• Clay Tiles Reincarnated Designed By Manoj Patel Design Studio

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    Clay Tiles Reincarnated Designed By Manoj Patel Design Studio


    Project description

    Products are part of a new wave of designers focusing on eco-friendly design and finding an outcome to many issues. Here, a broad spectrum of issues are demonstrated by the idea of unused traditional clay roof-tiles from waste of old buildings that are demolished for changing form of roof-structure or waste created(5-10%) by breakage during loading-unloading of tiles.


    Sliding-Screens in various patterns can be created, with very low energy consumption. Form of clay roof-tile gives an opportunity to explore different pattern possibilities without any process of casting as per designers creativity.


    The clay tiles have also morphed into sculpturesque 3-dimensional wall cladding which creates pockets to hold small plants as in a green wall, newspapers or bottles. The form of the material and the play of voids creates shadows on its own surface, enhancing the thermal comfort inside a space.


    Environment-friendly lights for public spaces can use renewable energy. Two models, square and octagonal base, are installed at 3′ and 6′ height respectively such that a shadow drops downward. Overlaid, both shadows have different intensities and colour. The lower level lamp can be manually swivelled on a vertical rod, making the overlaying graphics more appealing and particularly enchanting for children.

    These are extremely endurable making of artifacts by exploring different pattern possibilities and creating sturdy composition from two piece of waste clay roof-tile. Tiles are cut and stacked against each other creating modules having multiple display options and can even add on utilities as flower-pot, mobile-stand, pen-stand, etc.


    By employing a low tech, manual method and zero waste generation, prototype reflect best of the environmental impact. This prototype exemplifies finding new uses for traditional clay roof-tile in day-to-day life and also from various existing disregarded materials in urban and rural areas and inspire future creators to enrich life by finding further solutions to better shape our society.



    Email: [email protected]

    Completion Year: November 2017

    Project Location: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

    Photographer: Tejas Shah

    Design Team: Manoj Patel, Vibha Lad, Riya Parikh, Krishna, Karnika


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