Easy and Creative Ways to Transform Your Home

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Having a home that’s bursting with character and style is often a main goal for many homeowners, but there’s a common misconception that in order to achieve this you need expert help and a huge budget. There are so many ways in which you can transform your home, whilst keeping things simple yet creative. By using your imagination and making the most of key features within your home, such as large walls, bright windows and so on, you can really enhance your space and create a home that reflects your personal style.

Fresh Walls

Whether you’re working with a neutral, calm colour scheme or you’re keen to adopt a loud, vibrant aesthetic, you can make your interiors come to life with some fresh paint or wallpaper on the walls. By simply changing the walls, you will notice a huge difference to the overall feel of the space, giving it more life and energy. By either painting the walls a fresh colour, or introducing a bright, colourful wallpaper for the perfect statement wall, you can completely change the dynamic of the room and make it look ten times better in an instant and the beauty is you can do it yourself too, it’s not too much of a challenge.

Different Details

You may have found that the original door handles, pulls and light switches are still in place from when you first moved into your home, so they may not be to your own personal taste. Door hardware can really change a room, especially when opting for modern, stylish details that bring quality and character to the space. By switching up your details and introducing some new door handles to each room, you’ll notice a small yet clear difference to the whole room. Take a look at this trendy range of door hardware from Buster + Punch for inspiration, as you can see the different types of handles that would work for each interior style.

Upcycle Furniture

If you’re looking for ways to be creative on a budget, then upcycling furniture is a great option. Many furniture pieces get thrown away or donated when they become tired looking or no longer on trend, but with a fresh lick of paint you can transform old cabinets, tables and even chairs to create something completely new. This is also great for giving a unique touch to your home, as nobody else will have a piece like it. You can find lots of useful upcycling tutorials and videos on YouTube and other websites to help you with your projects.

Introduce a Mirror

One of the best features any room can have is a mirror, as they bring so much more to a room than simply being able to look at your own reflection. Mirrors are perfect for reflecting light around the room, making it feel larger and fresh, as well as helping to create a stylish touch. Whether you opt for a small or large mirror, you can find so many amazing styles to suit your own interior themes, which will instantly transform the space and create a great aesthetic.