Guide to Make the Best Use of Space for Interior Design

Space planning is critical in any interior design process because it is the key to creating an optimal design that works well for homeowners. Since interior design is a specialized branch of architecture, you must hire home interior design services for the best results. Determining the purpose of use of the space is the first[Read More]

5 Things Your Interior Designer Doesn’t Want You To Know

Ranging from stuff you can do yourself to facts crucial to hiring the right interior designer, there are some facts you should know…but ten to one, you don’t. Is your living room clogged with all the random furniture and art pieces you’ve been buying over the last decade? Does your home have a room, or[Read More]

Gabinete Veintiuno – A Psychology Clinic Interior | Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

Gabinete Veintiuno – A Psychology Clinic Interior  | Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos Gabinete Veintiuno is a psychology buffet located in Elda, Alicante. The project stems from the need for space where a person will feel calm and tranquil. The distribution before the reforms, which occupies a surface of 100m2, transmitted feelings quite contrary to those required, being[Read More]

A Luxurious House Of  Yin And Yang | Vivant Design Studio

A Luxurious House Of  Yin And Yang | Vivant Design Studio | The clients Neha & Dhruv Madan envisioned a home in Goa, that is all about gathering, entertaining & celebrating with their friends & family in a luxurious yet relaxed space. A home that converts into a party house on the weekends! A home that[Read More]

The Arched Office Design | Gaurav Kharkar & Associates 

The Arched Office Design | Gaurav Kharkar & Associates  Eyes filled with dreams, taking their father’s business to the next level. Our young clients with whom we were associated earlier approached us with lot of excitement, they called us and said guys we have bought 1850 sq ft office and you get to come and see[Read More]

A Subtle Colour Palette In this Residence | Aum Architects

A Subtle Colour Palette In this Residence | Aum Architects Ar. Manish Dikshit of Aum Architects presents this resplendent residence designed for a luxury experience, incorporating the aura of an oasis in the dense city of Mumbai. With a subtle colour palette and abundant natural lighting, the interiors curated for this house are in complete alignment[Read More]

Deloitte Office – Banglore | RC Architecture

Deloitte Office – Banglore | RC Architecture RC Architecture completed the office design for global accounting company, Deloitte office, located in Bangalore, India.The Deloitte office is situated in one of Bangalore’s premium building, having sweeping views of the city. As this is a consulting office with many verticals, the workspace is designed around their specific requirement, while keeping ample[Read More]

Timeless Modernistic Residence | HeRTZ Architects

Timeless Modernistic Residence | HeRTZ Architects Timeless style, contemporary nuances & a wave of vivacious design engulf the modernistic Modi Residence by HeRTZ Architects in the city of Vadodara. A home is a picture window into the lives of its occupants. It’s that space that is witness to the high, lows & memories that a[Read More]

Rooftop Bar and Kitchen | ColabCompany

Rooftop Bar and Kitchen | ColabCompany Ar. Hiren Ganatra of ColabCompany conjures sheer quintessential Moroccan charisma with Shalom, a Mumbai based Rooftop Bar & Kitchen. Eclectic hues, patterns & a collage of textures bathe the premises of Shalom, a multicuisine restrobar envisioned & curated by Ar. Hiren Ganatra & team in Chembur, Mumbai. Designed for the[Read More]