Clarks Inn Suites: Depicting Luxury, Style, and Drama | Azure Interiors

Clarks Inn Suites: Depicting Luxury, Style, and Drama | Azure Interiors Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani, the Principal Designers of Raipur-based Azure Interiors added a feather to their cap when they were given the responsibility to carry out the interiors of the new Clarks Inn Suites in their hometown.  Visit: Azure Interiors One gets a glimpse of their innate sense of[Read More]

How Architects and Interior Designers Collaborate to Make Client Dreams Come True

Architects and interior designers are finding ways to come together to provide an eclectic mix of beauty with functionality. In theory, an interior designer brings together the elements of the design features and couples that with the architecture and the structural composition of a building. This has historically been thought of as two separate functions.[Read More]

Urban Compact House | Aum Architects

Urban Compact House | Aum Architects A home is defined by its carefully curated spaces, formulated to create a realm of peace and comfort to ensure a sense of serenity. The plethora of intangible factors of design are given equal importance as the tangible ones at AUM Architects. The founding Principal of AUM Architects –[Read More]

5 Things Your Interior Designer Doesn’t Want You To Know

Ranging from stuff you can do yourself to facts crucial to hiring the right interior designer, there are some facts you should know…but ten to one, you don’t. Is your living room clogged with all the random furniture and art pieces you’ve been buying over the last decade? Does your home have a room, or[Read More]

Coffee Table Buying Guide For Modern Homes

Interior design is an essential element in any home. While all spaces are worth decorating, living and social areas are particularly important. For one, these are rooms where you lounge and entertain guests the most, such as the living room or family room. One of the essential aspects of these rooms is the centrepiece, and[Read More]

5 Retail Store Design Ideas for Architects | KSF Global

Are you looking for exciting design ideas to create unique customer experiences?   Whether you’re building a store from the ground-up or retrofitting an existing space to give it a new lease of life, a few simple tricks can help stores stand out from the crowd. Join us as we explore five retail design solutions[Read More]

“TUNE” The Sound Absorbing Seating Collection By Norm Architects

“TUNE” The Sound Absorbing Seating Collection By Norm Architects Designed By: Norm Architects Sound abso is a key concept in room acoustics, which may not often be considered in furniture design. The idea is to reduce the energy content of a sound wave, which means in practice converting sound energy to heat in a material. The[Read More]

Bar Design With  Bold Color Combination | ESI Design Studio

Bar Design With  Bold Color Combination | ESI Design Studio – Architects and Designers  One of the most significant components for designing a grand commercial bar is setting the overall vibe and energy of the space. The remarkable bar in Chembur, Mumbai designed by ESI Design Studio features such an ambiance through the bold combination of colors, patterns, and[Read More]

Beautiful and Minimalist Apartment Interiors | Design Quest

Beautiful and Minimalist Apartment Interiors | Design Quest It’s a renovation work of 2BHK Flat in Aurangabad, a simple brief from the client that they want to have a clutter-free space and minimalist apartment interiors. Keeping that in mind we acquired a minimalistic approach to design the space by keeping simple material and colour palette. Simple[Read More]