The Tranquille House Is A Balancing Act Between Plushness And Quirk | The Design Street

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We are The Design Street, an Interior Designing and Consulting Firm catering to the designing needs of all who wish for their homes to reflect functionality dipped in aesthetic artfulness.

The Tranquille House Is A Balancing Act Between Plushness And Quirk | The Design Street

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Founded by Ruchika Agarwal & Shaily Malpani, with its base  in Hyderabad, The Design Street is committed to delivering aesthetically sensible and highly functional, quality homes.

Our recent project, The Tranquille House is a balancing act between plushness and quirk where bespoke furniture and lighting fixtures take the central stage in defining the home’s aesthetic appeal and carves an oasis for its residents, a family of three with a toddler.

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Fact File :

Designed by : The Design Street

Project Type : Residential Apartment

Project Name : Tranquille

Location : Hyderabad

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 6months

Project Size : 4070sft

Project Cost Appx : 55 lakhs

Principal Designer : Shaily Malpani and Ruchika Agarwal

Photograph Courtesy : Umang Shah Photography

Products | Materials | Vendors : 

Thermpine wood : Natural Elements Hyderabad | Furniture : Pocho Living | Dining Table : Concrete Crio | Dining table light : Wicker Story

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