How to Give Your Bathroom that Luxurious Hotel Feel

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From the soft, cosy towels to the spa-like scents, hotel bathrooms are often designed to give you that warm, relaxing feeling to help you switch off and wind down. For many people, a hotel bathroom is one of the highlights of the accommodation, but it shouldn’t have to stop there. By incorporating key features from hotel bathrooms into your own home, you can have your very own hotel inspired bathroom where you can escape to like your own mini oasis.

Quality Treatment

One of the best ways to really capture a hotel feel in your own bathroom is to introduce quality features that will make you feel amazing. You may not be at the spa, but by investing in a quality shower you’ll be able to feel like you’re getting that hotel experience from the comfort of your own home. Showering is one of the main parts within the day where you can switch off and relax and with a stylish smart shower you can enhance your showering and take it to the next level. Once you’ve added this feature, you’ll notice your whole bathroom space feeling that little bit more luxurious.

Soft Towels

Nothing beats the feel of a fluffy towel after a nice hot shower and that’s exactly what you’d expect from a luxurious hotel bathroom. By investing in your own fluffy towels, you can give yourself that cosy feel every day and they don’t even have to break the bank. Take a look online at retailers such as John Lewis and Marks and Spencer to find some good quality towels that will fit beautifully into your existing bathroom décor. Remember to have a few in different sizes to ensure you have a towel for every purpose!

Soft Lighting

Creating a warm, inviting feel is easy with some soft lighting and that’s exactly how you’d find a hotel bathroom to be designed. Soft lighting helps to give that glow to the space, which is ideal when having a good soak in the bath or going through your evening routine. You want your bathroom to be bright enough for your skincare routine, but soft enough to ensure you still capture that relaxing, calm atmosphere.

The Right Scents

Ambiance is everything in a hotel bathroom, from the beautifully scented room diffusers to the smell of luxury bath products, so it’s essential that you incorporate this into your own bathroom space. Starting with diffusers and room sprays, you want to have a constant scent that fills the room and makes it feel inviting and fresh. Whether you opt for an enticing Neom diffuser or you find The White Company room sprays work best, be sure to add it to the space for the ultimate relaxing atmosphere.

Next you need to consider how to create your own spa feel for those longer days when you just want to switch off and soak in the bath, which is where scented candles are a must. By adding some gorgeous candles to your bathroom, you can add to the overall feel and atmosphere and fill the room with a specific scent to suit your mood.