• 10 Ways To Incorporate Vastu For South Facing House

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    Vastu For South Facing House is quite different from any other orientation. Most homeowners consider Vastu an important part of their culture. Managing the energies in a space is necessary for peace of mind for the residents. Vastu is a guide for people to design spaces that harmonise with nature and the universe. Although an ancient practice, the principles of Vastu are not just pseudoscience. It takes into account the climate and site context.

    Vastu For South Facing House has a bad reputation as compared to other orientations for being inauspicious. It is mainly due to its alignment with the abode of the God of Death, Yama, which is thus believed to bring bad luck and unexpected deaths.

    In reality, there is no specification in the ancient texts that suggests Vastu For South Facing House is good or bad. One can live in any house by following these 10 planning tips on Vastu for South Facing House that fill the interiors with positive energies.

    1.Colour And Shape

    The south direction correlates with the ruling planet Mars, thus associating it with the colour red. Thus, the suitable colours are red and other related warm tones such as yellow, orange, and brown. The use of neutral shades and white can balance the bright undertones in interiors and create a sense of calm.

    The shape is also equally important when considering Vastu. Rectangle and square shapes are the most suitable for a south-facing house. Rounded and curved shapes are not suitable.

    2.Site and Exterior Landscaping

    When selecting a site, it is most suitable if it slopes from north to south with no extension towards the south or south-west. South-facing homes receive ample amounts of sunlight as compared to other orientations. Thus, a front garden on the north-east side is suitable. Jasmine, oleander, hibiscus, bougainvillaea, chamomile, and daisies are a few flowering plants that can beautify one’s home.

    3.Car Porch And Service Unit

    Car porches, garages, septic tanks, water pumps, and gardens must not be oriented in the south-west corner. This is to prevent exhaust fumes, smells, and contamination from entering the bedrooms. Since it causes health concerns, it makes sense when the south-west position is associated with losses or health issues. Dark colours for car parks must be avoided as it causes a lot of shadows, thus making it dark.

    4.Main Entrance

    The position and size of the main entrance determine the auspiciousness of a south-facing house. If the facade is split into nine equal parts (padas) from east to west, the ideal position is the 4th pada. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pada can also be used in the case of site constraints. But one must avoid any position beyond 4, as it is closer to the south-west corner and thus considered inauspicious. Use good-quality material for the main door, which must also be the biggest one in the house.

    5.Living Room

    According to Vastu, the north-east area is the most suitable for a living room. The windows in the living room must face north or east to invite sufficient sunlight and wind, which are great sources of positivity and significantly improve health. Provide shading devices or air conditioners to counter the direct sunlight entering the house.

    6.Pooja Room 

    The north-east and west orientations are ideal for a pooja room. In the case of space constraints, an arrangement for a small temple niche can be made in the living room. The pooja room should never share the wall with the bathroom or be near its premises. Opt for wood instead of metal and stone as the material used for the pooja room. Copper and brass should be used instead of silver utensils.


    In the case of south-facing homes, south-east and north-west are the most favourable orientations. If the kitchen is facing south-east, one must cook facing east so as to direct the smoke from cooking through the ventilators or windows. Whereas a north-west-facing kitchen must ideally have the cooking area facing the west. The use of brown, red, yellow, and orange tones is preferable in the kitchen, while blues and blacks must be avoided.


    According to Vastu, the dining room must be connected to the kitchen and face the east, south, or west directions. Bright and cheerful paintings that depict nature or food are to be hung on the walls. Adorn the table with fresh flowers or bamboo plants to absorb negative energy.


    The south and west orientations are ideal for the master bedroom, as they bring about positive energy while making the room inviting and relaxing at the same time. For houses with more than one level, placing the master bedroom on the topmost floor is most suitable.

    The most ideal position for kids’ and guest bedrooms is in the north-west direction. However, a kids’ bedroom may also orient itself in the southern or western direction to utilise the maximum amount of sunlight in the spaces.


    Vastu considers the direction of a bathroom as important as the rest of the space. The most suitable orientation for bathrooms is the west or north-west of the house, as it supports waste elimination. East, north-east, and north are suitable for positioning wash basins, shower areas, and any water outlet or drainage. The slope of the floor should follow the same rule. Exhaust must be in the east or north-east to allow ventilation.

    When done properly, Vastu for South Facing House is proven to further enhance the hidden advantages of the orientation. The direct sunlight is favourable for gardening enthusiasts and reduces electricity consumption by utilising natural light at most times. Unfortunately, the modern Vastu is becoming a money making business that is fueled by superstition and twisting reality.

    This myth behind the Vastu For South Facing House plagues Indian minds, thus making it difficult to sell. The difficulty of buying homes according to orientation or suitable plots for construction in present times further aggravates the issue. Thus, one must understand the true intention behind Vastu for South Facing House. 

    Text By: Gopika Pramod

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