Spectacular Shadow Effects Created by a Caleta Lamp | David Pompa

Spectacular Shadow Effects Created by a Caleta Lamp | David Pompa 

Styled almost like a table fans grille, David Pompa’s Caleta Wall Lamp comes with a hand-woven PVC shade… if one can call it that. The PVC weaving rests on a powder-coated metal frame, available in black and in white, and with a bulb placed inside its socket, turns into ‘a game of light and shade’ by casting multiple concentric rays on the wall. Interesting to look at both when on or off, the Caleta Wall Lamp can be either used as a singular unit or as an installation with multiple units casting a series of rays to help truly uplift a blank wall into an illuminating art-piece! A lamp with flair and flare, if you know what I mean!

Designer: David Pompa

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