Beautiful And Inward Looking Apartment House Interior | SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

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The apartment is about creating a beautiful yet inward looking home.

We provided the entry to the home at the middle level, where one enters the home through an entrance lobby that in turn reveals the social spaces (the living room, the dining room & the den). At the same level we also have a guest bedroom suite, a powder toilet, the kitchen & the utilities.

Beautiful And Inward Looking Apartment House Interior | SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

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The upper most level is an entertainment space which opens up onto a landscaped terrace.

The level below is the private areas, where we have 3 bedroom suites for the immediate family, a puja room & a family lounge.

The living room has a spine wall all along the length which is a combination of wood panelling and sliding panels in wood, while the opposite side is entirely glazed opening onto the greens across. The wood finish sliding panels screen of the living from the central staircase. The seating is all in subtle shades of grey, eggshell, beige, and sage green. Soft leather combines with the more textured hounds tooth fabric, creating a cosy and warm space, the art on the walls adding a pop of colour.

At the far end is the dining which is visually separated from the living by some light shelving.

At the other end, the wooden slatted ceiling, and the herringbone patterned wood floor differentiates the den from the living. Laser cut grey leather creates interesting wall panels which hide away a bar. The rug designed by Abraham and Thakkore , with a script forming a pattern all across , while the black and white art by Sunil Padwal combined with photographs , provides the perfect backdrop.

Here there’s a patterned limestone on the powder toilet walls, and plain limestone on the floor.

This is the residential level where all the three bedrooms spill onto a small study which is actually used for tutoring the girls.

The master suite as you can see is in the same beige shades as the level above.

So it’s the same kind of colour scheme of the living level , the circular and square art definitely adding an interesting twist , this is the dressing , with beautifully crafted leather shutters , and the restroom with a play of textured and polished marble.

The daughters room …. The passage has this interesting ceramic wall art which adds a different dimension to the passage.

The last level is a lounge space opening onto a large terrace, here the white marble changes to a grey stone which starts on the inside in the lounge floor and carries on to the outside on the terrace. The furniture consists of a type of.

Simple slatted benches with cushions the type that you would likely be using in your landscaped courts. So the whole space has the ambience like that of sitting in a garden.

The plants are inside and outside the room, the sound of water permeates the entire space and helps to unify the indoors and the outdoors.

The resultant space being an elegant home created with a subtle colour palette.


Designed by : SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : Home at Vadodara

Location : Vadodara

Year Built : 2019

Duration of project : 15 months

Project Size : 9000 sqft

Associate Interior Designer : Datta Nishandar, Pooja Jangam, Manoj Kori

Principal Architect : Zarir Mullan & Seema Puri

Photograph Courtesy : Dinesh Mehta Photography

Products | Materials | Vendors :

Wallcovering – Cladding : Kreoo, Lithea, Lithos | Lighting : Floss & Iguzzini | Doors and Partitions : Rimadesio | Sanitaryware : Kreoo, Catelano, Hansgrohe | Windows : Vishal Enterprises | Furniture : Minotti, Baxter, Poliform | Flooring :  Calacatta Vagli | Wallpaper : Shreeji Innova

Consultants for the Project :

Civil : Gandhi Civil Decor | Contractors : JRC Interiors | Interior Styling : The Charcoal Room.

Firm’s Instagram Link : Seema Puri Mullan

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