• 6 Rules for Minimalist Interior Designs

    Despite the fact that minimalist interior design has become extremely popular, there are still people who don’t know how to decorate their homes in the simplest way possible. This principle is achievable no matter how big or small your home is – if you only know the correct techniques of applying this principle, you will understand what you should do and what you shouldn’t. Here are six smart tips for getting the job done right:

    1. Minimalism doesn’t include accessories

    The first rule for transforming your home into a minimalist one is that minimalism should be simple. Don’t forget that you should also combine your wallpaper murals with other pieces of decoration – just try to imagine how everything looks together and choose the details that will go well. If possible, ask several friends for their opinions as well – someone might see something in your new design that you didn’t even notice yourself.

    2. Never stop experimenting

    Experimenting is one of the most important steps when trying to make a perfect minimalist interior design: even if- which means that if someone who follows this principle wants to create something simple, he or she doesn’t need too many accessories.

    3. Contrasting colors and shapes work well

    Simplicity is the goal, not boredom: by combining different colors and textures, you can create a room that will be interesting for both you and your guests.

    4. Every room in the house should be decorated in a minimalistic way

    If possible, you should also try to decorate the bathroom or kitchen this way: it doesn’t mean that you need to completely break with tradition and start using some really weird materials, but instead of buying too many things for each separate corner of the house, just combine certain details that will fit perfectly into each place.

    How to choose wallpaper and wall murals

    1. If you have already chosen wallpaper murals that cover all walls, then leaving out the additional ornaments will be a piece of cake.
    • If you are still not sure what wallpaper murals to bring home, try to take your time and think about it for a few days before making the final decision.
    • It is best if you choose neutral colored wallpapers or paint them white so that they don’t distract too much from the rest of the decoration elements in each particular room. Take a look at Ever Wallpaper where you can find tons of wallpaper collections match your theme.
    • Remember: if something looks like it doesn’t fit (for example, wallpaper with too many bright colors on the otherwise monotone wall), either change it as soon as possible or remove it completely – there should always be harmony in your home.
    • If you are still not sure how to choose wallpaper murals, ask several friends for their opinions or do some online research – it is an excellent way to find something new and useful.

    Should we use wallpaper and wall murals for minimalist interior?

    1. The answer depends on what kind of style you want to achieve in the end: if you want to create a Scandinavian design, using both wallpaper murals and paintings is highly recommended; if you want to change everything into Boho-style, then think about adding just one piece of furniture that follows this trend (for instance: some really stylish armchairs).
    • Making the right decisions when choosing wallpaper murals will allow you to decorate every single room in your house accordingly.
    • It is best if you choose neutral colours for all of your wallpaper murals – whether they are stripes, flowers, abstract shapes or simple geometrical patterns – combined with plain white walls and empty spaces between them: it will make the whole design look clean and stylish at the same time.
    • Remember to test several designs before making a final decision about which wallpaper murals you want to put on each particular wall – don’t forget that something might not fit into your home after all, even though it seemed like a very good idea. At first!
    • If you plan to decorate only one room (for example, bedroom, living room or kitchen), it is always better to choose wallpaper murals that fit best with the style you want to achieve there.
    • If you want to decorate a whole house, it is always better to start from one room and then go on adding new elements in each other place: this will allow you to create a perfect interior design that looks like it has been created; by professional designers!

    6. Everything has its own place

    No matter which part of your home you are planning to decorate, remember that every item has its proper place. If something seems out of order, rearrange it – or simply throw away unnecessary stuff if necessary! No one will notice how messy your furniture is if you simply add a couple of accessories and some new wallpaper murals; your home will look amazing if everything looks simple but stylish.

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