River Front Tower : Soft Tone House With A Touch Of Color Pop | Space Interior Design

River Front Tower : Soft Tone House With A Touch Of Color Pop | Space Interior Design

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Taher Kachwala a Surat-based designer was approached to design a small abode of soft colors by the Lokhandwala’s. Colors as said are an essential part of daily life. They have the power to control human emotions and define nature too. Different people have different choices of colors and this plays a very important role in space design. Centering the design of the home on pastel shades, Mr. Taher made it clear that colors and details go hand in hand.

A beautiful space is defined by an amalgamation of colors and details. “The key was to design a soft tone house with a touch of color pop. We started our thought process with this very concept and aimed to derive a cozy space,” explains Kachwala while giving insights into the design. 

It was a 3BHK apartment, which is spacious enough to allow flexibility to its users. The house opens up by an intrinsic entrance door design. A single door opening gives an illusion of a double door panel from outside, the entrance is a feeling of a cozy environment. Stepping into the wooden finish living room, the space defines the sense of relaxation. Nestled in the center of the living room is a peach chesterfield sofa with highlighting golden legs.

On the other hand, the center table is designed in modern form. The TV wall is an amalgamation of Italian marble and colored PU. The vertical grooves give an extra edge to the whole look. Again the framed wall opposite the entrance steals the show. The wall is finished with colored PU and is accessorized with inverted pyramids. The yellow light enhances the frame. The flooring is in a turkey fabric carpet with floral print, elegantly binding the living area together as a whole. 

The marvelous interiors formed an unembellished material and color palette. The house further takes the user to the kitchen and dining space in connection.

With the combination of orange and pink color tones, this space is integrated with elements that sing together. Peeping into this private family space, the overall background is in wood finish, keeping the theme of the house intact and making it look whole. The dining area ceiling is to look for. A detailed masterpiece completes the space with its richness. 

“The story of three bedrooms with its rich color palette creates euphoria, bringing every space into the center of attraction,” says Kachwala in excitement while narrating the design tale. All the bedrooms are characterized in their unique way. The first bedroom is simple and elegantly detailed. The use of lavender shades with contrasting mint green pops is combined to make this bedroom.

The material usability and fewer details make this a minimal bedroom. A combination of mint green and ivory on the bed back wall flourishes the ambiance of the overall space. The bed is made in light brown leather complementing the room colors. The yellow chair in the rich fabric gives an extra edge to the study area.

The three mirrors on the wall with a golden powder-coated frame give an extra pop to the simple design. The blush pink cupboards play a balancing role in combining the whole room as a whole. 

The journey of colors continues in the second room. This room was comparatively smaller in area. “Using each corner wisely was the main aim during concept design. We wanted a room that looks elegant, yet the spaces are not compromised,” recalls Kachwala while describing the design details. The aqua blue and ivory color palette make this a charming-looking bedroom.

The wall panels are designed into a combination of circular forms. The use of MS round frames finished with leather padding, gives the room a playful orientation. The TV unit and the panel are seated on a real rough brick cladded wall making it a highlight of the room. The wardrobe is in aqua blue color PU shading from dark to light creating a sense of rhythm. Overall the room is in compact design detail providing warmth to its resident. 

The last bedroom is a combination to look for. From ivory bed back to teal blue showcases, everything is worth admiring. The grey wall with plain finish amalgamated with statement accessories like clock and hanging lights grabs the attention.

The poised use of curtains on a wooden background makes the space look grounded. Thus, the basic concept was to mix two things but in a manner that it will not look very loud. 

The whole house was treated as a wooden canvas, on which different layers were added to create a space of subtle gracefulness. This home is all about its rich experiential quality. The intention was to design a comfortable and grounded dwelling for the clients to live and thrive in.


Designed by : Space Interior Design

Project Type : Residential

Project Name :  Mr. Lokhandwala’s

Location :  Surat, Gujarat

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 4 Months

Project Size: sq feet :  1500 Sqft

Project Cost Appx :  40 Lakhs

Principal Architect : Ar. Taher A. Kachwala

Photograph Courtesy : Dishank Shah

Writer : Ar. Vibhuti Sorathia

Color Palette for each area :

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Email Id : [email protected]

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