The Tranquille House Is A Balancing Act Between Plushness And Quirk | The Design Street

We are The Design Street, an Interior Designing and Consulting Firm catering to the designing needs of all who wish for their homes to reflect functionality dipped in aesthetic artfulness. The Tranquille House Is A Balancing Act Between Plushness And Quirk | The Design Street Visit : The Design Street Founded by Ruchika Agarwal & Shaily Malpani,[Read More]

Beautiful And Inward Looking Apartment House Interior | SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

The apartment is about creating a beautiful yet inward looking home. We provided the entry to the home at the middle level, where one enters the home through an entrance lobby that in turn reveals the social spaces (the living room, the dining room & the den). At the same level we also have a[Read More]

Play Of Solids And Voids Creates Openness and Privacy In This Contemporary Residence | Charged Voids

Multiple solids and voids juxtapose to create segmented layers of privacy and openness at Residence 145. Sited on a plot with challenging zoning and height restrictions in southern Chandigarh, Residence 145 is a play on the fundamentals of urban residential design. Conceptualised by Charged Voids for three generations of a family, the layout of the[Read More]

Traditional Residence That Resides Embodiment Of Quietude And Stillness | Vedanth Design Studio

LIVING ROOM Where calm and composure reside | Embodiment of quietude and stillness  The Living space imparts a stillness and tranquility that is warm and inviting. The handsome interiors of the room feel classic, yet current. The intention was to tend to favour a simple, uncluttered space with artistic flair. “These seemingly different points of view is not only a hallmark of[Read More]

70 Living Room Design You Must Study For Design Inspiration

A room for living or typically a bridge to get you, your family, and your house connected with the outer world and to yourself is called a living room. It’s the first place you see when you return from the outer world to yours. The living room is the first impression of you and your[Read More]

Our Top Picks Interior Design Trends 2021 | Interior

The Interior of a place enhances its soul and becomes an extension of the user’s personality. Be it a Restaurant Interior you love or the comforts and warmth of a house, the interior of a place pours in the much-needed elixir evoking the emotion of awe and belongingness. Here are our 21 best designs of[Read More]

Transitional Classic Interiors with Subtle Hues and Bold Elements in this Residence in Ludhiana | The Design Cube

Located close to the canal road with a beautiful view to French styled row housing, this house was planned with the idea of having a Parisian feel classic interiors mixed with contemporary living. This project is royalty made public with its white French windows as we believe that the French love to mix vintage and contemporary furniture, whereas there[Read More]

Home Designed To Be A Companion For Life | Kothari And Associates

Home Designed To Be A Companion For Life | Kothari And Associates Visit : Kothari And Associates ARCHITECT’S DEN     Kothari and associates nurture this residence in Raipur with a modern and traditional demeanor underlined by play of light and ventilation. Nesting within a very prominent housing colony in Swarnbhoomi, Raipur  the capital of Chhattisgarh, this[Read More]

This Institution Design is Balance of Engineered and Organic Design with a Spin of Minimalism | Atelier Aztec

Atelier Aztec was appointed by the directors of Red & White group of institute to shape up the interior space of their new establishment, institution design. The institute spreads across 6000 sq.ft. consisted of lecture rooms, multimedia rooms, library, medium-high focus study pods, administration and services. This Institution Design is Balance of Engineered and Organic[Read More]

Strong need for Connection, Change and Unlearning birthed the design for this Residence : Casa Feliz | ADND

“The strong willingness of standing on a threshold, the crossing of which would transcend you into a placate world”. Is there something called inside-outside balance? What does that mean precisely? The tangible blurred between inner and outer world of this house, suffuses intangible experiences for this Residence. Transcending into a calm world requires a certain[Read More]