• Top 20 Most Beautiful Architecture Office Design in India 2023

    The Architecture Office Design is an important project and a dream for many architects. It defines their philosophy and gives them the freedom to incorporate their preferred aesthetic into their workspace. A good Architecture Office Design makes the first impression on clients who visit their office. Thus, it is important to design the most unique Architecture Office Design that resonates with the vision of the firm. It becomes a playground for architects to try out the latest materials and trends in their Architecture Office Design. Let us look at a few mesmerising Architecture Office Design examples that could inspire any architect to redesign their workspace.

    1.Upcycling Of Space and Context | AANGAN Architects

    The design is not about attractive aesthetics, sophisticated furniture, or technical lighting, it’s about the idea of moving into a village, about making people believe in the idea of recycling and upcycling; not only material but space and context. In a world governed by ‘, what meets the eyes’, this is our place that ‘touches the heart’, a feeling that can only be experienced by being in the place.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: AANGAN Architects

    Location: Surat, Gujarat

    Principal Architect : Vishal Shah & Vishal Desai

    Photograph Courtesy: Pratikruti09

    2.Confluence of Art And Design | Siyaahi Architects

    An office place happens to be where one spends most of their adult life, honing their skills, working on aims, and making their dreams come true. Siyaahi Architects recently established their workplace in the city of Udaipur, a minimal design studio where art and design meet. Resting in a residential neighborhood, the workstation covers an area of 2200 Sq.ft and folds out into an intimate garden space that faces a well-articulated facade of grey and white. The brainchild of Siyaahi architects is elongated across the length of the plot. The north-face entrance welcomes you with an open lawn area.

    Architecture Office Design

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Siyaahi Architects

    Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan

    Principal Architect: Ar. Heli Patel & Ar. Samarth Patel

    Photograph Courtesy: Murtaza Gandhi

    3.A Clutter-Free Green Workspace | Int-Hab architecture+design Studio

    The interior design is clean and simple to ensure clutter-free workspace. It also helps in seamless connectivity between the interior and exterior green space. The Park facing, agile and collaborative workspace has large openings that allow natural light to pour in, green elements around the office, the bright white walls and exposed ceiling creates an informal and stress-free work environment that encourages easy communication, organic interaction, and engagement among employees.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Int-Hab architecture+design Studio

    Location: JP Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka

    Principal Architect: Ar.Sachin Shetty

    Photograph Courtesy: Shamanth Patil Photography

    4.Juxtaposition of Colourful Graphics | Manoj Patel Design Studio

    Manoj Patel Design studio’s new workspace spreads over a plot area of 1350 sqft. surrounded by the urban fabric, revolves around the play of volumetric masses juxtaposed with colorful graphics. To create an experience of material palettes, touch, feel, and understand them in detail was the main idea to create a co-working studio space.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Manoj Patel Design Studio

    Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

    Principal Architect: Ar.Manoj Patel

    Photograph Courtesy: MK Gandhi  Studio

    5.Architecture Office Connected To Home | RKGA Consultants Pvt Ltd

    During the journey of glorious 50 years, the RKGA team expanded considerably and needed a horizontally and vertically, physically and organisationally well-connected space. The in-house designed workplace called for an environment where ideas come together cohesively. The zealous and inexhaustible founders of the firm wanted a place that is connected to their home, enabling constant connection, comfort and off-office hours working. Thus 1700 sqft large primary level of the building was dedicated to the workplace. This inevitably posed some challenges in following the grid and bylaws prescribed margin(MoS) combined with a deep desire to experiment with space, volume and materials. 

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: RKGA Consultants Pvt Ltd

    Location: Indore, MP, India

    Principal Architect: Ar. Akashdeep Gupta & Ar. Ravi Mandoria

    Photograph Courtesy: Agrawal Colour Vision

    6.Modern and Functional Interior | nPe DesignStudio

    nPe DesignStudio is an architectural cum interior designing firm in a beautiful building. The City Center in Rajkot city. Mainly two major parts in this modern workspace, one is the main office and other is designing space. The approach for the design was to have uniquely designer elements in each of the space in which would justify the purpose of its usage also the aesthetic importance of its own.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: nPe DesignStudio

    Location: Rajkot, Gujarat

    Principal Designer: Naimish Parekh

    7.A Space That Ignites Conversation | Jyaamiti Architectural Studio

    As artists, we like to create something that inspires us in new ways. When designed is ingrained in routine, it has a whole other impact. We, at Jyaamiti, have always incited conversation, amongst ourselves and with our surroundings as well. There was no better place to look at our principles unfold than in our studio. Inspiration takes many forms here. An architectural studio where art and design merges as one.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Jyaamiti Architectural Studio

    Location: Hsr Layout, Bengalore

    Principal Architect: Ar. Ashray Gowda8

    8.Customised and Industrial | Int’rscape The Concept Designer

    Int’rscape The Concept Designer is located At SF 26, Happy Goldmine Shopper’s, Beside Bella DE Mora, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat. Which is India’s reputed company & our vision and focus is to provide customized solutions with quality and cost effective product range. A strong customer focus approach and constant quest for top class quality and services, which we tried to inculcate in our office interior designed with the concept to attain and sustain leadership position.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Int’rscape The Concept Designer

    Location: Vesu, Surat, Gujarat

    Principal Architect: Ar. Nilesh Champaneria & Ar. Tirth Champaneria

    Photograph Courtesy: Rohan Patel

    9.Adaptive Reuse of a Colonial Bungalow | Urban Tree

    This project entailed the development of the Architects’ own studio in a Colonial-era bungalow dating back to 1931, in which significant heritage elements had been modified over the last few decades by previous owners. To maintain the structure’s heritage significance, it underwent thoughtful conservation and restoration before the development of the incoming studio. The interiors of the studio infuse contemporary elements and heritage nature of the space, not overpowering the essence of the place. The design rather blends in a manner that makes the contemporary and heritage elements co-exist in perfect harmony, blurring the sub-conscious boundary between the two.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Urban Tree

    Location: Pune, Maharashtra

    Principal Architect: Ar. Nakul Rege

    Photograph Courtesy: Hemant Patil Photographer

    10.Scandinavian Office In India | Studio Tilt Architects

    For all things Scandinavian, here’s giving you the first look of our new design studio- the house of Studio Tilt. With abundance of natural light, the space has a large glass facade on two sides. With an amazing view and a great frontage, we were in love from the moment we stepped in! An overall minimalistic compass features cane, natural wood and a monochrome color palette comprising white, grey and a bold black in parts.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Studio Tilt Architects

    Location: Goa

    Principal Architect: Ar.Abhijit Sawant & Ar.Natasha Kumar

    Photograph Courtesy: Chandan Purohit

    11.A Humble Workspace | AS Architects

    An architect’s own office can become a repository of ideas and values – closest to the architectural practice. For AS Architects’ new office, the principal designers began an attempt to embody his young practice’s central values: honesty and humility, in a compact 600 sq.ft. space located in suburban Mumbai. A workspace design for an architect and a developer with shared office area, efficiency and optimization in terms of layout was a challenge tackled with finesse and dexterity.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: AS Architects

    Location: Vile Parle (East), Mumbai, India

    Principal Architect: Ar. Ankit Shah & Id. Ayesha Sheth

    Photograph Courtesy: Talib Chitalwala

    12.Tropical Jungle in an Office | Workers of Art

    Tucked away in a quite side street in Kochi, Kerala, where “Workers of Art” office design is built like The Second Home. The team agreed very early on that the key was to not be an office but a “second home” where they spent most of their time in —working, sharing, collaborating, growing. The limited material pallet which consisted of Cement concrete, High density fiberboard and matte PVD coated Mild steel rods which were all chosen for its versatility, makes their appearance in various forms and functions throughout the space.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Workers of Art

    Location: Kochi, Kerala

    Principal Architect: Ar. Rahul Mathew & Ar. Priya Rose

    Photograph Courtesy: Ishita Sitwala

    13.Traditionality Using Natural Materials | Niraj Doshi Design Consultancy (N.D.D.C.)

    The Office design was conceptualized to be place which while being the best of both worlds is also conductive for people to work in a creative environment, a workplace to enjoy. Keeping this in mind there are mainly two zones; with an Indoor Studio complete with all modern amenities like Automation, Air Conditioning, etc. if and when one wishes to work with complete concentration; whilst the Outdoor Studio is a semi-open, north-facing, landscaped space to be used as an informal workstation.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Niraj Doshi Design Consultancy (N.D.D.C.)

    Location: Pune, India.

    Principal Architect: Ar. Niraj Doshi

    Photograph Courtesy: Mr. Hemant Patil

    14.Industrial Themed Architecture Office | Sky High

    Sky High’s office, an architectural and interior design firm, was a sight to behold. As soon as you entered, you were greeted with a massive industrial-themed reception area that set the tone for the entire space. The office had a greyish base with tints of blue and beige, which gave the space a modern and sophisticated vibe. Sky High’s office is an epitome of how industrial design can blend with modern elements to create a unique and inviting space.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Sky High

    Location: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

    Principal Architect: Chirayu Agarwal & Aditi Agarwal

    15.Reimagining Parametric Design | Pratinav Chadha Architects

    Inception of our young Architectural Firm begins from here. The design of our own office Pratinav Chadha Architects, our imaginative abode in New Delhi, India. Concept being with use of computational and parametric design methodologies creates this creative office space. The outsides and insides create a sense of welcoming sanctuary which enables a visual delight to anyone, be it our clients or team members. A wave which follows from outside to inside. Each element has been nurtured to enhance our creative space and aptly follows the quote that ‘A building is alive, like a man’ from The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Pratinav Chadha Architects

    Location: New Delhi, India

    Principal Architect: Ar. Pratinav Chadha

    Photograph Courtesy: Mohit Chadha

    16.Functional Floating Furniture | Sharan Architecture + Design

    A good office interior design will make you feel more comfortable with your daily job. Today an office interior design is important too as same as home interior. When people don’t like their workspace! We as a designing firm had the challenge to create our own office space in such a way that every client and visitor should be amazing, fascinate by seeing the designing scope of the space, as it’s a very compact area.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Sharan Architecture + Design

    Location: Surat, Gujarat

    Principal Architect: Vipul & Kruti Sukhadia

    Photograph Courtesy: Nimisha Dakoria

    17.Multi-Level Utilisation of Compact Site |  Portico Design Concepts

    When Aurangabad-based architects Gopal Tanwani and Shruti Tanwani realised that they had to shift from their existing work premises to a larger one owing to acute paucity of space felt by the growing interior design + architectural firm, they were clear that their new office would be owned and that it would be a standalone building.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by:  Portico Design Concepts

    Location: Aurangabad, India

    Principal Architect: Ar.Gopal Tanwani and Ar.Shruti Tanwani

    Photograph Courtesy: PHX INDIA

    18.Convenient Functional Mechanism | The interior WORKSHOP

    Almost the first thing that strikes a visitor is the main gate. The main gate is Torggler door with a folding mechanism with black colour powder coating finish. The door inside has glass panels with white colour rough finish frame which gives vintage look to it. The entire vocabulary of office is embedded with the contemporary use of raw material.

    Architecture Office Design

    Architects Studio

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: The interior WORKSHOP

    Location: Surat, Gujarat, India

    Principal Designer: Tejas Mistry

    19.Effortless Merge Into Exteriors | The Design alley’ Studio

    Going by the famous quote “A MAN IS KNOWN BY THE DESIGN HE KEEPS “, an Architect’s own office is supposed to reflect his design philosophy and style. As simple as it may sound, to design one’s own space is quite a task as compared to handling clientele of different sorts. It’s actually a herculean task to fight with one’s own apprehensions and zero down on an idea that truly justifies your philosophy and space as well.

    Design Studio

    Design Studio

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: The Design alley’ Studio

    Location: Garkheda, Aurangabad

    Principal Architect: Shweta & Sarang Patil

    Photograph Courtesy: Ira Gosalia, Photographix

    20.Curves and Creativity | Creative Designer Architects

    An architect’s office is a space that is conceived as a springboard for architectural dialogue, creativity and design.It should, hence unfold and interact in a way that its users feel connected with each other and the spatial setting around. A 2400 Sq. feet open, purely rectangular floor plan had immense potential to explore this aspect. There doesn’t exist a perfect definition of what causes ‘creativity’.However, a brief insight into human psychology and the way our minds respond to its surroundings could probably help shape the right kind of environment for an architect to work in.

    Architecture Office Design

    Fact File

    Designed by: Creative Designer Architects

    Location: New Delhi

    Design TeamRavideep Singh, Mohanbir Singh, Maninder Kaur

    Photograph Courtesy: Suryan//Dang

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