Furniture Online India “Explore The Designer Within You, And Make Your Cave A Cocoon”

“Furniture, online? No, let’s go and surf some shops to see what we like and weather it would fit our requirement or not and get a few options customized for us.”

“Wait, don’t be too hasty. Come and check out what I found online. It’s this new venture Snug square , an easy way out of our problems, and it’s available in India too”.

In this millennial era online shopping is not just a luxury but a necessity. Snug-square, a California based furniture brand is bringing its elegant, choicest furniture designs delivered to your homes. If one is looking for simple sleek and also a say in the customization this is the place to go. The Minimal and refined designs that we present through are a pleasing and favorable to most of the peoples tastes and palettes.


 “People have started to live increasingly in nuclear families and some independently as well, they mainly look for compact and elegant furnishings, also where they can bring their own touch to the design as well, snug square is at their service and we will bring the showroom to them” says, Mr. Mubarak



If you have moved into a new place or looking to give a fresh touch to your home, all the furnishing options are available here, be it seating, Storage, or tables. Pick out what you need and check out what you might need and start designing your own space. The Process is quite simple go to your required furniture section select the style which fits your personality, pick out the wood finish whether you like latte or a darker tone of espresso that you would like to adorn your den, choose the finishing material for your product from our varied spectrum of Textiles and laminates then for the final touch, we have base and handle options available too. The final product is right in front of you and the price of the product too, no phone calls needed and soon it will be smiling in your home too. Take your time, make a theme of your own mix and match the details and create a unique expression and enjoy it for years to come.

These Simple and sleek designs are perfect to furnish your studio apartment and an easy option if you want to opt of the bulky furniture units.

If all of it becomes too confusing for you, we have a design consultant to help you narrow down on the options that you are looking at and suggest the best designs based on your personality and the requirements.

Looking to furnish an entire Apartment or a bungalow scheme? The Bulk order discounts will surely please your customers and also your pockets.

With the best quality of raw materials, snug square brings to you furniture that lasts long and give a refined and fresh look to your place.



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