Oorjaa Presents Their Latest Collection- FibreFables

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Oorjaa has always championed the cause of sustainability and using waste as their raw materials is what drives their design

To mark the season of festivities and celebrations, a new collection has been launched by Oorjaa called ‘Fiber Fables’. This new collection brings together two distinct natural elements in aesthetic lighting designs.


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Idea behind the design

Water hyacinth, found in abundance in the Tungabhadra river to the extent that it’s disturbing the ecology, while the other is a waste generated from several stone quarries around Bangalore. The water hyacinth, harvested from the river, is used in creating wave patterns on pendant, table and floor lamps. At the same time, the main structure of these lamps is created with faux concrete, which is derived from quarry waste.


Weave pattern designs are also created with banana fiber, another agricultural waste fibre.

Fiber Fables weaves unique lighting designs with these contrasting elements. Their distinguished textures and features add character to each lighting design giving them a unique appeal. Nevertheless, all the product designs have one similarity, their essence lies in being environment-friendly.


About The Purple Turtles

A premier store for lighting, home decor and accessories

The Purple Turtles story started almost a decade ago, at a time when lighting up your space was a choice between mass-produced light fixtures or inaccessible imported design. Founded in 2009 by Radeesh Shetty along with his friend Gaurav Rai, The Purple Turtles offers lighting solutions, home decor, accessories and much more.

Radeesh Shetty’s entrepreneurial journey began a couple of years ago while shopping with a friend, who was decorating her new home.

Over the years, The Purple Turtles has worked with big corporates like TCS, Wipro, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Informatics. In the last 10 years, The Purple Turtles has opened 6 stores across Bangalore, Calicut, Mumbai and Chennai. They have worked on 10000+ projects across the globe and served 300000+ customers.

With their 6th store that was recently launched in HSR, Bangalore, The Purple Turtles will soon extend their product and services range to a garden/outdoor centric brand called Beruru and wall installations with Tilisme. The brand also plans to have an interior designing service to help people choose home decor and lighting for their home or projects.

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