• Clarks Inn Suites: Depicting Luxury, Style, and Drama | Azure Interiors

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    Clarks Inn Suites: Depicting Luxury, Style, and Drama | Azure Interiors

    Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani, the Principal Designers of Raipur-based Azure Interiors added a feather to their cap when they were given the responsibility to carry out the interiors of the new Clarks Inn Suites in their hometown. 

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    One gets a glimpse of their innate sense of design, eye for detailing, and modern refined approach when one enters the hotel itself. The double-height lobby features striking triangular patterned black and white Italian marble flooring, columns latticed with brass strips, and a gorgeous gold-toned front desk.

    Bold, beautiful, and oozing with sophistication, this front desk positioned opposite the main door, has been given a fluid wave-like form. Made from wood and Flexi ply, it is enveloped in gold leafing giving the table an opulent look. Behind the desk, a huge 10-ft wide painting hangs proudly on a fluted wood panel with black PU and brass edgings. 

    The hotel also comprises of 2 restaurants on the ground floor itself. The black and white flooring continues throughout the floor with a different pattern for each space balanced out with jewel-toned furniture, bespoke light fixtures, finishes, and spurts of green. The designers have laid out checkerboard flooring in the fine-dine restaurant and contrasted it with pink leather upholstered chairs and sofas having metal legs. A circular private dining area encased in metal bars stands in the center of the restaurant. Creepers hanging from the metal crate on the pillar, the wall with a metallic texture, and glass ribbed light fixtures emanating a sun-like pattern are some beautiful elements that make the space truly unique. 

    On the other hand, the all-day diner adjoining the lobby has a warm appeal, achieved through the use of wood on both the floor and ceiling. Exuding charm and richness in equal doses, the green and blue furniture here add a pop of color while the custom-made light fixtures and brass jaali are the well-etched-out details that amplify the design quotient of the space. 

    This yin-yang theme is continued in the look and feel of the restrooms on the ground floor as well. Zig-zag stripes adorn the floor and one-half of the walls here. The other half gets a back-painted glass covering. Green planters and a red leaf painting bring some relief to the monochromatic space.

    While the thoughtfully planted greenery on the lower floor is for the guests to experience a fresh-outdoorsy atmosphere in an indoor otherwise monotone setting, a dedicated indoor herb room called “SabzBagh” has been created to lay emphasis on the fact that the hotel uses its own freshly-grown herbs in the restaurants.

    In direct contrast to the very expressive, contemporary lobby and adjoining areas on the ground floor, a more pared-back design approach is taken in the bedrooms at Clarks Inn Suites that exude a warm and comforting vibe. A harmonious color palette through shades of grey along with elegant furniture and no over-the-top trimmings make these rooms a perfect example of understated luxury. The bathrooms too have been done up in white with a similar ethos.  

    The designers focused strongly on form as the major element of expression in the interiors, choosing elegant materials to build up layers of patterns, ultimately expressing a unified message throughout. The bespoke reception table, bathroom vanities, light fixtures, varied finishes on the walls using paint, metal foil, and glass are elements that give each space in the hotel its own characteristic appeal while also being part of the larger, truly inspired design scheme.  

    Spread over an area of 50,000 sq. ft., the 52 key suites hotel is located in one of the bustling areas of the city and surrounded by many other hotels. Therefore, with Clarks Inn Suites, it was imperative for Rashi and Ruchi to create an exclusive, spectacular, and out-of-the-box space that would make a statement – that of luxury, style, drama all wrapped in one.


    Designed byAzure Interiors

    Project Type: Hospitality Interiors

    Project Name: Clarks Inn Suites

    Location: Raipur, Chhattisgarh

    Year built: 2020

    Size: 50,000 sq. ft.

    Designers: Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani

    Client: Mr. Rakesh Agarwal

    Photography: Phxindia

    About Firm:

    Established in 2013, Azure Interiors was founded by Ms. Rashi Bothra and Ms. Ruchi Gehani to render a unique spin on interiors by infusing the decorative element with wholly distinctive, innovative, and contemporary form. The company under their creative supervision has done an impressive range of turnkey projects spanning across a spectrum of urban residences and corporate offices with the recent one being a beautiful residential project in Raipur. The team puts in immense importance to the emotional value of what makes a space like furniture and decor accents. Upholding sustainability, this process helps them in providing a customized solution to each client and connecting with them on a personal level for the same to reflect in their work.




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