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    An office place happens to be where one spends most of their adult life, honing their skills, working on aims, and making their dreams come true. Siyaahi Architects recently established their workplace in the city of Udaipur, a minimal design studio where art and design meet. Resting in a residential neighborhood, the workstation covers an area of 2200 Sq.ft and folds out into an intimate garden space that faces a well-articulated facade of grey and white. The brainchild of Siyaahi architects is elongated across the length of the plot. The north-face entrance welcomes you with an open lawn area.

    A Minimal Design Studio Where Art and Design Meet | Siyaahi Architects

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    The parking area guides you to the entrance passing by the lush garden through a verandah. The foyer greets you with a genuine feeling, opening up to a bright and incredibly comforting courtyard.

    A cozy and bright corner with a warm yellow wall is impressed with the changing shadows of the pergolas. This thoughtful insertion is climate responsive, from bright to mild, with natural light penetration gracing the spaces around it throughout the day.

    This is the heart of the structure where inspiration strikes and from where the liveliness generates. The semi-open courtyard is the heart of this soulfully designed office space. It is enveloped by meeting areas, private workspaces, studios, and a multipurpose hall.

    The working studios are lined up with customized working desks and discussion tables crafted to perfection from natural raw wood.

    The open studios have an elemental exposed brick wall at the rear end. It heightens its value among the white-washed guard as the walls. The ceiling is unpolished and raw, keeping it free from interpretations.

    The meeting room is separated by a glass partition, flexible and openable for easy movement between the two spaces. The inculcation of the artworks across the spaces is something that is very personally curated by the co-founder of the firm, making this studio a homage to her work and her passion for painting.

    All the spaces of Siyaahi studio have means to regulate circulation and enhance ventilation through wide openings and see-through partitions. The visual connection within and around the studio makes up for the fact that the founders take into account the absolute seriousness of having a well-designed workspace

    This factor makes all the spaces unite as one. The confluence of traditional pedagogy is seen in the studio in all its glory. The mandala artwork, the traditional lower-sitting chair, and the intricate thread-weaved discussion stool, all showcase the founder’s belief in their origins.

    The occasional splash of yellow in different ways brings in a narrative that is both sobre and soothing. With an uptake towards crafting an ideal work environment for designers, Siyaahi studio is generous and humbling in its temperaments.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Siyaahi Architects

    Project Type : Office Interior & Architecture Design

    Project Name : Siyaahi Studio

    Location : Udaipur, Rajasthan

    Year Built : 2020

    Duration of the project :1 Year

    Plot Area : 4500 Sq.ft

    Built-up Area : 2500 Sq.ft

    Principal Architects : Ar. Heli Patel & Ar. Samarth Patel

    Photograph Courtesy : Murtaza Gandhi

    Text Credits : Nishal Sevak

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Siyaahi Architects

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