into elements of visual connectivity through compositions.

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The fashion boutique is the finest women’s wear retail studio in Vadodara; Gujarat, India which enhances crafted elements exhibiting interiors to bring a contemporary experience throughout highlighting a unique experience for the clients. The layout combines two rooms together across in graphics and material frames, giving different perspective when viewed from any edge.

As a cost-effective and environment, the responsive project makes reusing of various scrap materials ideal for designing and cladding optical interior surfaces for pleasing ambience.

For the project, materials were chosen in a palette of contrasting tones: waste clay roof tiles, waste beer bottles, damaged flooring tiles, recycled window shutters, unused sample tiles, waste metal rings, and mirror-clad. At the same time, the quality of these materials provides longevity with aesthetics.

One’s attention is captured through, the entrance gateway that wraps in two dark contrasting colors with random pattern of mosaic bubbles leading to the central display area.

Reusing waste clay tile pieces adds texture with some dramatic effect resembling the floor and ceiling interiors. Custom made earthy textured patterns on varied walls, refers to Indian saree palav, ornamental toran boosts the boutique with the illusion of lights. One of the hanging areas depicts an accent wall backdrop executed by reclaiming glass bottles reflects necklace. Assigning a new function to reused shutter windows in the monochrome theme adds an element of displaying inside the material selection area.

Old seating is altered into a new outlook by reclaiming the fabrics available from the fashion designer. Giving a unique yet traditional touch recycling of old table legs as a door handle and central hanging connecting in thin metal pipes. The geometry of circular rings overlaps one another forming floral hook ends for hanging.

The arrangement of 2 mirrors placed asymmetrically creates an opportunity for 2 persons to access them simultaneously for viewing. The damaged tiles are punctuated as mosaics inserts in floral patterns that gives a surprising touch to the visual and contrasting concepts for the flooring.

A palette of varied recycled and mounted materials into new products adds to the energy of the young boutique owner while celebrating the uniqueness of the particular space.


Architect : Manoj Patel Design Studio

Site Area: 350 square feet

Client: Shefali’s studio

Location of the Project: Vadodara; Gujarat, India.

Year: 2020

Design Team: Ar. Manoj Patel, Shivani Tamboli, Aishwarya Gupte, Sonu, Devanshi, and Manali

Clay Cladding : Tarachand Prajapati

Photographs: Tejas shah photography




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