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Posted On October 11, 2021

Architect and a Furniture Design Graduate from NID, Ahmedabad- Nandha Ravichandran in conversation with The Architect’s Diary

Agam Design Studio– an initiative to consciously amalgamate form and function, science and art, intellect and emotion! This unique venture functions as a boutique label that proffers theme based furniture and lighting for residential and hospitality spaces. The mastermind behind this pensive initiative is an architect and a furniture design graduate from NID, Ahmedabad- Nandha […]

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Posted On September 21, 2021

Tapa Collection Was Born By Mixing Modern Design Concepts Along With Age Old Techniques of Tapa Craft | Min studio

Tapa making is a traditional craft practiced across the pacific islands mainly by tribal women and used as a clothing item or household décor articles. Our Tapa collection was born by mixing modern design concepts along with age old techniques of tapa craft. The hand beaten fibrous texture from the mulberry tree, superimposed with natural […]

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Posted On April 28, 2020

World’s first Tile made using Air Pollution

Carbon Craft Design, a Mumbai based startup, has developed Carbon Tile – a first of its kind to be made using Air Pollution – that aims to offset the world’s carbon emissions at scale through conventional building element.Movement, the very nature of humankind is extracting natural resources and consuming energy at an unchecked rate.Our perceived […]

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Posted On April 22, 2020

Architects to the Rescue!- Fabricating 3D Printing Masks

Architects to the Rescue!- Fabricating 3D Printing Masks During these rough times of public health emergency where the world has come together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, different strata of society are playing a significant role in order to curb this global menace. With the notion of playing their part Ar. Kapil Mehta’s protégé, Master’s […]

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  • Posted On December 20, 2019

    Dodecahedronic Chair creates polyhedral geometry designed by Hiroaki Suzuki

    ‘dodecahedronic chair’ by hiroaki suzuki japanese design student hiroaki suzuki has been researching functional applications for polyhedral geometry in product design. the result is his ‘dodecahedronic chair’. for the design, suzuki carefully calculated each angle with 3D CAD software, verifying the overall structural strength and stability of the chair by producing models made of paper […]

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    Posted On December 19, 2019

    Wall Decor Handcrafted By Mother-Daughter Duo | ISAAKA Collection

    Wall Decor Handcrafted By Mother-Daughter Duo | ISAAKA Collection Isaaka launches their New Range of 3D Wall Art “Collection Raasta” Add personality to your bare walls with an exclusive range of 3D wall art, an artistic extension of individual tastes, reflected through handmade wall art collection. ISAAKA Isaaka invites you to a journey of self-reflection […]

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    Posted On December 18, 2019

    A Remarkable Stool with bamboo metal joinery | Kai Ming Yang

    Designer: Kai Ming Yang Description: The use of bamboo joinery has been used since 960 AD and its uses range from scaffold construction and bridge suspension to house building. “Bamboo Metal” explores age-old methods of joinery and their application in furniture design. By converting one specific bamboo joinery into metal, this project pays homage to […]

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    Posted On December 16, 2019

    Nature Inspired Lamp Capturing the Perfect Harmony | Ferreol Babin

    Nature Inspired Lamp Capturing the Perfect Harmony | Ferreol Babin The inspiration for the lamp Plateau “What I like in my work is the harmony that can be created between forms that are purely industrial: geometric and controlled, and more organic shapes that represent nature’s language (branches, roots, stone, etc.). It’s these confrontations that are highlighted […]

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    Posted On December 12, 2019

    A Fully Automated Gardening System | Robert Paluch

    A Fully Automated Gardening System | Robert Paluch Grown your personalized home garden. Now imagine an assistant who does all these calculations for your plant needs and all you have to do is follow those instructions every 1-3 weeks. The Verdeat personalized home garden does exactly that! A modular fully automatic gardening system created from […]

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    Posted On December 11, 2019

    Spectacular Shadow Effects Created by a Caleta Lamp | David Pompa

    Spectacular Shadow Effects Created by a Caleta Lamp | David Pompa  Styled almost like a table fans grille, David Pompa’s Caleta Wall Lamp comes with a hand-woven PVC shade… if one can call it that. The PVC weaving rests on a powder-coated metal frame, available in black and in white, and with a bulb placed […]

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    Posted On November 15, 2019

    Oorjaa Presents Their Latest Collection- FibreFables

    Oorjaa has always championed the cause of sustainability and using waste as their raw materials is what drives their design To mark the season of festivities and celebrations, a new collection has been launched by Oorjaa called ‘Fiber Fables’. This new collection brings together two distinct natural elements in aesthetic lighting designs.   Visit: Oorjaa Idea behind the design Water […]

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    Posted On July 20, 2019

    Furniture Online India “Explore The Designer Within You, And Make Your Cave A Cocoon”

    “Furniture, online? No, let’s go and surf some shops to see what we like and weather it would fit our requirement or not and get a few options customized for us.” “Wait, don’t be too hasty. Come and check out what I found online. It’s this new venture Snug square , an easy way out […]

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    Posted On May 14, 2019

    Clairy – Smart Natural Air Purifier

    Clairy is the filterless natural air purifier with an outstanding design and a groundbreaking tech core, handcrafted in Italy and connected to your smartphone. Breathe a better air, live better. Study shows that indoor air pollution is 5x higher than outdoors, Clairy helps you prevent and fix this problem for good. Bring a masterpiece of Italian decor in your favorite place. Traditional […]

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    Posted On February 11, 2019

    MADS Creations Unveils a New Collection – Celebrating Living Coral

    MADS Creations Unveils a New Collection– Celebrating Living The Pantone colour of the year – Living Coral – is a bright hue that can add a heavy dose of vivaciousness to any space. Find great designs perceived in that effervescent shade, courtesy Gurgaon-based interior concept and custom design company MADS Creations, and hike up the […]

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